Got Lucky In Detention

“It is true that you nerdy boys have huge dicks,” came a seductive voice from the boy’s washroom.

Sid was being held in the boy’s washroom by his senior, Tanya. His pants were down on the floor over his shoes and the shirt lifted. His eyes were closed as he was scared, but his dick was hard.

The Senior Bitch, Tanya, sat on the commode wearing a short skirt, legs spread. Her t-shirt was lifted above her boobs. Her hands were on Sid’s ass cheeks and the dick deep in her mouth. Every gulp of Sid’s dick in her mouth made the slurping sound.

“Tanya, I have a class to attend of Swati ma’am, please let me go,” said Sid with a scared tone. He was getting late for the class. But Tanya didn’t give a fuck about it. She was busy slurping the dick.

Two boys walked outside the same washroom and heard the noise. “Slurp, slurp.” Both looked at each other and smiled. They knew what was happening inside. As on the washroom door, it was written in bold, ‘Belongs to Tanya & her pleasure.’

Yeah, she was the college queen and used the boy’s bathroom whenever she felt horny. Tanya took the huge dick out of her mouth and started jerking it with both her hands. The dick was huge. Even with both the hands over it, the dickhead still was out enough to for a mouthful lick.

Tanya looked at Sid with a smirk on her face as she was jerking him hard. The foreskin rolled back and forth. Sid was getting late but also enjoying the dick massage.

“Fucker, if you are getting late. How are you so hard? Why is the precum dripping?” Tanya asked him and again took his dick in the mouth. She was slurping it crazy nonstop. The saliva started to flow down from the side of her lips, and Sid moaned harder. He discharges his cum in her mouth.

Tanya sat back on the commode as the thick cum like a foam started flowing down her mouth. She gulped it down like a slut.

Sid opened his eyes and lifted his pants. Tanya watched him running out in a hurry. She took cum from her lips and sat there tasting it. “Nerds, haha, his dick will make him fuck me.”

Sid rushed through the hallway of his college and reached the class. For which he was 10 minutes late. One of the hottest teaching staff worked in this college, and one of them was the busty teacher, Swati. A perfect shape of 32DD-25-36.

She was wearing a hot saree that flaunted her cleavage. The boobs were too hot to be avoided from showing a cleavage. A sleeveless blouse like a modern teacher. Long hair and sexy spectacles.

Sid: Ma’am, may I come in?

Swati: Sid, what’s the time? It seems like you think you are the smartest boy in the class. So, you don’t have to be on time to take my lectures.

Sid: No, ma’am. I was caught up in something.

Swati: Please tell us what were you caught up in?

Sid remains quiet. He knew that he could not tell in front of the whole class that Tanya was sucking his dick in the boy’s washroom, which was in the canteen. He bows his head in defeat.

Swati: Detention. Stand outside till the period is over. I will take you to my cabin to discipline you.

Two boys sitting on the backbench of the classroom heard the talk and rubbed their crotches, watching the sexy teacher. “Lucky bastard. Tops the class and also gets to spend alone time with this busty beauty. We come daily to the class to get her view. If I get one detention with her, I will ravish her.”

The class gets over. Swati walks to her cabin, followed by Sid, who never had any detention. He was the smartest guy with a clear record of being attentive.

Here’s the short story of how Tanya found out about Sid’s long dick:

On one of the days as Tanya was horny. She sucked a guy in her regular spot, where she sucked Sid. After her session was over with the guy. Tanya walked out of the washroom, and Sid stood there peeing.

There she saw the length of his dick when it was not even hard, and that is when she got obsessed with it. Because of that small incident, Sid was now on Tanya’s radar.

Coming back to the present, Sid was sitting next to Swati. As told before, Swati was wearing a red sleeveless blouse and a hot saree. From the side view, it gave a complete exposure to her sexy waist and figure.

Sid was sitting to her side and was watching her sexy figure. He was trying hard to look away, but in between, he watched it.

The cabin was not too big, with a big table for Swati to work and a few chairs on the opposite side. Swati was writing something and, by her elbow, pushed. A pen fell from the table. Sid was about to help, but Swati leaned down and started looking.

Sid’s eyes went wide as Swati leaned down to the side. Her whole cleavage was in front of him. He was staring at the cleavage. The huge dick in the pant started bulging.

Swati was looking for the pen, and she moved her head up. Her eyes fell on Sid’s lap. She saw his hardon and got a rough idea of how huge he was. She sat straight and looked at Sid.

Swati: For detention, you do one thing. Arrange that bunch of sheets in roll numbers properly. Then I will tell you more.

Sid, an obedient nerd, nodded his head to it and got up from the chair to arrange the sheets.

Now, Swati started thinking, “What did I see? Was that his dick which was almost reaching down his thighs like an anaconda? OMG, what am I thinking?”

Swati slowly moves her hand down to her thighs and pushes it inside her petticoat. She feels her pussy.

“Great! Now I am wet thinking about it. I have to pull it together. Yeah, my husband does not fuck me good. But that does not mean I can have sexual relations with my student. If I get caught, I will be fired, and my husband will leave me. Also, there will be a criminal charge on me,” Swati keeps thinking.

Sid: I am done, ma’am.

Swati looks at Sid and nods her head, “Good, I need some help to get a few books that are on the top shelf. Get on that chair and give me the books.”

Swati stands below Sid. He stands up from the chair and starts searching for books. Swati looks at the shape of the bulge in Sid’s pants. It was right in front of her face.

In her mind, Swati was thinking, “How can a teenager have a grown man-size dick? Looking it from so close, it definitely will hit me deep.”

Sid loses his balance. He fell forward as he was reaching for a book. Both fall, Sid was on top of Swati. His huge dick was now over Swati’s crotch, which she felt it.

Sid: I am sorry, ma’am. I didn’t mean to fall on you. My leg slipped.

Swati: It is okay. Are you getting an erection, Sid?

Sid: Oh, I am sorry. I fell on you, that is why maybe. Please, don’t punish me for this. I hope I am not in trouble.

Swati: You are not.

Swati moves her hand over Sid’s ass and spanks it. She looks into Sid’s scared eyes and says, “Hump me. Obey your teacher. If you don’t, I will tell everyone that you tried to force yourself on me because I punished you. I think you don’t want that. So do what I say.”

Sid nodded his head and started dry humping Swati. Swati felt the huge dick rubbing on her crotch. Over the saree, she was getting a lot of pleasure.

She made Sid stand after a few minutes and pulled his zips down, revealing the monster inside. The huge dick just bounced out of the pants like a spring. She looked at it and sniffed it. It was like a bottle gourd attached to a man’s crotch.

Swati: You got such a big dick. Oh, Sid. Do you mind if I touch it and put it in my mouth?

Sid: No, I don’t mind as long as I don’t get in any trouble.

Swati took the whole dick in her married mouth and started gulping it like a pro. She kept her hands on his waist and started sucking the dick.

In Swati’s mind, “It is not only big, but it is also heavy. Oh damn, I am sucking a student’s cock. I feel like I am having an orgasm. The way he is pushing it in, he is having one too, I guess.”

Sid cums deep in Swati’s mouth, and without any hesitation, she drinks it whole.

Sid: Fuck, you swallowed whole cum!

Swati: Massive load. I never thought I would ever get to have such a huge dick.  Remember, you cannot tell anyone about this. Do you understand?

Sid: I will not tell anyone.

Swati: Good because your detention is still not finished.

Sid: What more?

Swati gets up and walks to the door. She locks the door and turns to Sid. “Take off your clothes,” she says and starts undressing. She drops the pallu of her saree and then moves her hands behind to unhook her blouse. She takes the saree out from around her waist and drops it.

Pulling the petticoat’s knot, it falls. Swati was now standing in front of her student in a bra and panty. “I think I don’t need these either,” she takes it off and walks to the table.

Sid watches his teacher getting naked for him. He starts undressing. The nerd in him was dead. Now, he was all ready to ravish Swati.

Swati puts all the stuff down from the table and spreads her leg sitting on it. She took his spectacles off and put them aside. Sid walks to her and pushes his dick inside her pussy. He holds her ass and starts fucking her.

Swati moves her leg around Sid’s waist and holds him tight as he fucks her deep. Swati’s pussy was tight, but Sid managed to push his dick inside. Swati was in heaven. She falls back on the table. Her legs over Sid’s chest. She grabs the table’s edges as Sid fucks her deep.

“Oh my god, he is reaching deep in me. Yeah, not even my husband went that deep fuck, fuck. Yeah, my body deserves this dick. This is what I want,” Swati keeps praising Sid’s dick in her mind.

A peon knocks on the door outside,

Peon: Ma’am, your husband has sent you your tiffin.

Swati: Not now. I am not hungry. Right now, I am teaching a student to be on time. He has a very big misunderstanding of being a smart person.

In the cabin, Swati and Sid now changed positions. Swati leaned over the table in the doggy style. Sid was ramming her hard from behind. Swati’s boobs were crashed on the surface of the table. Sid was holding her waist and fucking her hard.

Sid: Ma’am, you are so wet.

Swati: Because your dick is pleasuring me in places I have never been explored. Now, don’t stop till you cum. Push it deeper.

Swati was lost in lust. She held the edges tight as Sid pushed it deeper. Swati thinks, “Thank God, I have a cabin away from the hallway. No student comes here! Fck, this nerd, he is so big.”

Sid starts getting faster and moaning louder. He rams his pussy deep and leaves a moan.

Swati: No, Sid. Not raw inside me, fuck. Shit!

Sid: I am sorry, Ma’am, but your tight pussy. It just took all my milk.

Swati lays over the table with her boobs crushed below her, thinking, “Aaahh, he just came inside my mouth and again a huge load.”

Sid: Oh, Swati miss, the milk in my balls is drained today.

Swati: Yeah, and I need to take a morning pill. Because of the way you pumped your milk in me. I am sure I will get pregnant from it. I love your stamina, Sid.

After a nice fuck, both get dressed up and sit back on the chair. Sid had a faded smile on his face. Swati was wearing her spectacles and looking at Sid.

Swati: Now, every week. You will get a detention. You come here and cum in me. Also, I am warning you. No one should know about this.

Sid: I promise you. No one will know.

This is how Sid fucked his Swati miss in detention. There are many more adventures to come and also a lot of cumming in pussies. So, stay tuned. If you like the story, do tell me down in the comments which part was the best.

Till next time, Thank you and take care.

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