COVID gift – Exploring naughty neighbor Sonia

Hi, naughty readers. Hold on to your dicks and pussies for my story. After a long time, your professor got into the action with a naughty neighbor. He won’t spoil a chance to please his readers.

A little introduction about me. I am Sachin, 28 years old. I am currently stuck in Delhi. With a decent physique, cool attire, and a dirty mind always looking to hit with like-minded girls and ladies.

So I shifted back to Delhi due to the Covid pandemic, fuck you, the corona. My sexual life was shattered when I returned to my native. All my fun, activities, and all my freedom took a back seat.

I used to work throughout the day. I tried enjoying laughing at Kapil Sharma’s recap shows with my parents. To change the scene a little, I started taking walks on my terrace every day post-work in the company of tea and some good songs.

A few days passed by, and I noticed a girl watching me every day from the corner of her window. Initially, I ignored her as she seemed to be quite young. She is the story’s heroine, Sonia, 20 years old. She had small yet petite boobs but a very slim, attractive figure.

This continued for the next 2 weeks. We used to pass smiles at each other. One day I threw a ball with a chit inside on her terrace and signaled her to come up and collect it. I asked her for her WhatsApp number. She sent me a chit back in the ball.

We started chatting regularly over the next few days. Normal chit-chat turned steamy in no time. She was into college but didn’t get the hang of college life due to online class culture. I still tease her for this. I got to know she is very much interested in me by the frequency of messages and smileys being sent.

Then I told her to have audio calls instead of chats. Initially, she was reluctant. Then we found a perfect time around 11-12 pm for the calls as her parents go to sleep that time. We started sharing our life and went on to relationships and love in a few days.

She was very much interested to know about my ex and my time with her. I tried diverting the topic. But she was focused only on that aspect. Then when she showed anger, I gave up and told her about my ex.

She wanted to know if we got physically involved. I told her that we were crazy animal fuckers at times and just movie cuddlers during other times.

The next day onwards, her tone and attitude changed a bit. She talked more freely about dirty things and started sharing her fantasies with me. She was a fan of ‘50 shades of grey’ and BDSM.

She has the fantasy of dominating her partner and making things her way her first time instead of the other way around. She was a big fan of bondage, handcuffs, and all crazy dominance sex. I was dumbstruck after hearing all this.  She seemed to be a homely, simple girl a few weeks back.

But this was not new to me as all my previous partners were pretty shy and conservative (only in the start). Now I also shifted gears and started having double-meaning talks with her all the time.

Luckily, we had a marriage function in society. Our parents went there as limited members were allowed. You’re lucky, Covid! The first good news courtesy you. This was my first chance to call her over, but this girl had other plans.

She asked me if I was interested in coming to have dinner and watch a movie with her. I happily obliged and started getting ready for our first in-person meet. I wanted to make the best of the moment as I might not have one later. I had a good workout to pump up my chest and biceps a little.

Then I picked up a tight nice black tee and jeans. I got myself a nice hairdo with a nice perfume. On the other hand, she was trying her best to look her best in the limited time. She told me to come directly as the door would be unbolted and make no noise while coming in.

This girl is very smart and thoughtful, haha. I reached her place and was awestruck to see her in a red crop top and black tights. Her beautiful navel and open hair were adding to her hotness. She was looking smothering hot. I was checking her out for eternity.

Sonia: If you are done with the eye feast, you can come in.

Me: I can’t help it. You look categorically stunning, babe.

Sonia: I was born hot and stunning. (winked)

Me: Oh my, you are the only good thing Covid has given me. (winked back at her).

Sonia: Oh, shut up and gently punched my arms. Let me grab something for you.

I followed her to the kitchen and saw her ass swaying swiftly in her tights. I was getting hard down there. It was getting hotter by the second. While she was getting the drink from the fridge, I just went very near her ass and started asking silly questions.

She was smart as fuck and noticed my boner and started feeling it more by pushing her ass back. I was losing grip over my senses and wanted to smack her ass. After a quick play, she stood up and started getting the glass from the top shelves. I could see two glasses already near her.

But this cutie wanted me to ogle at her sexy waist a little longer. Then we came out with little snacks and drinks and got cozy in her bedroom. She switched on the laptop and had the movie ‘50 shades of Grey’ all set up. I was thanking my stars for such a memorable night I could have never imagined.

The movie, as you all know, is all about lovemaking, rough yet sensual. I sat close to her and put my arms around her waist while watching the movie. (ProfessorTip: Why waste going from shoulders to waist if the girl is already giving you green signals.)\

After some time, I could sense her hand near my thighs and her fingers making circles near my cock. It was getting too much to control. The steamy scenes brought us closer every time, and once I stopped the movie. She looked at me and bit her lower lip.

I just grabbed her hair and lip-locked her. We got into a tight smooch, and then there was no looking back. My hand started exploring her ass and back, and her hand got into my T-shirt. I smacked her tight little ass quite a few times.

I didn’t leave her lower lip, making her very hot and horny. She started scratching my back and pulling my hair at times too. This was just the start of an exciting 90 minutes we had for our first meet cum making out.

To know what happened next, shoot feedback at [email protected]. Any girls or aunties in Delhi or nearby can always hit their naughty professor to kill boredom and have privacy-laden chats and calls.

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