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Hi. This is Aadhi(25) male from Chennai. I am going to share my personal sex experience with you. Enjoy reading.

Once I was on a work to Bangalore. There I met Divya through a dating app. She’s 5’6, fair, little chubby. Her size is 34-30-34. We got connected really well. We started having sex. Only after our first sex, we came to know that we shared a lot of sexual fantasies. Both of us are wild and very much sex lovers.

We wanted to explore every single thing in sex. We both were good partners. So, the next day before she reached my place, I planned a surprise for her(already knowing her sexual interests). I bought all the needed things beforehand. It was 7 pm when she reached my room.

I welcomed her, made her comfortable and we had juice. I asked her to take a bath. I told her that she’s going to have an incredible night when she comes out. Meanwhile, I set the AC to the right temperature, room sprayed, and played a romantic music track to set the atmosphere.

As she came out of the bathroom in a white towel, I stood behind her and closed her eyes. I then took the black ribbon I bought and blindfolded her. I whispered in her ears, “Tonight, I’m the master of this beautiful slave. So, just obey my words. Ok? And I’m gonna rip you apart tonight. So let’s start.”

I started with a very wild tight kiss by pushing her hard on to the wall. I just bit her lips like anything. I removed her towel, threw it apart and started fondling her boobs very hard. She moaned like anything. I just started chewing her boobs in my mouth. I was biting it harder and she increased her moans.

I then slapped her boobs very hard. I made her stand still and brought the steel scale. I started tapping it on her boobs. “Ahh,” she let a moan. Her boobs were jiggling. I tapped again harder on her nipples. Her sounds and movements were making me go crazy.

I kept tapping it, again and again, a little harder and she started making more noises. I closed her mouth with one hand and said to her, “This is what you wanted, bitch.” Then I made her bent on the bed with her fine plumpy ass facing me. What a beauty! What a view!

I just smoothly rubbed it with my hand and slapped it hard. Those ass cheeks shook like anything. I then tapped her ass hard with the scale. After a few little taps, I gave her one hard tap and she just shivered for a moment. I turned her and gave little taps on her pussy.

She let out sounds for every single tap shaking her body. I knew she loved it. Then I asked her to kneel down. She obeyed. I brought the honey bottle. I took a spoon of honey and rubbed it on her lips. She tasted and craved more of it. I just poured the honey from the spoon on her lips, that went down to her boobs.

I then removed my clothes, took some honey and poured it on my cock. Rubbed more honey on my hardened cock. I started rubbing my honeyed cock on her lips. She was licking it wildly. I tapped my cock on her lips. She tasted it. Then I poured some more honey and pushed my whole 6-inch cock into her mouth.

She started choking at first. But then I held her face firmly and started stroking my cock into her mouth. She started responding well. She took it and sucked it like a bitch. It was heavenly. Then I got her up and laid her on the bed. She was facing upward. I brought the ice cubes and slowly I rubbed it on her lips.

She just enjoyed it. I took the ice cube in my mouth and started rubbing her lips and moved to her eyes and rubbed it all over her face. I held the ice cube with my teeth and started rolling it over the body starting from the neck to the boobs. I rubbed the ice on her nipples.

The cool water drops from the cube ran over her body into her armpits. I just moved the ice cube to her navel. Rubbed it for few seconds and started rubbing around it, down to her pussy. The cold water drops made way into her pussy. It melted there.

Then I turned her and started rubbing another ice cube all over her back from down to top through her backbone to the neck. I then gave one hard slap to her ass and bit it hard. I took the rope and tied both her hands and legs on to the bed. I moved my fingers softly on her face, through her eyes, nose, lips.

I went through her neck to boobs and gave a hard slap on her boobs. I then came below her (in between her legs) and started fingering her. First with two fingers gently rubbing it. Then I increased the speed and started stroking it harder. Then one by one I inserted my fingers and went deep into her pussy.

I started stroking it inside. She couldn’t move as she is tied. She shouted like hell. I just gave her pussy once slap and asked her to keep quiet. I then turned upside down and pushed my cock into her mouth and started stroking it, while I also licked her pussy. It was so wet and the juices were dripping.

I loved that smell. Only sex lovers can feel it. I kept stroking her mouth for some time. Now, I got up and wore the condom. It’s time for hardcore fucking. I took my hard cock and started tapping it on her pussy. It was so wet and inviting. I pushed my cock hard into her pussy in one go.

She started shouting in pain. I closed her mouth with one hand and started fucking her harder. She then started enjoying it. I was pushing my cock (in missionary position), lying in between her legs which was wide open and tied. I kept fucking her hard for some time where she couldn’t even move or turn much.

I then removed the ropes. Turned her around and made her bend for doggy. Every time I see her ass I get excited. I’m an ass lover. I just slapped it and saw it jiggle. From behind (in doggy position) I inserted my cock into her pussy slowly. Slow and slow it gently went inside.

The whole cock was pushed inside and I started stroking slowly. She let out light moans and we enjoyed the slow in and out movement, as the tip of my cock opens her vagina walls, rubs it and enters deep into it and comes out rubbing the tight pussy walls, giving us both the erotic feel.

Then I started increasing the pace. I pushed my cock deep, hard and faster. I held her hips tight with my hands and fucked her damn hard. Her chubby ass was shaking like hell as it hits my things for every push. I kept fucking her very fast and we both were making sounds like anything.

I was shouting like a monster. The pace was very very fast and we both were lost in our own world of fucking. I was just about to cum when I took my cock, held it hard not letting the cum out. I made her sit, removed my condom and splashed my cum on her face with her mouth open.

We both were damn tired by then. I insisted to wash before we sleep. I removed her blindfold, helped her to the washroom. I cleaned myself first and then I bathed her. I washed her pussy with soap. She was damn tired. I just wiped her with a towel and carried her to the bed.

We both slept together hugging each other. She was lying on my chest. She said “Thank you, master. It was the best sex I ever had.” and kissed me. We then explored many other sexual fantasies together. We had a few more BDSM sessions where we used candles and stuff.

We had dirty ones(damn dirty sex one could ever imagine). We had soft romantic ones. We tried every other sex positions out there. We enjoyed it. I will share that in upcoming parts.

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Sex is meant to be explored and enjoyed. There is only one life. So, don’t waste time and start having fun. Also, be safe! Thanks for reading. I hope you like it. Please share your views/experiences on my personal mail id or you can also comment below.

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