Making Love To Beautiful Sonal – Part 3

Hi friends, Rohit again. Thank you for your feedback on all my stories. This is the next part of the story of my princess Sonal. Those who didn’t read the previous parts, please read first. Otherwise, you will not enjoy the second chapter. You can read them here:

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Friends today’s story is not just the description of some erotic encounters. But the erotic encounter was a part of it. So please read my story with some patience. Because the erotic part was there which you never experienced. So read it thoroughly.

Now coming to the story. After that incident on the bus and later in the hotel we came back to our house. We regularly chat and talk and also did a video call to each other. We were missing each other very badly. We did some video sex like we became nude and made a video call.

We did phone sex but that didn’t satisfy our sexual urges. It drove us crazier. We wanted to meet again. After 1 or 2 months one day, Sonal asked me to come to Lonavala. She said that her husband wanted to celebrate his business success and so he is giving a party in Lonavala. She gave me the details of that resort.

He asked me to book a suite in the same hotel. The day came and I headed toward Lonavala. Sonal had already reached there. I reached the hotel and checked in. I saw Sonal, sitting in the reception and talking with some women who came for the party.

We didn’t talk to each other but our eyes met and talked. Nobody came to know that we knew each other. I took my bath and relaxed on the cot. Suddenly I heard a knock. It was a very light knock. I opened the door. Sonal was standing there. She hurriedly entered my room locked the door and hugged me tightly.

We kissed. It was a passionate one. The kiss was filled with love. Within 2-3 minutes she looked at me. We were still hugging each other in a close embrace.

Sonal: Sorry, Jaan, I can’t invite you. I feel very bad but please don’t mind.

Me: It’s ok, darling. I can understand.

Sonal: I will come to you before going to the party and show you how I look.

Me: Ok my princess anything for you.

Sonal left my room. I had my lunch and took rest. Around 7 pm she came again. She was ready for the party. She was wearing a dress. Which has a bra strap on her shoulder. It was red in color. Knee-length. She was looking damn hot and sexy. I wanted to take her in my lap and fuck her hard.

Sonal understood and gave me a small kiss on my cheek. But didn’t allow me to fuck her. I just moved down from the strap from her shoulder and tried to take out her boobs. But I was surprised to see that she didn’t wear a bra. Immediately her boobs got released.

I took them in my hand and sucked her nipples alternatively. She was aroused but controlled herself. She said in a husky voice, “Please Rohit not now.” I released her from my grip. She put the strap again on her shoulder. She covered her boobs and kissed on my lips.

I again wrapped her and took her lips in mine. And sucked well. Eat all her lipstick from her lips. She pushed me. She was breathing heavily. Her boobs were moving up and down. Her eyes requested me to stop. I went to the other side of the room and sat there. She took 5 minutes and made herself relax.

Painted lipstick on her lips. She looked at me with helplessness, because she had to go. She gave me a flying kiss and went out to the party. I was sitting on the couch. My dick got hard. I tried to normalize my cock. I was surfing TV. Around 10 pm I was waiting for my dinner. I heard a knock on my door.

It was Sonal but her eyes were full of tear and there was no trace of lipstick on her lips. She immediately hugged me and was sobbing. I didn’t understand what happened at the party. I tried to console her. Then I came to know what happened there. Why Sonal was so upset.

In the party two foreigners, the business partners of her husband hugged her, smooched her and also pressed her boobs above the clothes. And that happened suddenly. She could not stop them. And this all happened in front of her husband.

The most surprising part was that her husband didn’t protest or try to protect her. But whispered in her ear, “It is quite normal for them. So do not worry. And don’t create any scenes.” Sonal got upset and went out of the party. I hugged her tightly. I moved my hands on her back.

She hugged me tightly and hide her face in my chest. I slowly kissed her forehead and moved my hand on her back. It was full of love. Sonal also felt secure and loved. Slowly she stopped. She opened my shirt button and kissed my chest, mixed with love and affection.

She was kissing on my chest and keeping her head on my chest. We were lying on my bed like this. Enjoying each other companies to the fullest. I slowly asked, “Princess now go to your room, else your husband will search for you.”

Sonal: Don’t worry. The party will not over before 3 am. So, we have almost 4-5 hours.

Me: Ok, did you have your dinner?

Sonal: No.

Me: then first we will take our dinner together. And I am ordering your favorite dish, Butter Chicken.

First time I saw a smile on her face. She was blushing. I placed the order and again took her in my arm. We were not talking, neither we did anything. Just lying in each other’s arms and feel the presence of each other. A few minutes later room service came and served our food.

Room service boy curiously looked at us. But we didn’t bother. We took our dinner together. Now my princess was much more normal. She was happy with me. She forgot the incident at the party. We were talking and laughing. We were very happy. Because after a long time we met again.

After dinner, we went to bed. Sonal removed her dress. She was in her panty only. She switched off the light and put on the night lamp. She came into the blanket. She hugged me tightly. She felt that I have already opened all my clothes. I was totally nude under the blankets.

She bit my ears and said, “You, naughty boy, what do you want?” I kissed on her lips and said, “I want my princess” And immediately we went into a deep lip-lock. Our intensity showed how much we missed each other. I was kissing her face like a mad dog.

She was wrapping her hand around my back and moaning loudly, “Oh Rohit baby, come to your princess. Your princess is thirsty for your love. Please love me. I am hungry for your cock. Show me how much you love me.” Her words made me crazy.

I took her boobs in my hands and sucked them licked them bit them. I removed our blanket and took out her panty. Now we both became nude completely. She came upon me and sucked and licked my entire chest, even my manly nipples. She became a tigress. I held her boobs and pressed them hard.

She wanted to fuck me today. I gave her all liberty because I wanted that my princess should enjoy fully. She moved up and sat on my face. I licked her pussy lips and clitoris. Her juices were flowing. I took her clitoris in between my lips and sucked them. My lips and tongue made her crazy.

She was screaming with pleasure. “Rohit, I am cumming. Take my juices. Oh God, you are too good.” I wrapped my hands around her waistline and gave her a tongue fuck. She was shivering with pleasure. Within a few minutes, she released her juices. I ate all her juices and made her pussy clean.

She was a little tired. I moved and placed her on the bed. Now I came upon her. I pinned down her hands on the bed above her head. And licked and sucked her entire neck and shoulder and cheek, chin, nose, eyes, lips. She was again fully aroused. I moved down again and licked her cleavage.

I licked her smooth cleaned armpit one by one. I kissed on her milky white boobs. I put my tongue on her areola and licked there. Her nipples became hard and stand straight. Slowly I flicked her nipples with my tongue one by one. She tried to release her hands from my grip. But I didn’t allow her to do this.

I continued my invasion on her proud hills for a long time almost 45 minutes. Her boobs became red. Several bite marks were planted on her soft round fleshy mound. I moved down and licked her belly button. She took out her hands from my grip and held my hair tightly.

I again moved down and licked her pussy. I turned her and now she was facing the bed. Her back was now in front of me. Again, I started my foreplay on her back and butt. I licked and kissed her back. I didn’t leave an inch. Her whole back was glistening with my saliva. I put my tongue in her ass hole.

I licked there for several minutes. Now I pulled her and made her in the doggy style. I placed my hard cock on her pussy lips. She was shivering for the coming pleasure. I pushed my dick hard into her vagina. It went easily because she was very much aroused and her pussy was lubricated completely with her juices.

My cock went inside her pussy easily. But it fitted tightly. I moved down and held her both hanging boobs with my hand, licked her back and start fucking her with full force and full speed. She was moaning. The room was filled with our grunting and moaning.

After around 20 minutes we changed the position and now she was riding on me. Her tender soft boobs with erect nipples were bouncing in front of my eyes. I moved up my head and sucked them one by one. Sonal was bouncing her butt on my hard cock with full speed. We both were getting immense pleasure.

Almost 2-3 hours gone. Now it’s time for the final round. We changed our position again and came into the missionary position. She held her legs up in the air. I was pumping her cunt with full force and speed. Her legs were dangling in the air. She was feeling the ultimate pleasure.

I was fucking her and sucking her juicy rosy lips. Her soft boobs were pressed against my chest. She wrapped her hands around my back. We were reaching our climax. Sonal for the second time and I was reaching for the first time. She screamed and scratched my back with her nails and reached her orgasm.

I also gave a 2 -3 masterstroke and pressed my cock deep inside her pussy and released my load. I came a lot. Her pussy was filled with my love juices. I kept my head on her milky jugs and took rest. We both were completely exhausted. We laid there like that for almost 15 minutes.

We gathered our breath and separated. I laid beside her. My hot juices were coming through her pussy lips and flowing through her legs and finally fell on the bed drop by drop. After 15-20 minutes we got up from the bed. It was a nice session. The time was 2 am.

We went to the bathroom and cleaned ourselves. Sonal wears her dress. We hugged each other and she gave me a goodnight kiss on my lips. She left my room. I shut the door and went to bed.

But that was not the end of this trip. There’s a lot more in the next parts. Please give your feedback on [email protected] I will be waiting for your feedback.

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