Boyfriend Cuckolded By Girlfriend

Hello friends, this is Aniket, aged 25 from Mumbai. I am here to tell you all, a real true story of mine. I started my relations with my girlfriend, Priya, aged 23 two years back after we met at a friend’s birthday party.

Since then we are very much in love with each other and have shared every little thing. I have always thought that she is the only soul mate of my life and how important she is to me in all aspects.

Together we seem to be the perfect couple and our sex life was as usual the best until the third person came into my life and ruined everything.

As far as I have learned or experienced so far, a woman’s satisfaction in sex comes first and her love for you will always be the second priority. I worked in a construction MNC company with a good salary and have a bright future for my girlfriend and my family.

Priya on the other hand just started working, about 6 months back in a new Interior design company with her college mates. As her business started to take a shape, she became quite busy and unavailable to me.

I always used to get a waiting tone whenever I called her but she used to respond to me politely after that. One fine day, we met each other near her office café and we had a very nice talk.

She explained to me everything about her business and how her clients are growing day by day making her busy with their requirements.

Me: How long you will do this baby?
Priya: I am really sorry. I will try to make time for you.
Saying this she kissed my forehead. She asked me, “Shall we go to the movie?” I said, “Yes”.

We went out for the movie and after that for dinner and at finally to my rented apartment. We met and enjoyed being together after nearly a month.

As soon as we entered our apartment, we started undressing each other. She removed my T-shirt and I removed hers. She was standing in a two-piece in front of me.

I took her in my arms and moved towards my bedroom. I removed her bra, her boobs were not so big but yes it was delicious. I made her turn back so that I can remove her panty while her ass pointed towards me.

One thing which I am mad about is her big, curvy ass. To sum up her body, it was perfect in all respects. Her stats were 32-28-36. Now it was her turn to undress me and she started unzipping my pant.

She could clearly see my bulge over my underwear. She removed my underwear and my rocket poked out. My size is 6”. She immediately took my dick in her mouth and started giving me a blowjob.

In no time I was so aroused by her actions that I was feeling that my cum would be out soon. I ordered her to swallow my cum, but she refused to do that.

She removed my cock and started stroking with her hands and I came all over nice boobs. I was upset as she did not take my cum in her mouth but still, I was happy with her.

She was lying on the bed, waiting for me to suck her and fuck her until she is satisfied. The whole night we fucked but I managed to make her cum only once.

This wasn’t the best sex we had and probably this was only the last time where we are going to make love to each other alone.

It was 9:00 am in the morning. I managed to wake up but on the other hand, Priya was ready to take off to her office. As she was leaving for her office, she saw me and kissed me on my lips, and said, “I love you, bye.”

I managed myself and quickly dressed for my office. That evening after her office she called me and asked for help. I said, “We can meet and discuss the same.” She asked me to come to her office café. At 8:00 pm we met.

Priya: How was your day?
Me: It was as usual, what about yours?
Priya: I don’t know. I am very tired of working and managing my clients.

Me: What about your other partners? (Thera are 2 more partners in her company. One is Richa, who is 23 years and the other is Sanketwho is 24 years).

Priya: Yup, they are also working so hard but I think we need one more partner. Can you help me out?
Me: Let me check.

Her phone rang and it was her partner Sanket. They had a 2-3 minute talk and she was smiling as soon as the call ended.

Me: What happened?
Priya: (with a smiling face). Arey, we got a new partner.
Me: Wow, Now at least you will get some time for me.

Priya: Yes, my love, and she kissed my forehead.
Me: Can I ask you something?
Priya: Yes, what happened?

Me: Are you happy with me? I mean last night I turned you down.
Priya: Yes, I am happy with you, baby.
Me: Please I know if you weren’t satisfied last night.

Priya: (Calmly). Yes, baby, I am sorry I couldn’t help. In the starting, I was horny too but later on, I just lost interest.
Me: Why, what were you were thinking?
Priya: Baby, whenever you are with me I am completed but….

Me: But what?
Priya: I don’t know, but I feel incomplete whenever we make love(pausing). Not about love, but about “sex.”
Me: What do you mean by that?

Priya: Nothing, I just said what I felt. Let’s change the topic baby.
Me: (anxiously) You are not happy with me in bed? What do you want?
Priya: I don’t know baby. I will figure it out and let you know. Now please stop this. I know what I am doing. I love you so much. Please trust me.
Me: Okay baby.

This conversation ended there.

We had our food at the café house and slowly we changed our topic. We were talking casually and suddenly her phone message beeped. It was Sanket’sWhatsApp message. A CV was forwarded to her. She opened the CV and started reading it. After a few minutes, she asked me to give my feedback about that CV.

I saw the same. The name that flashed was “Salim Khan,” aged 25. He was an interior designer graduate with less than one year’s experience and he had low grades.

In his photo, he seemed to be well built and brownish in complexion. I just rated him 4/10 and she laughed at my rating. She said she will have to talk with her partners and then they will decide.

The next day I called her in the afternoon as I was planning to meet her again but she rejected my call and her message beeped saying, “Call you later baby, taking an Interview.”

I replied to her, “Okay.”After her interview session, she called me saying, “Guess what?”
Me: “Are you pregnant?” and I laughed loudly.

Priya: From you? Very funny eh! (ina taunting voice).
Me: Huh..tell me what happened? (with a little anger).
Priya: Nothing we just hired that fellow.

Me: Who?
Priya: The same person whom you rated 4/10 (and she laughed). Now he is our partner and will take half of my work.
Me: Seriously how can you hire him? He has lower grades and is less experienced too.

Priya: Let it be. We need a hard worker and he seems to fit and one more thing.
Me: Now what?
Priya: He is well built and is a hunk. We loved him so much.

Me: We?
Priya: I and Richa (again she laughed).
Me: Oh, leave it (with a little jealousy). I have seen his photo. He looks rough and like a criminal type.

Priya: Ya, he is rough and tough too (laughingly and in a taunting tone).
Me: If you are finished pulling my leg, can you meet me today?
Priya: Yes of course my love. I will text you.

Me: Okay dear. Bye.
Priya: Hey, hold it.
Me: What?

Priya: Frankly speaking, I didn’t like his CV and his attitude at all but what to do he was Sanket’s friend. So I compromised and agreed.
Me: (Laughingly) So, you agree that I was right?

Priya: Talking about his credentials then, “Yes” and about his physique than “No” (she laughed again).
Me: Ohh… please Priya. I know such types of guys and their nature.

Priya: Lol, you seem to be a jealous baby but anyway Salim was not at all happy with me.
Me: Why?
Priya: Because I am the only one who rejected him (again she laughed).

Me: And he is being assigned to take half of your work. Well, Good luck (with a taunting smile).
Priya: Hope it will go well.
Me: Okay. Bye for now and text me. Love you..!!
Priya: Okay. Love you too.

Days passed quickly and she also became quite busy as she was training him (Salim) for client management and other related work. Whenever we used to meet, the only person who used to ruin my quality time was he.

He used to call her, and their conversations lasted for a long time and sometimes even hours. I started feeling jealous about this person but I used to suppress my feeling because I did not want her to know about my feelings towards Salim.

After some days, we somehow managed to meet again;

Me: Can you switch off your phone?
Priya: What happened baby?
Me: I don’t want anyone to disturb us.
Priya: (Laughingly) yes sure.

Me: How long will you do this again? You said your problem will be solved once you hire someone. But it seems to be never-ending.
Priya: Even I thought the same baby but this man is very slow in learning and I can’t even scold him because he is 2 years elder than me plus whenever I try to scold him he just gives me a weirdo look.

Me: Why don’t you complain about him?
Priya: Leave it, baby. He has learned a lot and by next week he can handle clients all by himself.
Me: I Hope so..!!

Priya: And one more thing
Me: What?
Priya: Honestly speaking he talks very little and to the point. He seems to be dominating too.
Me: So?
Priya: Just for your information baby (she laughed).

Me: Where does he live?
Priya: In Mumbra.
Me: There we go, all mafia and criminals live there.
Priya: (Laughingly) don’t worry baby he won’t do anything to me. He might be dominating but I feel kind of safe with him.

Me: In your dreams? (taunting her).
Priya: You are jealous of him. Right?
Me: Not at all. He is nowhere compared to me.

She laughed at me sarcastically but I ignored her. Frankly speaking, I was beginning to hate this Muslim guy and I don’t know why. I just felt insecure about him and my girlfriend on the other hand is so innocent.

A week later, Priya came to my apartment without informing me in the evening.

Me: How come you are here? (She came inside and sat on the sofa).
Priya: Nothing baby. You remember, one day I told you about how I feel incomplete about having sex with you.
Me: (in a low voice) yes I remember that.

Priya: Come here. I think I have got the solution.
Me: What solution?
Priya: Give me your phone?

After taking my phone, she opened the XVideos website and showed me some porn. It was all threesome porn. I was shocked seeing all this.

Me: What is your point baby? (I asked her nervously)?
Priya: I don’t know baby. Today Richa was watching threesome porn in the office and I caught her.
Me: Then?

Priya: We ended watching it together and it is kind of making me crazy for such things.
Me: Are you mad? How can you think like this baby? We are so much in love and I can’t jeopardize our relation for such things. You are mine. I love you so much.

Priya: I know baby, but today I have realized why I felt so incomplete during our sex time. Just a small clip of porn made me so wet, just think what will happen if my fantasy comes true.
Me: You have gone crazy. I don’t want to talk to you.

Priya: Please baby try to understand me. It is just a sex thing and you know how much I love you. I want to fulfill my fantasy. I want to be complete. Please.
Me: I don’t know what to say. But whatever your fantasy is, it will have a lot of consequences.

Priya: I don’t know about the consequences but yes it will be the remarkable sex time of my life. Please say yes baby, please.

I know I was losing this conversation with her because I was so much in love with her and I just wanted her to be happy. She was asking me again and again.

I was having no other options but to say yes to her and to live with consequences forever. I said yes to her. She was so happy that she hugged me and kissed me for about 10 minutes.

Me: Baby…Are you sure you want to do this?
Priya: Yes baby.

After some time she left my room leaving me in the pain of insecurities and losing her which I had never thought possible earlier. That day I couldn’t sleep properly.

All night I was thinking about all this stuff. It was morning when I called her. She picked up the call;

Me: Hello.
Priya: Good morning baby.
Me: Good morning. Where are you?

Priya: Just reaching the office. And you?
Me: I reached early. (As I couldn’t sleep the whole night).
Priya: Okay. Listen I will call you in the evening. I have reached the office.

Me: Okay, baby.
Priya: Listen, You are okay with what I suggested?
Me: Yes baby (in a low tone).
Priya: Then start hunting for the third man (and she laughed).

Me: Okay (I didn’t know what to say).
Priya: Well, please search for such a person who can keep our secrets.
Me: Hmmm…sure.

Our conversation ended awkwardly from my side. I was unable to find the perfect person for my girlfriend who can satisfy her and also keep our secrets.

It was more than a week. Priya was a little angry with me for not finding the desired person for the threesome. In the afternoon we met and had some arguments regarding the same.

Priya: You don’t want me to do this that’s why you are delaying.
Me: It is not like that. I want you to be happy. I am trying my best.
Priya: You don’t seem to be.

Me: Well, if you think so, then you find the third person.
Priya: Okay, I will do that but please when I say which person then that is final for us.
Me: (Angrily) yes sure. (After this she left).

In the evening she called me and apologized for being angry with me. I accepted her apology and we were having a very nice talk. Suddenly she put my call on hold.

I waited for like 30 minutes. She called me again and said sorry to me. I asked her what made her so busy. She replied, “Salim.”I got angry but I didn’t say anything to her as I didn’t want to turn things bitter again.

Me: So the hunt is ON?
Priya: Probably, Yes.

Two days later I called Priya to meet her as I found someone who I thought to be perfect for us. My call was rejected by her. I sarcastically messaged her, “So baby do we got our threesome partner?”

Her reply didn’t come. I waited for a long time and ended calling her again. She received my call and responded that she will talk later. I didn’t know what happened because whatever it is she will reply to me no matter what whatsoever happens.

I was waiting for her call anxiously. After waiting for nearly 5 hours, she texted me, “Meet me near my office café at 7:00 pm.” Sharp at 7:00 pm I was in the café.

She came a little late, sat in front of me, and drank 2 glasses of water. I asked her to slow down.

Priya: Are you an Idiot?
Me: Why?
Priya: What you messaged me?

Me: I wrote it sarcastically, baby.
Priya: Well then, I found our threesome partner.
Me: Who?
Priya: Salim Khan..!!

Me: What? Have you gone crazy? This guy doesn’t seem to be a secret keeper.
Priya: Well I found out that you are not a good secret keeper too.

Me: What do you mean?
Priya: Well you messaged me and it was read by him because I was sitting next to him.

Me: (I didn’t know what to say) so?
Priya: So what? Later he came to me and said he never thought that we are such a kind of couple.
Me: Then?

Priya: I told him, please do not tell this to anyone but seriously I have trust issues with him. Later I saw your so-called sarcastic message again and ended up asking him to be our threesome partner.
Me: Did he agree?

Priya: He has kind of, but he wants to talk with us.
Me: I am not agreeing with you. I don’t like this person and he is a  Muslim.

Priya: Remember you agreed that my decision will be final and he is our man. I don’t know what kind of Muslim people are but I will love to feel them. You have kept no option open to me and I don’t want this man to reveal our secret to my other 2 partners.

Me: What does he want from us?
Priya: I don’t know. We will meet him tomorrow after my office.
Me: Priya, I am not happy with this. I don’t know but I just hate this man.

Priya: Well from now onwards you learn to let go of your anger because he is the one who will stick is cock in me.

She left after this and the kind the dirty words she was using, I just thought that this is the start of the end of our relationship. The next morning Priya called and said to me that she is nervous about Salim. I tried to calm her and I told her that I am with her.

Priya: Baby can you watch me fucking him?
Me: I don’t know baby.
Priya: From morning I am kind of scared and horny too.
Me: Scared and horny?

Priya: Scared of what he has to say and horny for my threesome fantasy.
Me: I don’t know what to say, baby.
Priya: Anywaybaby, be on time. I will text you in the evening. Bye.
Me: Sure bye.

To be continued.

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