Sophie, The Dream Girl Of Many Men

Hey, my name is Rahul (name changed). I’m 22 years old with a good 6.5-7″ dick size (depending upon the partner’s hotness). This is my real story. I stay in Bhubaneswar, Odisha. This incident took place here about 2 weeks ago. So let’s dive straight into the story.

It all started when we had a house to rent. There was this family to take it who had a male (45 years) and his wife (38 years). It was last year when they came to stay. After some months the woman’s divorced sister also came to stay with them. Her name was Sophie. Fair, 28 years old, 5.5″ tall and a little bit chubby.

I must say she has great boobs and a big fat asss. Whenever I used to go to their home for some work we both would sometimes talk. We had a good bonding. We used to crack jokes and started spending some time together. We used to meet on the terrace where she told me all of her stories.

She was tortured by her in-laws and the reason for her divorce. She indirectly also told me that her ex-husband never touched her. After 2 days of marriage, he went to Dubai as he had his work there. I peeked through the corner of my eyes. I can make out that she was very sad reciting those things. I consoled her.

We talked like this for some months and now we were really good friends. What happened once was that all of my family members went to a wedding reception in Kolkata. They were about to return the next day. Luckily all the members from Sophie’s house also went to their native village leaving Sophie alone.

And now the current time My doorbell rang. As I opened the door, I was surprised to see Sophie standing there. She was looking very beautiful. She had just taken a bath. Her hair was wet. She had a rubber band tied on her wrist. She was wearing a salwar suit which was a bit fitting.

I can see her curves and her boobs bulging out through the sides. I think she noticed my view.

S- Please call your mom Rahul. I need some tea leaves. There’s none in my house. (she smiled gently)

R- Sophie there’s no one in my house. Why don’t you come in and find it yourself? I’ll take you to the kitchen

She stepped into my house. The kitchen was on the other side of the house. So I had to close the door.

S- Why are you closing the door? Oh nevermind. One should always keep the door locked when alone. Safety comes first.

I smiled. She was in the kitchen now searching for the box of tea leaves. As she was short, she had to be on her toes to find it. I saw the size of her ass, OMG. They were really big and seemed very juicy. Her bra straps and hook was also visible because of her tight dress.

As I saw them I turned my face. I was trying to remove all those horny thoughts from my mind. Then suddenly Sophie asked me whether I would like to drink tea. I shouted yes and was going to my room. Again I saw her back. This time she had removed her dupatta and kept it aside.

She was not very good at cooking and feared that her dupatta could catch fire This time I couldn’t control myself. She had her back turned towards me and was lighting the stove. I stepped into the kitchen and slowly went to her. As if she had sensed my thoughts she asked, “You want something? Tell me.”

I picked up her dupatta from the slab and threw it out of the kitchen. She saw it and she grinned and continued stirring the tea. I moved close to her. She moved her hair aside so that her back could be visible. I kissed her on her back and continued my kiss to the sides of her neck

She raised her head and made more room for me. I kept my hand on her waist and she turned the gas stove off. I licked her neck and back and made it wet with my saliva. I went close to her ears

R- You look very beautiful. Sorry, I can’t stop myself from making you mine today. I want to fuck you. It is ok, na?

S- Ya, do whatever you want with me, my Greek God, fuck me as hard as you can. I am all yours

As soon as I heard that I turned her towards me and started kissing her. As I’m 6’ tall it was difficult for her to reach my lips. She came to her toes and started biting my lips. I quickly turned my hand and took them under her kurti. I kept my hands on her bare hips.

She was very hot and her body was slightly wet from the mixture of sweat and water. I took my tongue out and pushed it into her mouth. She was licking it with full force. Then suddenly she spat inside my mouth and looked directly into my eyes and with giving a satanic smile

She grasped my mouth and sucked all the liquids from it. I pushed her tongue into mine and I sucked her tongue. She was too hot and horny. We lip locked for straight 5 minutes. Simultaneously I was caressing her body and started pressing her boobs from over her clothes.

They were very soft and big her size was 36. I pressed them hard and she would shout, “Apka haath bohot bada hai. Dheere dabaiye.” I kissed all over her face and suddenly as I was free. She held my face and again spit on me this time on my face. And started licking it and cleaning my face.

The aroma of her liquids was awesome As she finished it I looked at her and smiled and picked her above the floor.

R-Come let’s show you something special. That you’ll never forget.

S- I am mad for it, Rahul. You are very hard. I sensed it. Now please don’t make me wait. Just tear my pussy apart.

I took her to my bedroom. I threw her on my bed. She was all ready and very horny She was laying down on the bed and I was standing a removing my shirt.

R- Baby won’t you give me best wishes for today’s performance

S- Best wishes? What’s that

I went down and slightly took her salwar and her panty down to that only my hand could enter. She was looking at everything impatiently. I took my hand down and inserted my middle finger into her wet pussy all of a sudden. She was already wet I could feel it. Her cum was warm

S- Aah, baby. Dheere

I pulled my wet middle finger out. With a slimy whitish liquid and I put it into my mouth and sucked my fingers completely dry. She looked at this and smiled.

S-Jaan won’t you give the best wishes to me?

I insert my fingers once more and make it wet this time. I bend forward and put the finger into her mouth. She sucks all off it carefully. Sophie tasted very good. Her liquids were a bit sweet to taste. Then I made her sit and removed her kurti by pulling it above.

As the kurti came out, her big boobs bulged outwards. I was completely mad at seeling them. Noticing me she took her right boob on her right hand and started pressing it. And asked, “You want it?” As I heard it I crumbled her hair with my fist and told her, “Tera sab chahiye aj tu puri meri hai, samjhi?” and turned her.

She was hot and I was extremely impatient. With my trembling and not so perfect hands I opened the hook of her light pink bra. Pulled and threw it away

I turned her and took her boobs on my hand and pressed them. Licking her neck. All down to her cleavage and then the nipple. Her nipples were pointed outward from arousal I sucked kissed and bit them. I bit them rough and hard

S- Rahul, be gentle. You’ll cut them out I guess.

I didn’t listen to her and continued biting her. After some time she pushed me away.

S- Sirf tum hi karoge kya?

Telling this she went down my hands and unbuttoned it and lowered them down. As she lowered my pants my 7″ long and 2.5″ wide semi-black dick pounced on her.

S- Rahul you have such a big and wide dick, omg. Don’t you ever get married. I want to have this all to myself all through my life? I want to get blessed by it.

I smiled, “Do whatever you can, baby.”

She took my dick to her mouth and started sucking it and simultaneously playing with my balls. She was very good at giving blowjobs. She took the dick till her throat and sucked it nicely. I clutched her hair and started fucking her mouth. I gave 8-10 pushes till my dick reached below her throat.

Her eyes were all watery and she was on the verge of vomiting. I pulled my dick out I pulled her up. Pushed her on the bed turned her over and pulled her salwar and her pick panty down. As I took it down I noticed her panty was all wet. I took it to my mouth and sucked the liquids out of it

Now my queen for today was completely naked. She was laying on her belly right in front of me. I stepped on the bed and asked her to place her hand upward. So that I can completely see all her body parts from the back. She had her ass facing me.

I went up on the bed and started kissing and licking right from her hand. Her underarms smelling them. Her back her waist till her ass crack and finally her hot light brown ass hole I pushed my tongue in it

S – Aah, what are you doing?

I told her to keep quiet and played with my tongue on her ass. Then went down licking her vagina. I reached there she turned on her back. She closed her eyes raised her legs and held me by my hair. I pushed my body toward her vaginal lips. I raised her hips so that I can taste it better.

She must have shaved her pussy last week. Because she had small hairs and she had a tough pussy light brown one with a beuaty spot on her left thigh. I pulled myself out of her hole. I put my hands on her thighs speeding them further apart. I kissed them and licked them as well. I licked her g spot and played with it using my finger.

S- Baby, I’m about to cum.

At his moment she squirted a little just a little bit. And I was lucky enough to taste Sophie squirt. It was delicious and my half face was wet with it. Having finished with her pussy I rose to her lips with my half wet face.

R- Now clean me, you bitch. (slapped her pussy) You have made me stinky.

I slapped her boobs hard and turned them red. She licked all my face and made it clear. I took my hand down and grabbed her ass. Pinched it and fingered her anus

S- Rahul, I didn’t know you are so good at it. You are my only now. I’m a fan of yours

By this time. My dick was hard as a rock and pretty much wide. While laying and kissing her I slowly kept my dick on her semi-wet pussy and gave it a slow push. And as she sensed my rod, her eyes were wide open and about to scream. I continued my kissing, denying her the right to scream.

Her pussy was very tight and small. Finding the correct time I gave it a shot and push my complete rod into her whole 7″ was inside her.

S-  Aah, you are so long and wide. My sweet pussy will get torn apart. I love you. I love you, don’t stop.

R- Don’t worry baby I’ll find a way to stitch my girls pussy.

By telling this I slightly pulled my rod 4-5 inches outward and again pushed it in with a sudden bolt. Similar pulling and pushing went on for 10 minutes at a normal speed. I sensed by her moan and face that her pussy is all ready and stretched. I increased my speed.

I was fucking her on flat position with her thighs held by my hand. She turned red with pain and was completely drenched with sweat. By her expressions, one could easily say that she was having a great time and enjoying it. After fucking her for straight 25 minutes she started moaning loudly.

As there was no one in the house, I had no tension about the sounds she was making

S – Don’t stop, my jaan just don’t. Go on fuck, your Sophie.

R – Aah, Sophie I’m about to cum.

S- Unload yourself inside me I want your cum inside my pussy that is yours from now.

With a loud moan, I drenched my maximum sperms into her. I pulled my dick out as I was completely tired. But she was not. She pulled me up made me lay on the bed and sat over my dick and took herself up and down. She was kissing my nipples and neck. And sometimes my lips.

She continued it for 15 odd minutes. She then took herself completely up so that my dick was barely touching her vagina and squirted on it. Making my whole lower body and my bed wet with her squirt

S- Sorry, baby, let me clean you.

She sucked and licked my cock and all my legs and thighs and my ass to clean it And again sucked my cock. I told her that I was about to cum again. She sparkled and brought her face and opened her mouth and asked me to unload there.

S- Just pour, my love, I want to drink you now.

I cummed on her face and mouth and she swallowed all of that. And after all that, she came and lay beside me. We both were all wet with sweat. The sweet aroma of cum and squirt prevailed all over the room. After further kissing and licking her tongue.

We both looked at each other and smiled. I told her to come let’s take a bath. We both took a bath together. She peed in front of me after getting fresh we both dried ourselves with a towel. While drying I saw my finger marks all over her white milky boobs and chubby ass. I realized that I was very harsh on her.

R- I’m sorry baby I was very rough on you.

S- We are not different ok. I’m all yours.

She kept her hands on my shoulder and kissed my forehead We had this session of about 2 hours altogether. We both were very drenched out. And then we changed the bedsheet, lowered the temp of my ac and we both slept. We woke up after about 6 hours.

We kissed each other. I helped her to get dressed. She left my house, holding the panty in her hand as it was wet with her cum. At the door. She turned and asked me.

S- Won’t you take the blessing?

R- Sophie, don’t ask. I’m always in search of your blessing

She put her middle finger inside her salwar into her vagina and took it out semi-wet. And placed the finger on my mouth where I sucked and cleaned it. Her smell and taste was awesome.

In the next story, I’ll narrate the next sex session with Sophie. I hope this real depiction has entertained you a lot and if all the girls. Ladies and women who are wet out there ping me on my mail id [email protected]

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