Banged Neighbour’s Hot Jammu Wife

Hi, I am Rahul, a 38-year old-married man and recently shifted to Surat from Gurgaon. I would like to share my recent story which was happened at Gurgaon

Before moving to Surat, I was living in DLF Residential society on the 7th floor and my wife and kid went to the native place in the last month when I was planning to shift.

At that time, a new family had shifted next to my flat on rent. That family belonged to Jammu and there were three members in the family – husband, wife, and six-year-old son.

One day the husband Mr. Suresh met me in the lift and said “Hi” with a smile when we were stepping out from the lift on the same floor.

We interacted and came to know that he was working in the sales department in a renowned organization as a Regional sales manager and looking after many states. Most of the time, he was out of station but fortunately, he was in Gurgaon for a few days.

The very next day, we met in the parking and wished each other. That day, I offered him drinks at my house as I was alone the last few days. He accepted my invitation and told me that we should do dinner together at his house as I was living alone. I also accepted his offer.

After drinks when I entered his house, I saw a beautiful female moving inside the drawing-room. She was around 31-year-old, very fair, and wearing a black t-shirt and skirt. She was looking so sexy. She was my neighbour’s wife.

She smiled at me and went to the kitchen for serving dinner. Her kid had already slept as it was around 10:30 pm. Later, I came to know that her name was Swati. She was well educated Jammu wife. All three of us had dinner together and I left my neighbour’s house around 11:25 pm.

‌I was not able to sleep because my neighbour’s wife was too sexy and I wanted to connect with her. But I didn’t have any opportunity. But I remembered her husband telling me that he was going on a business tour the next day out for a few days and will come back only the next week.

Suddenly, I thought of trying my luck. As was in shifting from here, I knew that my wife and kid will not come here again. So I didn’t have any risk.

Fortunately, the balconies of the flats were close to each other and we could see the movements of each other. So I sat there and was reading the newspaper in the morning as I knew that the Jammu wife’s husband had already left in the early morning flight. Now she was alone with just her kid.

Swati came to the balcony as her kid was sleeping. We saw each other and I wished her “Good morning” with a smile and I got the same response from her.

Soon, we started talking and she asked me about morning tea. I told her that I have to go down for milk and I was very lazy and that was why I didn’t drink morning tea. She smiled and invited me to come to her home for morning tea.

I went there without wasting time. We had tea together and we asked about each other’s family life. I told her that I was going to Surat in the next two weeks as I got another opportunity. I shared my mobile number and told her, “As you are new here and don’t know much about this area, you can call me if any help is required.”

Our discussion was over and I came to my flat and did my routine and went to my office. I didn’t have much work in the office due to the notice period.

‌I came home around 8 pm and started drinking for enjoyment. I ordered dinner via Zomato. I finished my drink at about 8:30 pm. The food was already delivered by Zomato. I had dinner and went to the bedroom for sleeping but I was not able to sleep because I was imagining my neighbour’s hot Jammu wife’s face again and again.

Around 10:30 pm, I got a “Hi” on my WhatsApp from an unknown number. I was shocked to see the display picture, as it was Swati. I replied to her immediately and our chatting started. As her kid had slept, she was feeling bored alone at home.

We chatted till 11 pm and then said good night to each other. I tried to sleep but that was not possible for me. So I pinged her again on WhatsApp and said, “Sorry for disturbing you.”

My neighbour’s sexy wife smiled and said, “Don’t say sorry, I was also bored.”

Again we chatted regarding family and personal life. I asked about her married life. She told me that it was not good as her hubby didn’t have time and most of the time, he was on tour. He was never caring her.

All of a sudden, our chat became sexual and we did a video call too.

I didn’t have control over myself anymore and asked my neighbour’s Jammu wife to meet if possible. Initially, she denied it. But after a few minutes, she agreed and told me to come to her house. She asked me not to ring the bell as she would keep the door unlocked.

I went to my neighbour’s flat without wasting time and locked the door from inside. She directed me to the other room and I followed her. I hugged her suddenly and started kissing her without wasting time. We both were soon on the bed.

I removed the Jammu wife’s t-shirt and started pressing her boobs. She got excited. After that, I removed her skirt and then her bra and panty. I removed my clothes too and inserted a finger into my neighbour’s unsatisfied wife’s pussy. She was too wet.

All of a sudden, she asked me about protection. “Do you have a condom?” I said, no.

She gave me a condom which her husband had bought a few months ago. I used that and fucked my neighbour’s Jammu wife for the next 10-15 minutes.

After we both were satisfied, I left her house at midnight and said good night on WhatsApp after reaching my flat. She responded, “Thanks, and good night.”

This happened for the next two days too. After that, her hubby came back and a few days later, I shifted to Surat.

I hope you liked my story. Any married female and aunts from Surat, ping me on hangout for connection but I need secrecy. Thank you.

My hangout id‌ [email protected]

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