A College Reunion

It’s been 5 years since we passed out of our college. And it also has been 5 years where the whole of our class had any kind of formal meeting. We were all connected through social networking sites, but we all never met in person.

One day Madhuri messaged in the college group that she has got engaged and would like to meet all of us before getting married. All of us started planning to have a reunion of our class. A hotel was decided as venue and Madhuri said that it will be a kind of a treat for her engagement. A Sunday was fixed to meet.

All of us were excited as its been long since we guys met. I was even more excited as I had a crush on Madhuri. But now she was engaged so definitely I didn’t have any chance. But yes it will be seeing her again. She was one of the finest women I have ever seen.

I strongly believe that God created her with full patience. I can bet that every boy from our class surely masturbated at least once thinking about her. Her buttery skin, her voluptuous figure, her deep sexy eyes, her juicy lips, her fair toned skin color, and long hairs all added well to her beauty.

In addition to this, she had a habit of wearing sleeveless dresses to the college, which many times helped us, boys, to have a glance of her assets.

Sunday was here, and so was our reunion. Out of 75 classmates, only 42 could make it on that day. Some were not even in the town due to their work at different places. It was nice to see everyone in that hall. Everyone was waiting for the to-be-married girl Madhuri. There she comes.

Everyone in the hall kept staring at her. It was the first time we saw her in a saree. God, she looked damn sexy. Starting from her hairs, they were left open to keep moving and get the attention of everyone. Her lips carried a delightful lipstick which could make anyone kiss those fucking lips hard.

She wore just a thin gold chain in her neck, which exposed a larger part of her long neck. Her sleeveless blouse was kind of deep neck, and one could easily see her cleavage with just a swirl of wind. Her hands and armpits were properly waxed. All the boys in the room surely dreamed of feeling them.

She might have worn a push-up bra which made her boobs visible as perfect rounded ones. She wore her saree slightly lower from that of the average woman. Her belly button was not covered by her pallu. I felt to insert my finger in that hole.

Her petticoat was so marginally tied to her waist that even a slight jerk will bring down the whole of her saree and petticoat. She was a treat to watch as always. After a few seconds, everyone came back to the senses and congratulated her for the engagement.

Everyone got busy with the old talks. We kept recreating the old memories and laughed a lot. But the center of attraction was Madhuri. Not because of her marriage news. But many of us were feeling jealous that how much her husband is going to enjoy her body.

We all started playing different games and having food. With the help of a game, it was revealed that Madhuri during her college days, had a crush on me, Sudhir and Kaushik. All three of us felt proud of this. Every other boy was left upset hearing that.

I and Madhuri were good friends in college. She even cared to have some good chat in that hall. I felt privileged and so did my dick. It felt like a perfect evening, as the same old college days were back. There was delicious food, drinks, music, dance and a look-alike fuck doll Madhuri.

She was really happy about her coming life and she didn’t even realize that she was drinking more and more. The time kept ticking and many of us started to leave. And by 10 PM all of us were back home. After around half an hour, I got a message from Madhuri.

It said, ‘Please come back to the hotel, it’s urgent.’ I got surprised that she was still there at the hotel. And I was worried. I immediately left for the hotel. It was around 10 km from my home. I got back to the hotel and to the particular hall where we had a party just a few hours ago.

The hall was all empty except there was one table in the center with four chairs around it. I was still confused about what was happening. I sat opposite Madhuri. Madhuri stood up, filled a glass of Rum for me, and got on the table, She was still wearing her saree.

I was shocked. Her pallu was way down her shoulder, and instead of eyes. I was staring at her boobs. She came close to me such that my lips could touch the tip of her blouse. She flipped her hairs to one side, kept the glass of rum aside, sat in front of me with her legs across me.

I understood that I am gonna enjoy the night with the most beautiful girl around me. I held her by the waist, pulled her more closer, and kissed her hard. My hands were nowhere in my control. They were sliding so wildly on the buttery skin of Madhuri.

Sometimes I was grabbing her boobs, sometimes her waist, my hands were sliding inside her petticoat. But we were not breaking our kiss. I bit her lips, but even she was getting wilder and pulling me closer. It wasn’t anything about love. It was just the lust I had for her perfect body and face.

And for her maybe she wanted to enjoy someone before her marriage. But it was a total win-win situation for me. After around continuous kissing of 5-7 minutes, with very small pauses in between, we finally broke our kiss. We looked at each other and laughed.

Her hairs were messy but looking sexier now. I don’t remember when she took off my t-shirt. Her blouse was already lying down on the floor, her left boob was popping out of her bra. The very thin part of her saree was still stuck in her petticoat, which could have fallen anytime.

She tried to get down from the table. I resisted and held her again kissing wildly her exposed neck and boobs. She stopped me and came near to my ear, “Let me go and get a drink for you, I am all yours tonight.” I got more aroused. She was way more beautiful than I thought.

Her naughty and bold thoughts added to her sexiness. She got down from the table. I intentionally held her saree by keeping my foot on it. When she walked the required distance, her saree along with her petticoat fell from her waist with a jerk. She turned back at me with a naughty smile.

Standing just in bra and panty of light pink color, she looked like a shining star in that darkly colored room. Her brassiere was barely able to handle her perfectly sized boobs. I moved towards her. She was trying to hide her boobs with her hands.

I slowly pinched her belly button such as it gave her more pleasure than pain. I rolled my fingers over it and started to kiss her from her left cheeks. She submitted herself to me. My hands were in no mood for any kind of mercy, my lips tasting every flavor of her delicious body.

My dick was touching every side of her cunt. My left hand flipped her hairs towards the right side. I deeply kissed her neck, and my hand started sliding down on her back. She knew that I am about to set her milk bags free, and maybe even she wanted that.

Within seconds, I took her bra off. I pulled up a chair and sat on it. She followed me and sat over my lap. I softly caressed her left ball, and my other hand rolling all over her back. She smiled at me, and her fingers were playing with my hair. I pulled her more closer and placed one of her balls in my mouth.

I could feel the hotness in her cunt. It was already wet to the maximum. Her holes so lubricated that anyone could slide with just a simple jerk. But I was busy with her orbs. I didn’t want to lose this opportunity of having such a beautiful woman.

Every shake of her body was exciting to me. It was telling me that she is submitting on every touch I am making on her. One will never get over her perfectly shaped orbs. But I somewhere knew that this is the only night I have with her.

I just picked her in my arms and took her to the nearest room. Madhuri had booked the whole of the floor, so it was just us tonight. It was time to make her leak the heavenly juices. Half of which has already flushed out of her body. But she still hadn’t got the best of her orgasm.

I made her lay on the bed. That white bedsheet at the back of her body added more to her beauty. Her hands were wide open. Her legs fighting with each other to hide her wet panties. Her nipples were poking and asking to be sucked more and more.

I decreased the AC temperature to cool down the room as Madhuri was burning with her desires. I removed every cloth from her body and pulled down her panties as well. Though her mind was resisting to let the last cloth from her body go, her body was not ready to listen to it.

Her thighs were more milky and plumpy than I thought. I held her waist more tightly and started kissing her inner thighs. I was moving upwards inch by inch. I gave a bite on her thighs, very close to her vagina. She was tempted to the maximum. I indicated her to spread the legs a little, she obliged.

I went up on her body, with my hands massaging her waist. Then her belly, then her boobs, then her shoulders and finally kissed her hard. My penis was hanging over her cunt. Many a time even touched her tip, but I wasn’t letting it go inside to tease her even more. I started fingering her while kissing her.

She was on the edge of orgasm and my fingers did the needful for her to take out her load. She held the pillow beneath her very hard and let her desires flow through her vagina. Her moaning sounds made me grow harder. I let my body rest on her while she was cumming.

She scratched all over my back and gave me a horny bite on my ear. I didn’t even realize that the tip of my dick was already inside her. She wasn’t even opening her eyes. I was enjoying the view and teased her more by just pausing in that position for a few more seconds.

She finished her jerk and came back to the senses. She looked at me kissed me, this time with love. She brought me closer and said, “Oh Ankit, you made me cum hard, now please fuck me harder.” A man cannot demand more than this. I held her firmly.

She spread her legs wider, and I started going in and out. With every shot I was smashing, Madhuri was reaching a new high. She was so tempted that she didn’t even mind that I was fucking her without a condom. We both were enjoying each other’s company so much that we forgot the world.

I never saw Madhuri so submissive, and to see her totally under my control made me hornier. I wasn’t going fast on her, as I wanted to take it long. I was fucking her slow with some strong shots in between. Her pussy was flowing like a waterfall.

But still, it had a tight grip on my penis as if she hasn’t fucked someone from months. The missionary position I had with her was one of the best of my life. We finished that in around 10 minutes maybe, and of course I came inside her. Good thing was that she even didn’t try to resist that.

We were lying side by side. I was feeling the tiny hairs above her sexy cunt, and she was playing with my semi-erect penis. We were looking at each other, laughing, kissing everything. The night was still not over.

She talked about all the fantasies she wanted to fulfill before getting married. But doing everything wasn’t possible at that time. But we sure did a few. We made out in the balcony of the hotel room, even many passers-by enjoyed the view of her hanging boobs.

We ordered a pizza. She took the delivery from the delivery boy wearing just the bathing gown, which exposed her boobs more than 90%. The delivery boy had a hard-on by just a glance at her. She gave me a handjob in the swimming pool.

It was an amazing night. The next morning after fucking her for last time in the shower, I dropped her home. I have never seen Madhuri after that, never even got a message from her. But I can surely say that her husband will be really lucky as she will never let him get bored.

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