Lockdown Showdown

Hi all, this is my second story on XIS. You can read my previous story here. This one is my latest sex session with a young and gorgeous female living in my building. This might be as long as the last one but equally erotic and would give you all the satisfaction in the end.

With the current pandemic situation and lockdown enforced, I started using Tinder again. I was hoping to catch someone close to my society to get some action. I had a few matches but they were all far and beyond. So I just kept casual talks out there.

However, as my luck favored, I stumbled upon a profile that I thought I had seen somewhere close to me. So I took a screenshot of her. Her name said Avani and in one of her pictures, she was with her husband. I right-swiped on it but sadly still haven’t matched.

And then the next day I saw this lady in front of me smiling at me. Then I remembered she used to stay in a flat in our building itself and then understood the familiarity. I saw she was carrying a big bag of groceries and was not able to manage it herself.

I offered her help immediately and she was climbing the stairs in front of me. I was just amazed at her ass swinging in her tight leggings and I almost had a boner. We went to her flat and I kept her bags. I asked her about her family.

She told me that her husband was stuck in Indore due to lockdown as he had gone for some work there. I was happy hearing this and started planning how I could nail this hottie. She asked me for my number and said she would require my help if I could.

I was happy with it and gave her my number and asked her to WhatsApp me. I went to my house, took a shower. Around 8 in the evening I got a text saying ‘Hi! And thank you for the help!’ I replied that it was my pleasure to help a needy woman and we started talking.

I got to know that she was just 27 years old and married just over a year. Her husband was a businessman and had to travel to places due to it. I was really happy to hear that I texted her to let me know if she needed any help and she thanked me for it with a kissing smiley.

I returned it and we both bid good-bye to each other. Both of us didn’t text for a couple of days and then she texted me. The conversation happened as follows:

Avani: Oye hero, so much male ego huh! If I won’t text you, you also won’t text me?

Me: Sorry yaar! I forgot about it and was busy with my office work.

A: Oh! Alright! Sorry to disturb you! I’ll talk to you later.

M: No worries! I’m free just now! Tell me!

A: Can you please come to my house? There are some things I need to shift and I need your help. You know na, you need someone to do a few things (wink emoji)

I thought this was the free signal and even I continued on it.

M: Oh yes totally! There are some things which we can do it by ourselves but having someone to help gives much pleasure and satisfaction.

A: naughty boy! Don’t even expect such things from me! I’m very loyal! Come to my house fast and help me.

M: Yep! In a minute!

I went to her house and we shifted her beds and stuff. Both of us were completely tired. I laid down on her bed and asked her to turn the AC on and get me some cold drink. She went to the kitchen and made me some iced tea. While coming to the room she tripped on the small stool.

All the ice tea fell over me and she was whining in pain. She realized what had happened and came and started to clean my t-shirt. By then she didn’t realize she was very close to me and her one knee was on my thigh near the crotch. It was almost like we were in a cowgirl position.

I got an instant boner and I just came up a bit and kissed her on her lips. She was taken aback and got down and went to the kitchen. I followed her and said sorry and said I really couldn’t control it. I whispered to her I found your profile on Tinder and got the courage to do this.

She was not facing me and I hugged her from behind and kissed her on her neck. She immediately turned around and slapped me. I didn’t understand what to do next. While I was still in the shock she pulled my head and kissed me. We started kissing each other passionately.

I picked her up and went to her bedroom. We were kissing like long lost couples and we were taking a break just to catch some air. She said she was missing the physical encounters and wanted to have sex. She was getting horny every coming day. I got charged up with this and started kissing her everywhere.

I removed her t-shirt and sports bra and started sucking on her boobs like a small child. I started biting her nipples hard and it left red marks on her milky white boobs. I inserted one hand in her track pants and started massaging her pussy. She wasn’t wearing any underwear and was already wet.

She was well trimmed down there. I went down to kiss her navel and she was moaning very loudly now. I inserted one finger in her mouth and another hand was massaging her pussy. I removed her shorts and completely dived on her pussy and started eating her vigorously.

I kept eating her and she was moaning loudly and then arched her back and came heavily on my face. I just kept drinking her juices. Now my dick was rock hard and was waiting for action. She took down my shorts and my underwear and started sucking. I realized she was pro in it and was fondling my balls.

She took my entire dick in her mouth and I could touch her throat. After 10 odd minutes, I told her I was about to cum. She stopped immediately and came on top of me. She took my dick and positioned her pussy on it and went down on it. She was a bit tight but was lubricated due to her juices.

She started jumping like it was the end of the world. After 5-6 minutes we switched positions and I started fucking her in the doggy style. We both were exhausted and came together heavily. We both fell on the bed and started kissing each other. I sucked her boobs for some more time and we dozed off.

After some time I got up and kissed her goodbye and went to my home. We are fucking almost daily and I even had anal sex with her. I will write it down in a different story as per your feedback and suggestions.

All aunties, girls, or unsatisfied women can message me on Hangouts or email me on [email protected]. Thank you!

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