Amazing Co-Living Experience

Let me first tell me about myself. I’m Nitin, aged 19, and I’m from a village near Davangere, but co-living in Bangalore now. I’ve always dreamed of enjoying city life. When I got admission to a top college in Bangalore, I knew my dreams would come true.

I am what people would call pretty average. I’m 5’6, fair, and not really the athletic guy that girls would swoon over. And I knew that. Anyway, I started searching for some good accommodation in Bangalore.

I had always heard of how open-minded Bangalore is. I wanted to experience that kind of life first hand. And this was my chance. It was the beginning of a new journey.

I started looking at some online apps, and I was surprised to see co-living places for rent. I’ll not name the website, though. The concept is quite simple. The house owner rents his home to individuals who will have to share a common living area, kitchen, lounge, garden, etc., with private or shared bedrooms.

The house I looked at was basically a huge mansion with four rooms. Each bedroom was to be shared by two people, and the rest of the area in the mansion was a common area. This looked like a good deal for me as I don’t like living in cramped PG accommodations.

Anyway, I booked the place. At the time of my booking, there were already five people living in the home. At last, I finally made it to Bangalore and reached my home for the next four years. The house looked imposing. It was a duplex villa with its own garden.

I was pretty much excited to meet the people with whom I would be staying. I reached out to the doorbell and rang the bell. And there she opened the door! A fair and curvy girl with long hair untied. She had meaty arms and thighs. And boobs to match. An absolute angel!

She was wearing really short shorts and a loose t-shirt over that. I’m pretty sure she was not wearing any bra because I could almost see the outline of her amazing boobs through that t-shirt. She looked at me quizzically as if to ask who I am.

I was actually tongue-tied because I had never expected a girl to open the door. Let alone a gorgeous girl like her! She again asked me who I was. This time instead of answering her, I was completely focused on her sexy voice. Yeah, I know that’s kinda stupid. But I really was stupid then.

Let alone being with a girl, I had hardly talked to one till then. And the sight of this girl completely took me to a different world. Anyway, I gathered some balls and said, “Umm, I had actually booked a room for me through this app.” I took out my phone to show her my booking details and started fumbling around.

She smiled and replied back, “Why didn’t you say so? Cmon in!” She took one of my bags, which was lying down, and went right inside. Not knowing what to do, I went inside. The inside of the home was even better. Like one of those pictures you see in interior design magazines.

But my focus was on the bubble butt of this girl now carrying my luggage. We went into the living room where she had put my bag on the sofa. ‘Sit down!’ She gestured at me, and I sat down on the sofa. Two more people now came out of a room, one guy and another girl.

The guy looked pretty handsome, to be honest. He had a perfect athletic body, and looking at him, I started thinking guiltily about my own tummy. He was pretty fair. By the looks of the branded clothes he was wearing, he was pretty rich, I guess.

The other girl looked like a model. She was slim and fair. Her hair was tied in a neat ponytail. She was wearing shorts and t-shirts like the first girl, and she smiled at me. Again, I was completely frozen. Where am I?

“Welcome, bro! We were wondering how long will it take for the other beds to get filled up. The last three guys who were here left a month ago. I have been lonely ever since. I’m Rahul, by the way,” he said. “I’m Nitin,” I replied nervously.

The slim model girl smiled at me again. “I’m Krishi, and that is Deeksha,” she said, pointing at the girl whom I met at the door. “Amir and Shwetha have gone out. They’ll be back late,” said Rahul. I had no idea who Amir or Shwetha was, but I nodded.

It was then that I realized that I would be living with girls. Beautiful girls. In the same house. If people in my village knew this, it would be a mini-scandal! Anyway, my heart was pounding in excitement.

“So, what do you do, Nitin?” asked Krishi. I told them that I had just joined this college and that I’m new to the city. It turned out that they were all from that college itself. They were all third years, which made them two years my seniors. So, Deeksha and Krishi were both 22, and Rahul was 23. I guess I got lucky to find my college friends

He explained, saying that he had failed a year. Krishi admonished him, saying that he was having lots of fun these days instead of studying. Rahul spanked her butt, saying that the reason for all the fun was you. I turned my face away in embarrassment.

Never having even talked to a girl before, all this was too much for me. Fortunately, they did not seem to notice me at that time as all three were laughing. I then asked them about the other two people, Amir and Shwetha.

Shwetha was a second-year student at my college, and Amir was also from my college. But he had recently passed out and had started his own startup.

It was a long journey, and it was already dark outside. I thought I’ll freshen up. So I asked Rahul which will be my room. I thought I’ll have to share with Rahul or Amir.

“Well, there is one completely empty room. You can go stay there, or Deeksha is alone for a month. Maybe it’s time she gets a roommate,” he looked at Deeksha and winked at her. I thought he was joking. But what happened next really blew my mind.

“He’ll stay with me, won’t you, Nitin?” said Deeksha. As usual, I was frozen. Unable to answer. Deeksha and Krishi giggled at me. Deeksha then took my bag and started climbing the stairs. Recovering, I went behind her. She then entered a huge bedroom and put my bag in the cupboard.

There was a big king-sized bed, a table with some books and a laptop, a TV, two cupboards, and an attached bathroom. But most importantly, there was the gorgeous Deeksha standing right in the middle of the room. I still would not believe that she would be my roommate.

Never in my dreams had I imagined such a gorgeous girl. And to share a room with her? I thought she would leave when I started arranging my clothes. So I opened the cupboard and Holy Fuck! I found lots of lady’s dresses, bras, and panties, etc.

Then I realized that they were all serious when they said that I would be sharing a room with Deeksha. “So you’ll never talk with me, roomie?” Deeksha said. I turned back, and I saw her sitting on the bed. I had a huge boner by this time, but I was avoiding facing her.

“Not like that, but I’m kinda new to the city. It’s my first time. And it’s been overwhelming, to be honest.”

She smiled at me and asked me to go get freshened up. I went to the bathroom and had a long shower. I jerked off to Deeksha and Krishi, and then again to Deeksha. I came out and saw that Deeksha had already slept off. I felt very thirsty. So I went down to get some water.

I saw Rahul was making out with Krishi. Rahul was completely naked, and Krishi had removed her shorts. I could see her ass from behind. She was sitting on Rahul’s laps, and they were smooching like crazy. I got another boner seeing them like that.

But I was again too shy to go down and get the water. So I came back up to my room. As I entered my room, I was again in a dilemma. There was only one bed, and Deeksha was already sleeping in it. It was a big bed, true. But how am I going to sleep with a girl I had hardly known?

I decided to take a risky and slowly slept at the edge of the bed. There was one blanket, and Deeksha had wrapped it around themselves. It was cold, and I couldn’t ask Rahul and Krishi for another blanket. Not now. I looked at the sleeping Deeksha, and my boner intensified.

I’ll let you guys know about my first-night with Deeksha and what happens when Amir and Shwetha return. It gets crazier and crazier!

So, it was time to sleep, and as I entered the room, I saw Deeksha already sound asleep, wrapped in a blanket. Without a choice, I edged towards the bed and silently slouched in, hoping that Deeksha wouldn’t notice my presence. I still had not been able to convince myself that she was going to be my roommate.

For a second, I thought maybe I’ll sleep on the floor. But then I came back to my senses. That would be overkill. Plus, the cold would be unforgiving. I started shivering now. I couldn’t help but move closer to Deeksha.

I could make out her hourglass-like body as she had wrapped the blanket tightly across her body. She had turned the other way, and I started admiring her luscious hips and lustrous hair. My penis was hard as a rock now. For a guy who had not even spoken to girls before, this was new. Deeksha was like a dream girl of many men.

I moved closer to her, and I could feel the warmth of her body. Before I knew what I was doing, I slowly touched her silky hair. It felt so good. I quickly removed my hand in the fear that she may wake up. When she did not, I gathered some courage and started playing with her hair. This was fun.

As I started playing with her hair, I also started stroking my dick. It was hard not to ejaculate, but I managed to control myself. The cold was becoming unbearable and the gorgeous girl sleeping next to me even more so.

I kept my hands near her ass felt her warmth. I slowly started to pull her blanket – bit by bit. Slowly, so that she would not wake up. When I did manage to extricate a fair bit of the blanket from under her, I tried to snuggle into it. The blanket was warm from her body, and I could almost touch her if I wanted to.

I told myself to calm down. After all, I did not want her to think that I’m a creep on day one itself.

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