Sex In Train With A Young Mom

So, as I write it, I actually feel good about enjoying amazing sex in train with a co-passenger. Because I am letting out a great success of mine which I cannot brag before my friends about. I clearly remember it was the 23rd of July, 2019.

I climbed into the Jabalpur-Indore express (Madhya Pradesh, India), an overnight train, and reaches Indore in the morning at around 10 am. So, I was visiting Jabalpur for some boring family wedding. But I luckily got a call from my college (It is an NIT) as I had an assignment to submit.

So, I was traveling in an A.C. It was a late-night train. It was 11:50 pm when the train arrived. Minutes after I took my seat, a woman and a small child clutching her finger came. She asked if her seat was next to me.

Without waiting for my response, she checked the seat number and took the opposite berth.  In the compartment, only 3 were there. The TTE said that the fourth berth is free, and nobody is likely to join.

Now coming back to her, she was approx. 5’ 6” inch tall, was fair-skinned and in her mid-30s (I suppose). She was wearing a t-shirt and a maxi-skirt and had kept her hair in a bun. She looked like one of the millennial moms who liked to be independent.

The A.C. compartments are usually not crowded, and the 2-tier is the least crowded compared to all the other compartments. After the train had left the station and we had traveled without talking yet, I asked the kid in Hindi.

Me: Hey, how old are you?

But the kid replied in English.

Kid: I am 7 years old. How old are you?

I must say that I was surprised at this point. His mother smiled and said to her son.

Lady: You shouldn’t ask the age of elders, Ashu.

I turned to speak in English too.

Me: It’s okay. Hi, I am Avinash.

I said, extending my hand to a shake.

Lady: I am Puja, and he is Ashish. He is returning from his grandparent’s home. Isn’t it Ashu?

He nodded cutely.

Lady: Do you belong here?

Me: No, I am from Bhopal, just…

And thus, the conversation went on for half an hour. Her name was Puja Thakur. She is a professor in a college in Indore. She and her son were visiting Jabalpur on vacation. Her husband was a Foreign Service officer.

I told her about the wedding and my assignment. Though she was in the Humanities stream, she took a keen interest in understanding my project. She was actually hot. And she definitely looked mature in all aspects, you know.

After talking for almost half an hour, it was time for us to sleep. I got into the lower berth of the left side. While Puja took the lower berth of the right side, her son took the berth above his mother’s. The light was turned off.

Till 3 am, I was completely awake. I was constantly working on my project, which I was to submit the next day. That was the reason I hated my irritating siblings. Though they were fun, they won’t allow you to study. I had my laptop on my lap as I was typing down codes.

At around 3 o’clock, Puja suddenly woke from her sleep. She saw the dim light coming from my laptop and asked, “You haven’t slept yet?”

“No,” I answered.

The train was speeding down as we were approaching some station. “It’s Itarsi junction. It has a 10 minutes halt here,” she said.

I looked at her with surprised eyes.

“What? I have been traveling up and down this path for more than 30 years now. I have it by heart,” she said.

The train came to a halt with a jerk.

“Wanna get some fresh air?” she asked. She said, standing up.

“Yeah, sure.”

We went out into the relatively warmer air as it was cold inside.

“You smoke?” she asked. I shook my head. “Good boy, bear with me then,” she said. She walked up to the 24-hour store and bought a box of cigarettes.

“I can’t smoke near my son. He doesn’t even know that I smoke. At home, I generally wake up around this time for a smoke,” she said, sitting on one of the benches and let out the smoke.

“How do I look to you?” she asked suddenly.

“Good,” I replied at an instance.

“C’mon, talk like an adult. You are answering like a child.”

I was a little shocked. I mean didn’t except it so so damn early in the morning. The train blew twice. She threw her cigarette, crushed it, and we climbed the train again. After we reached our seats, the train started with a shudder.

“Answer me,” she whispered, smiling. The faint white light coming through the window lit up her face. She came and sat beside me.

“Okay, you are beautiful in every way possible,” I said.

“Oh, you lack guts. I see now,” she said, standing up again as if disappointed.

“You want to see my guts?” I asked. I understood till then what she wanted of me. Though I didn’t expect it tonight. And even though I had one-third of my project left, I still decided to give it a try.

“Show me,” she answered.

She was still standing in support of her son’s berth. I stood up and crept near her ears. “You are the hottest and the sexiest professor I have ever seen,” and grabbed one of her boobs.

I kissed it from over the tee shirt and then pulled up her tee. Her bra came off within seconds, and I noisily slurped on her rubber-like nipples. I started squeezing her butt chicks. She gasped. Her butts were not massive but were of the average Indian size and were soft.

My dick started gaining strength, and soon it attained its full size. My lady had her mouth wide open in awe of what was happening and developing under my track pants. I turned on my phone’s flashlight. I kept it such that we could clearly see what was happening.

“Someone is getting excited,” she said in a low yet excited voice.

“You are getting me excited, madam,” I said, lifting her skirt to her ankles and then slipping my hands under. I could feel the soft skin rubbing against my palm. I moved to her ass and could feel the lining of her panties. I completely lifted her skirt.

Now I could see her perfectly rounded small ass held by her black panties. Sensing the heat of the moment, she drew the curtains. I pushed her to my berth. We started breathing heavily. She took off her skirt completely and then spread her legs.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my boxer down. She sprung at my dick, and believe me, that was the best blowjob I ever had. When I was about to cum, I asked her to let go of my dick.

I turned her towards the seat and pulled down her panties. There was the soft and inviting pussy of hers. I started fingering from behind and bent to her ears and whispered, “Do you like it, madam?”

“Yeah…” she let out a sigh. My fingers were dripping with her pussy juice. I licked it.

I devoured on her asshole from the back and also sucked her pussy.

“Ram it in,” she moaned.

I put my pillar-like dick into her wet pussy, and she gurgled with pleasure. And I started thwapping into her cunt. I choked her so that she keeps her moan low. Instead, she bit my fingers to hide her moans. I spanked her butts while thrusting my dick. I moaned with pleasure.

I took her into the missionary position. She put her legs over my shoulder. I went deep into her. She trembled every time I entered her. Then I was about to cum. “I am about to cum. Inside or out?” I asked.

“Leave it in me.”

I shot my entire load inside her womb. As she stood up, her pussy dripped with my cum. I thrust my finger inside her pussy, took out some of the jellies, and forced it into her mouth.

I lay exhausted by these actions. She pushed me into the berth and then again fondled my limp dick. She took my dick into her mouth and started giving me a blowjob. I got aroused again, and soon I was about to cum. I ejaculated in her mouth, and the surprise in her eyes was something I can’t ever forget.

It was morning by the time we finished. We both lay exhausted in each other’s lap, naked.

I don’t remember much about what we talked about then. But I remember saying to her, “Your son could have seen his sexy mother having steamy sex with a stranger.”

“Shut up,” She replied, laughing.

I spent the rest of the time-sucking her boobs and cuddling her. It was 10:10 when we reached Indore. We made out again in the waiting room’s washroom. Her son was sitting in the waiting room playing video games.

We exchanged numbers. We still talk over the phone and remind ourselves of the best sex of our lives. Nobody has found out about it yet, and I wish no one ever does.

We look forward to banging each other again in the near future.

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