Topper Girl Becomes Wild In Park

Hey horny readers, this dates back to my school days, when I was forced to join tutions for engineering entrance. I just wanted to play around with the computer (watch porn) and had no interest in other subjects. I was always late to the class, so I had to take any vacant seat available.

Once only the front seats were available, I had to sit with a bespectacled nerd named Suchi. She was a total teacher’s pet and would ask doubts even after classes. All of us hated her to the core.

Since I was not interested in the class, I started checking Suchi out. To my surprise, she had quite a decent figure which she covered up with baggy clothes. I noticed she had huge melons while she was writing notes. Those boobs going up and down got me excited.

I started to make little jokes with her to break the ice, and she also liked it. I asked for her number at the end of the class. She straight away declined that she didn’t share the number. But I didn’t lose hope.

I reached the class late the next day and, by luck, had to sit with nerdy sorry big boobed Suchi again. It was the same routine with jokes, small talks, and I started complimenting her also. She was also blushing, which was a green flag for me. At the end of class, I asked her for notes. She gave them happily.

She also asked for my number. In case she requires the notes early, she will ping me. I was too excited for the start of a new phase. I started forwarding her memes, and she was very talkative after a few days. After that, sitting in the front row became the norm for us.

After few days, I started sending her adult jokes too. I was scared of her reaction since she left many on the seen-zone. One day she asked me the meaning of a few of them, and the barriers were finally broken. We started sharing adult memes and double-meaning jokes daily.

We hit it off and were used to attend class daily have long night flirty chats. I asked about her past. She said she has never been in any relationship or friendship with a guy. I made a master plan and wanted to take this to the next level.

So next day, I ignored her seat and went on my usual last bench, and sat there. She gave me confused stares for the complete class, and we didn’t talk for a few days. I was getting her a little irritated before making the next move.

Alas, after two days, she came early to class, took the last bench, and reserved the seat for me. She was furious, and we chatted in the class. She asked me why I was ignoring her. I had hit the jackpot (made her irritated), and it was a matter of time before things got steamy.

I conveyed that I had started liking her, and since we are very different people, she might not be interested in me. She got emotional by all these and held my hand for the complete class. She had a cute smile, which was a good sign for me. For the next few days, the same routine happened.

Once after the class, I asked her to go for a walk in the nearby park. This park in Rohini (Japanese park) is famous for a couple making out all the time. She was a little hesitant but didn’t say anything. We went near a shade and started listening to songs.

Then the romantic songs came, and we started holding each other’s hands. I got curious and told her that she had got huge boobs. “Let me check.” She was wearing a loose chudidar, so they were not quite visible. She was awestruck when I held her boobs tightly over her dress.

She gave me angry stares. But I continued pressing those for a little while and said, “Babes, these look very delicious.” She gave me a death stare which converted to moans. I was gently rubbing her nipples against my cold fingers. Trust me guys there is a time to get rough, but gentle touches can also do magic.

I started feeling her boobs with my hands very slowly and softly. She was covering this with her dupatta to let no one enjoy the view exclusively meant for me. We also started kissing, which got converted to kissing since she was turned on at another level.

She started biting my lower lip and then also gave me a love bite on my neck. She was so involved that I just needed to lay back and relax and feel her body with my hands. The amount of rough groping my hands did was directly proportional to the love bites on my neck and ear region.

She was a complete slut. After breaking the kissing session, she did something I never expected of her. She undid her bra and took it out of her sleeves, which awakened the horny guy inside of me. I was feeling so lucky to hit a big jackpot. I took her bra and sniffed it.

Trust me, the smell was intoxicating and mesmerizing. I put her bra inside of my boxers inside of my jeans. I just got inside the dupatta and started to eat the melons on top of her clothes only. Her nipples were wet by my licky-horny game and she was giving slow deep moans.

She hesitated only once, “What are you doing? Someone might see us.” I asked her in a taunting way, “Do you need me to stop.”

She slapped me gently and asked me to continue a good job, saying, “I am a girl. I have the right to do the drama. You be a horny guy, thank your stars and continue.”

I gave her hickeys on the boobs over the dress, making her lose control and moaned near my ears. I just slid my hands inside of her chudidar and started groping those large soft melons. I mauled them like a crazy ape, and this was the time to get rough with her.

Meanwhile, I placed her right hand on my crotch area. She was aroused on such a level. She started stroking it hard. I was getting very much excited by her sheer horniness and the excitement of the make-out place we were at. She removed my belt and started rubbing my dick over my boxers.

She was pressing the balls with one hand and giving small kisses on the tip of my dick. I was losing control over my actions. I started giving love bites on her chest and literally crushing her boobs.

To continue the further action, I texted my friend to hand me his car near the park to continue the action. A true friend will always help you get laid and that’s what he did.

To know what happened next, do shoot across the feedback if my story made your dick hard or your panty wet at [email protected]. Read my other story here as well.

‘An appreciation a day keeps the naughty professor horny every day.’

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