My wife turns into my office’s paid slut — Part 2

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Hi everyone. In my last story, I told you guys how my wife and I lost our jobs during the pandemic. Then my wife Roshni got a job in a company I worked for as a paid prostitute to lure clients.

In the last story, Roshni was about to leave for her first client when she bagged the job. So, here’s what happened with her on that night. However, before narrating any further, let me tell you Roshni is a 35-year-old married woman with assets of 36-32-38.

Now, here’s what happened. The car honked, and I was back to reality. It was time for Roshni to leave. The stench of alcohol mixed with the musk emanating from her pussy was maddening.

It indicated that Roshni was ready for the job. Not only for the money that we needed after losing our jobs but also to explore the world of lust.

Roshni pulled out a sexy Kelly bag that matched her silver shining tight dress. She packed a pair of bras and panty in it from among the many lying on the bed. She then poured a large peg of whiskey for herself and gulped it down neat.

I could understand she needed that feeling of being tipsy before confidently walking into a hotel as a paid prostitute of a company. After the last gulp, she smooched me and said, “I know you always wanted me to cuckold you, and I never agreed. Well, at least the financial crisis will realize your dreams.”

With that, she took one last look at herself, adjusted her big breasts inside her dress, and off she went. She slammed the door behind her without even a last look at me. From the window in our bedroom, I saw her confidently walk up to the car’s back seat and enter it.

As I told you earlier, she was not wearing panty. As she entered the car, I could see her shaved pussy glistening with juices. She then shut the car door, and the vehicle sped off with a 35-year-old married wife who was about to turn into a prostitute.

A wife dedicated to her husband, a woman who was always conscious of being traditional, would now be used as a whore, a prostitute, and degraded into a fallen woman. The night was tough for me. I lost count of how many pegs I gulped to tone down my anxiety.

A part of me was worried about Roshni’s safety. While the other was excited to hear all that was done to her the next morning. Was she being loved by some other man or ravaged like a slut? Was she being treated with soft passionate sex or rough animalistic fuck?

All these kept revolving in my mind as the alcohol started playing its role. At around 2 am, I texted Roshni, waited for a while. I don’t know when I passed out. I woke up around 7 am when a car came to a screeching halt in front of our house.

I looked through the bedroom window and saw the same car that came last night to pick up Roshni. Two men, including the driver, deboarded the car, opened the back door, pulled out Roshni, and supported her walk. But my heart skipped a beat.

The silver, shiny, tight dress Roshni was wearing was missing. She was in a tight red transparent bra and a G-String panty. Her nipples were visible through the bra. So were her pussy and the big ass. Roshni looked not only tired but drunker than she was last night. She could barely stand up on her feet.

The two men supporting her were on her two sides. I could see both of them running their hands on Roshni’s barely-covered body, touching her boobs and thighs and pussy as if trying to help her walk.

Roshni was either oblivious that two men were taking advantage of her situation or was enjoying what was happening. I quickly went down to the front door, opened it and the two men handed over my drunk, well-fucked wife to me.

The driver then ran back to the car and brought back Roshni’s tight dress. He told me “Madame puri nangi thi, par yeh nahi pehna paya.” I bade them farewell and carried Roshni to our bedroom. As we entered the room, I hugged her from the front and took my face near her to plant a kiss.

Our lips were about to meet when Roshni pushed me and said while massively slurring, “No nonsense now. What you want is on my phone. Let me sleep.” And with that, she fell on the bed, half-naked, smelling of alcohol and sperm.

After properly settling her on the bed, I opened the Kelly bag she carried and took her phone out. After unlocking, I went to the gallery section and found a video there. I knew I was in for a treat. Roshni had been asked to capture all her sex videos and forward them to Pratap sir for ‘performance review.’

I went with the phone and lied beside my wife and played the video, and now I’ll narrate what I saw in it. The video started with Roshni adjusting the phone at a vantage position in the hotel room. The entire room was visible. Then she walks up to a couch clad in her dress where an old man was sitting.

I obviously didn’t know his age. But he could easily be above 60 years of age. Although Roshni was drunk from all the drinking at home, the man offered her some more, which she gulped. Initially, Roshni was sitting at a distance, and after a while, the man asked her to sit near him.

In no time, the old man started touching Roshni’s thighs. I could see her feeling uncomfortable but did not say a word. While the man kept running his hand on her thighs, Roshni kept sipping her whiskey.

In some more time, Roshni spread her legs. I saw the man slipping his hand between her legs and rubbing her pussy. Roshni was slowly becoming comfortable. I could see her easing out with every sip of whiskey. The old man kept rubbing her pussy.

After a while, he dipped his finger inside Roshni’s pussy and scooped out some of her juices, and thrust his fingers inside her mouth. The man continued this for a while. Then Roshni poured herself a large peg of whiskey and gulped it at one go. She then stood up, and the moment she did so, her step faltered.

My traditional homely wife was now a drunk prostitute. After managing herself, Roshni started stripping in front of the old man. In no time, she was stark naked, pressing her huge tits. From the angle she kept the phone at, her ass, which is already big.

She looked like a BBW pornstar after it got the perfect lift, thanks to the heels she was wearing. The old man said something, and Roshni walked up to her bag. She pulled out her lingerie and headed to the washroom. She took less than two minutes.

While she was at it, I saw the old man sitting and gulping down glasses as if it was his last day on earth. The man wanted a good drunken fuck session. When Roshni came back, the man gestured for her to kneel in front of him. She obeyed, and the man took out his cock.

The man looked like a typical old fat Marwari businessman with a fat physique and a limp cock. Roshni started stroking his cock while the man kept sipping his whiskey. A moment later, something happened, and I missed a heartbeat.

The man finished his glass. After keeping it on the table, he pulled Roshni’s hair. He pulled her head back and spat on her face. He then slapped her hard on her face and forced his cock, which had gained some strength, into Roshni’s mouth.

He was small, so Roshni had no problem in literally gulping his cock at one go. While she was at his cock, the man slipped his hands inside Roshni’s bra and pressed her big boobs. The man was a pervert, but I realized that a while later.

After a good 10 minutes of continuous sucking, the man asked Roshni to stand up and turn around. And while she just stood there with her big as towards his face, the man kept stroking his cock. After at least 10 minutes, he got up, slapped her ass.

He pulled Roshni by her hair and took her to the bed. I could feel how hard her hair was being pulled, almost like a yank. Once at the bed, the man lay down and asked her to mount him. She obeyed and first when on cowgirl position and rode the man for a while.

She then got off and sucked him for some time before going reverse cowgirl. All the while she was jumping on his cock with her tits swinging, the old man kept slapping her ass. For an old man, he had good stamina and fucked her in the two positions for at least 20 minutes.

Then he pushed Roshni out of his cock and then to the floor before cumming all over her face and hair. The man was such a bastard he didn’t even hand over a piece of napkin to her to clean herself. When Roshni stood up and took a napkin to clean the sperm stains, he caught hold of her and pushed her on the bed.

He pointed the finger at her as if asking her not to clean herself. Roshni lay on the bed face up with the sperm on her face for a while. The man went and drank a few more pegs. Once done, he came near Roshni and pushed his cock inside her cunt again, and fucked her like a pig.

The man was dirty. While fucking her pussy, he licked up his cum from Roshni’s face and then spat it all over her face again. I could see the disgust on her face. But she still bore a smile on her face, lest the client slips from her hand.

The man went on for half an hour, sometimes missionary, sometimes in the doggy style. He also fucked Roshni on the couch. This time too, he emptied his balls on Roshni’s face and fell on top of her. A few moments later, the two of them fell asleep.

While the video kept going, I fast-forwarded to a place where I saw some movement in the clip. After a few hours, two men entered the room, and I instantly recognized them. They were the two who dropped Roshni home.

First, they entered the room and tried to wake the old man up. When they failed, they tried to wake up Roshni. Seeing that she was drunk, they spoke among themselves and carried Roshni to the couch.

I thought they would help her out. But instead, they started undressing, and I knew what would happen next. The driver and the other man took out their hard hairy cocks and forced Roshni to suck them. She could barely open her eyes, but she obeyed and followed their instructions.

Then the two took turns to fuck her. Even in that condition, I saw Roshni swinging her ass and enjoying every thrust of their manhood into her well-used cunt. Every time one of the two fucked her, she would suck the other or give a hand job. She even gave the driver’s hairy asshole a good rim job.

After a while, the duo came on her tits from both sides and made her wear the bra and panty. A little later, the driver took Roshni’s dress with him, took her phone. Then the two carried her away out of the room. The video then stopped. I looked down at my cock. I saw it leaking with cum.

But this was just the beginning, and there were more things to happen.

Keep reading this series to find out what happens to this hot Bengali boudi each day. Till then, keep wanking those cocks and keep poking those leaking pussies and keep writing to me.

Drop me feedback if you liked what you read. Couples, married men, and women may write too. Once again, we are a couple from Kolkata waiting for the feedback at [email protected]

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