An Accident Made Me A Slutty Sub

Let’s start the story. It was just a normal day. I was going to meet a friend from Tinder and I was a bit in a hurry. I was riding fast and also in the wrong lane. Suddenly, a black BMW came in front of me. I applied the brake but collided. It was completely my fault.

The driver of the car got out and started arguing with me. I told sorry but it was of no use and he started asking for money. I told him that my bike is also damaged and he should claim insurance. Then he started calling the police. I stopped him and asked him how much. Then he said Rs. 35000.

I was in a complete shock. While I was thinking about all this, a girl looking like 25 walked out of the car. (Actually 29, I got to know later). After seeing her I was awestruck. She was a complete beauty with perfect figure and toned muscles. She was having sweat patches at few parts.

I thought she was coming from the gym. I was busy staring at her and at the same time I felt a tight slap on my cheek. I was angry as fuck and then realized that the girl slapped me. I was confused. She told me that either to pay the money or she is calling the police. Not only for the accident but also for molestation.

Now, this is completely frustrating. I asked her for some time as I was not having the money. But she refused and told me to sit in the car and told her driver to bring my bike. She started driving. I asked where are we going. Then she replied, “At a place where you can pay.” She winked and slapped me again.

I felt humiliated as I am dominant in nature. But still, I liked it. I started checking her out. She was a damn sexy girl covered with sweat patches and was smelling so damn erotic. She saw me checking her out and again I felt a slap on my cheek. After 15 minutes of driving, we reached her home.

After reaching her house, I realized that I was in a posh locality. Here every house was well crafted and a piece of artwork. I was just thinking about all this when I realized that the lady is checking me out. When I looked at her, she told me to give her a tight slap. I was confused and didn’t know what to do.

She started talking. She told me that all of this wealth belongs to her husband and he is an old man. She told me that she fell in love with me the moment she saw me. Now I was mixed with emotions, namely ‘confused and scared’. But somehow I asked her why she is asking me to slap her.

Then she said that she is a sub. She started begging to slap her and I couldn’t resist her demand and tried to slap her. The moment I raised my hand to give her a slap, she blocked me by her hand and gave a punch in my stomach. She slapped me hard. I fell down on the floor and she started abusing me.

I was about to cry in pain. But she came near me and her aroma stopped me from crying. Still, I was in a lot of pain. She started smooching my lips. Ufff, that thought still gives me hard on. She did it so damn erotically. And I was starting to feel happiness.

Then I realized that she was going too hard on me and literally started biting my lips. I tried to get away but she choked me and I was feeling like I am being forced. When she stopped, blood was flowing from my lips and she was smiling. She was looking really cute in that pose.

I thought that how such a slim, beautiful and lovely girl can be so strong? How she can be so bitchy? She again started to talk and told me that this whole property belongs to her and she was a divorced lady. She is way too much dominant and loves BDSM in which she likes to be the middle person.

She told me that this is the only way in which I can pay or I have to give the whole amount of money right now. She asked me if I am ready for it, I nodded my head in affirmation. She was very happy to see that and asked me to strip but not completely.

So I lift off my t-shirt and jeans and I was standing in underwear. My body is brown in color and was in shape though it was not bulky. I have no hair on my chest. So I like not to trim the hairs of my armpits and pubes as they give a manly feeling. She saw me semi-naked and came near me.

Believe me, I was so scared. Her aroma and aura were making me horny. She started pulling my armpit’s hairs. I was again feeling immense pain. She was asking me why I don’t shave. I told her the reason that it gives me manly feeling and all. She started laughing at me and I felt humiliated.

She grabbed my dick and balls from her palm over the underwear. She started abusing me that I am so small and soft. She was right. My dick is only 2.5 when it is not erect and it is loose also. But it rises to 6.2 when in glory. She told me that today she will make me a slutty bitch.

I was scared but somehow I was liking all of this. I was also thinking about what does she mean by a middle person in BDSM. I was thinking all of this and suddenly she kicked on my legs. I got on my knees and she choked my mouth in her sweaty underarms.

I was feeling so pungent and scary as she just arrived from her gym. She didn’t change her clothes also and wasn’t leaving me. She started to rub her smelly and sweaty underarms on my face. After some time it was feeling extremely hot and seductive. She left me but I didn’t want her to do so.

I wanted her to choke my face in her smelly and sweaty, sexy, glistening underarms. I wanted her to humiliate me. I guess she was succeeding in making me her slutty bitch. And to my surprise, she stripped her t-shirt and started rubbing it on my face. I did something unexpected.

I snatched the t-shirt from her and started sucking it at a point of her armpits. It was salty and yummy. She got so horny that and she grabbed my head like a slut and forced it on her underarms. Her bare armpits, dick was hard. She kept on rubbing and I kept on sucking.

Umm, I was feeling like cumming as she was so delicious. And the fact that I am being her slave is making me much hornier. She released my face and started to suck her own sweat from my mouth. And she sat on the sofa locked my mouth between her legs.

They were all sweaty and wet as she was in her joggers. She released me and stripped out of joggers. Now she was only in her sports bra and panty. And her panties were dripping due to wetness. She again choked me and she was damm sexy. Her pungent smell was making me crazy and nearing to cum.

She again released me. She told me to tongue her navel and I did it. I was rubbing my face on her flat belly and she was slapping me hard. I was getting hornier by all of this like a true humiliation loving faggot. She bent herself and told me to lick her inner thighs after she spat on it. I did it in true enjoyment.

She now locked me in a position in which I was facing directly her asshole over her underwear. And she was so seductive that I felt like tearing her underwear and eating her. I started to lick her asshole from over her underwear. She was spitting on my body and pinching my nipples.

Her warm spit was making me out of control. She started squeezing my dick over the underwear. She put her palm in my underwear. The moment she touched my naked dick, I cum and in a huge amount of loads. She was laughing like anything.

She told me that my wife will have to fuck with some other person in order to get complete pleasure. It was humiliating yet erotic. And she started rubbing my own cum to my face and asked me to rub my face in her panties. Then lick my cum from her panties. I must say that she was so creative in sex.

I was doing all this and I realized seeing her driver standing on the gate. I was scared ad and she also acted surprised. Then they both started to laugh and abused me. Then I realized what does she mean when she told me that she was the middle person in BDSM.

This is the end of the first part and stays tuned for the second part. If you want to talk to me then mail me or text me on snapchat. My snapchat id: devildlusty.

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