A Cheeky Game

It has been 3 weeks since the lockdown started. Anu, my girlfriend, went to her native, leaving me all alone in Bangalore, which is why I ended up playing a cheeky game.

Hi, guys, my name is Arjun, and I work for an MNC here in Bangalore. I live with Anu, who also works for the same MNC. We live in a rented flat near the Koramangala area. She left for native when the company announced holidays for a week. She got stuck there as a state to state travel is shutdown. I had to stay back due to some unfinished work.

A little about us – we both are 27 currently and from Kerala. We met 3 years before when she joined my company and have been living together for 2 years now. As this is Bangalore and far from home, we took the full liberty of enjoying our life.

And yes, a guy and a girl living together mean sex. In our case, a lot of sex. We both enjoy sex very much and love to get into steamy situations all the time. And we both like to try different things. Some time back, we tried the bondage stuff, and somehow, we really liked it actually a lot.

It led to us buying handcuffs, collars, latex dresses, dildos, etc. My girl loves to get punished. We even got the leather whiplash, and I use it a lot because 1, she loves it, and 2,  I love to see her facial expressions when I used it on her soft bubbly ass.

But now, due to this fucking corona, I am sex-starved. It’s been 3 weeks that I had sex, and the feeling is depressing. We tried phone sex, it helped to a certain point. But for a couple who have sex, more numbers of the time than the number of meals a day, phone sex is not enough.

One day we were doing a video call, and both of us were naked. She was fingering, and I was wanking myself. I asked her to show her ass, and she turned around and smacked her ass herself. That moment just triggered something in me.

After we were done, I was lying down on my bed and thinking of my girlfriend slapping her ass. I have seen something similar today. I thought a lot, and I got it. It was Priya. The next-door 19-year-old busty chick. Today I saw her when she was sitting on the bench in the front courtyard.

When she was about to go, she stood up. She slapped her ass in a way she was dusting off the dirt. But the smile that followed was not familiar from her side. It was not a smile a girl would give to any senior neighbor boy. And that confused me.

About Priya, she is from a good family. I mean well to do family father works abroad and mother works in some company here in Bangalore. I know her for the past 2 years. But I haven’t talked much unless some special occasion or celebration is happening.

So I took my phone and searched for her on Instagram, and there she is. She had already sent me a follow request. So I followed her back and was looking at her pics. She is good looking, a bit busty and hot.

While scrolling through the feeds, I got a message from her saying, “Hi!”

Then this happened,

Arjun: Hi!

Priya: Whassup?

Arjun: Not much here.

Priya: Bored, bhaiya. Fed up with this lockdown already.

Arjun: Yeah, me too.

Priya: Without Anu, it must be really bad for you?

Arjun: Haan yaar. There is nothing to do at all.

Priya: I know. If she was there, you wouldn’t even have time to message me.

Arjun: It’s not like that. When she is around, I like to spend time with her.

Priya: I know.

Arjun: You know, what?

Priya: Actually, my bedroom is really close to yours. So I can hear most of the things happening there.

Arjun: Most of the things?

Priya: Everything1

Arjun: What have you heard?

I just got excited, so I was trying to flirt with her.

Priya: Everything, including your Friday routine.

Now that I didn’t see it coming.

We like to keep oru hardcore bondage sessions on Friday because almost the entire flat will be empty. But how did she came to know about this? She should be in her class.

Arjun: How come you be here on Fridays?

Priya: Actually, that is a bit of a story. One day my boyfriend and I bunked the class and came here. You know, for some time alone. That day I came to know about your thing.

Arjun: Oh, so you bring your boyfriend also?

Priya: Not now, we broke up. He is a bastard. Just want sex and not anything more he had in our relationship. What you guys do on Friday. Like its totally different from other days.

Arjun: We just use some extra things to spice up things.

Priya: Extra things?

Arjun: Like handcuffs and all.

Priya: Oh, my god. Really? BDSM?

For me, this was a too much straightforward question from her.

Arjun: Yeah, kind of…but not that brutal.

Priya: Can I see that? Handcuffs?

Arjun: Mmm, ok, you come over tomorrow.

It was late by then, and we said good night to each other and ended the chat. I couldn’t sleep. I thought about what would happen tomorrow. I say to myself to control as she just wants to see those things out of curiosity. Then she will leave don’t have any expectations.

I don’t know when I slept. I woke up in the morning but forgot about Priya coming over. I was casual and went to the kitchen, had coffee, and then went to the bath. As I was stepping out of the shower, the doorbell rang.

Then only I remembered about yesterday. I wrapped a towel around my waist and went to open the door. It was Priya. And man, she looks gorgeous. She was wearing a sleeveless yellow top and shorts. I could make out that she was not wearing a bra.

I welcomed her and offered her coffee, which she didn’t deny. I went to the kitchen like that and made coffee. Then changed my dress to shorts and a sleeveless tee and gave her coffee

We were sitting on the couch, and I asked her what did she tell her mother. She said there’s no one home as. Her mother went to the office. We spoke about some random stuff before she asked me whether she can see what she asked for. Talking with her already made me horny, as I was going to enjoy sex after a long time.

So after hearing that question from her, I didn’t have much hesitation. I went to my room and brought the handcuff. It was blue in color and the feathery kind. I gave it to her, and she smiled at me. She asked me if this is the only thing I have.

I smiled and said, “No, but I am not sure whether you are ready to see all those things.” She smiled and was looking at the handcuff. She opened one end and put it around her right wrist. And she opened the other and looked at me and asked, “Would you like to help?”

Arjun: Are you sure?

Priya: I am.

I sat close to her and took her left wrist. I placed it on my thigh and strapped the Velcro around her wrist. By then, her left hand was moving towards my cock. It was hard and making a tent over my shorts.

She touched my cock over my shorts and started to do the walking like thing with her two fingers on my cock. I was just looking at her lips then. She sensed it and came closer to me and leaned so that I can kiss her. I took her face with my hands and brought it a little closer before kissing her soft pink lips.

She was not the best kisser, but her lips tasted like chocolate. At that time, she grabbed my dick with both her hands and started massaging. I took my left hand down to her, not small but not large boobs but definitely soft and not much used one.

I took her boobs in my hands by cupping them from the down and started squeezing them softly. I was squeezing both of them and kissing her for like 10 to 15 minutes.

Then we broke the kiss, and she asked me if she is ready now. I didn’t say anything. Stood up and took her to my room by holding the middle portion of the handcuff. I made her sit on my bed and opened my drawer, and took out the things.

I took out a dildo that runs on battery, a leather whip, a collar, rope, spanking stick, and nipple clips. And she was looking at all those with her jaws dropped. I took all that and placed it neatly beside her. I took a small cushioned stool and sat on it opposite her.

I took off the handcuffs and again kissed her. This time I slid my hand under her top and caught her waist. She had a little love handle, which was perfect for holding on to. While kissing, I got hold of her top and started to move it upwards.

I broke the kiss and took her top away. That revealed her cute tits. She wasn’t shy a bit. She was confident. I took the handcuffs again and put in on her hands. Now she was sitting opposite me, ready to be dominated and enjoyed. I touched her nipple with my one finger, circled it, and then cupped it and squeezed it.

Arjun: Does it hurt?

Priya: No.

I squeezed a little harder.

Priya: Now, it does hurt.

Arjun: Do you like it?

And I was squeezing it continuously.

Priya: Yeah. (she was moaning).

Then I took the other one also and started to squeeze both of them. After like 10 minutes, the milky white boobs became red. That was even cute than before. I took the left boob, grabbed it so hard, and pulled her slowly but firmly. I kissed her nipple, which turned to hard sucking for another 10 minutes.

Arjun: Are you ready for punishment?

Priya: Yes. (with a big smile on her face)

I made her lie down and pulled her shorts down. She was wearing a red panty, nothing fancy but new, I think. I put the handcuffs around the pole of the bed and then got on top of her. Then I leaned over her and kissed her welcoming lips.

One of my hands supported my stance, and the other was squeezing her boobs. Slowly I took her nipple between my thumb and forefinger and started to press it. She started to moan while kissing. As she opened her mouth, I put my tongue inside her mouth and started licking inside.

Then I took the other nipple with my other hand and pulled it hard. Her boobs were jiggling. Then I kissed her chin and kissed all the way along her neck to her sternum. Then I was kissing her left nipple and then sucking and biting her nipples. She was moaning, and that made me crazy.

My lips detached from her tender nipples and traveled all the way. They stopped in front of her aromatic pussy lips covered by the thin clothing of her panty. I kissed her over her panty to see her wiggle. Then I removed the panty to unveil the cutest pink pussy lips.

She was prepared and had already trimmed her hair. I dug my nose deep to get the smell of her young pussy. Then I licked the entire length of her vagina from bottom to top, which ger her shiver. It was time for my fingers to do their work, but I tied her legs to the bed poles using rope before that.

Then I cupped her entire pussy with my right hand before squeezing it hard. Then I slowly inserted my thumb from the top, massaging her not fully grown clits. Then I removed my thumb and inserted my middle finger. I touched her inner walls and eventually started to finger fuck her slowly.

Hearing her moans, which graduated to 3 fingers moving like a race bike piston, she sounded like a v8. She was sweating, and tears rolled down her cheeks.

I withdrew my fingers, reached out for the clips, and sat on my knees on both sides of her hips. Basically, I was sitting on her. I took her left boob, gave a tight squeeze, and then a hard slap she didn’t expect. Then took her nipples and squeezed them.

I put the clips on ailing soft nipples. On doing so, she gave out a soft, firm moan. Did the same on her other nipple and then played with her clipped nipples. It gave her pain and pleasure at the same time. Then I took out the collar and put it in her neck by lying beside her.

Then I pulled her closer to me by the collar and kissed her while my right hand massaged her vagina. She was getting all into the kiss when my devilish mind made me slap her pussy a bit too hard. She opened her mouth, but no sound came out at that point.

I took her lower lip inside my mouth and gave a bite. Then I got up, took the rope, and tied both her legs wide apart, revealing the pink cave. I was losing myself at that point, but that’s when I saw my favorite toy – the whiplash.

I made myself naked now. My dick was completely erect and raging with fire inside, but I have to do my part first. I stood on my knees between her wide open legs with my dick just in front of her vagina. I took the whip and gave a soft blow on her already red boobs. I asked her does it pain. She said no.

I gave her another blow, this time a little strong. She said it doesn’t hurt. The next blow was a little too tight, she screamed. Then I continued to whiplash her tits while my dick was teasing her pussy lips. Her eyeliner had all spread, and she was looking like a whore who got face fucked multiple times already.

And that gave me an idea of mouth fucking. That’s when I decided to pleasure myself and sat on her boobs. I pulled her head so that she can lick my dick head. She was sucking it so strong as if she was starving for a week. Then I went over her head and slid my dick deep inside her throat.

I took it out just because she was not that experienced, and she was gagging. I again slid and took out, then I started to fuck her mouth. I literally fucked her till I came in her mouth. I didn’t take my dick out but left it inside to regain the energy. I laid over her and fingered and licked her pussy a little rough as I was giving an intentional pain.

After like 5 minutes, I was ready to fuck her cute pussy. I got in between her legs. Without much drama, I plunged my dick deep in her in one go, which made her scream and twitches in pain. I left my dick there for 2 sec and kissed her, and spit inside her mouth.

Then got up and started to fuck. It was not cute, passionate lovemaking, as the submissive slave had set her own trap. So didn’t wait to build speed. I just started and increased my pace rapidly. I took hold of both her boobs. I clung to them for support and pulled her by her boobs.

I fucked her like that for 15 minutes and then turned her. I made her stand in the doggy style and straight away inserted my dick. This time I held her by her hair, and after like 5 to 10 minutes, she started shivering and came. I was also about to cum.

I increased my pace, but she was tired. She fell, but I didn’t give it much attention and went on to fuck till I came inside the hot teen girl. I fell over her and put my hands around her. I took her boobs and started squeezing them.

We were both tired, and it was almost time for her mom to return. I undid her cuffs and ropes. I helped her get dressed and helped her as she was not feeling good, and her legs were trembling. I reached back and cleaned myself and the room.

I was on my bed when she messaged me. I was her pic showing her red boobs, and she was fondling them. The next message said, “I am an anal virgin.” Now I look forward to another session with this crazy teen soon. I can’t wait to tear her ass apart and break her anal cherry!

This is just fiction or rather my desire. I hope you all liked it, and do send your comments to [email protected]

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