Beginning Of A New Journey

Thank you all for reading and liking my previous stories.  As you know, I and Rashmi bhabhi had this time consensual encounter. You can read all of it in this story: Finally Laid My Senior’s Wife

After that, she got ready and went to attend the marriage rituals. I took rest for half an hour and I too went into marriage mandap. I saw bhabhi sitting in a corner seat. I walked down near her and found a chair beside her. We smiled and she became shy looking at me. She was avoiding eye contact with me.

I thought to start the conversation. I told her she is looking beautiful in a red salwar suit. She smiled and said thank you. Then, I asked her, “Are you feeling tired?” She became shy and just pinched my hand. I said, “Bhabhi, you are too good.” I was flirting with her.

We were sitting in the last row. She was wearing a shawl over her dress. I put my hand inside her shawl over her thighs. I was moving my fingers over her thighs slowly and sometimes rubbing. She was not resisting me this time. Just she had kept her hand over my fingers to control if I move forward much.

At one point, I found ways for my fingers between her thighs. She then suddenly tried to close her legs and in turn. My fingers got trapped between her thighs. There were little gaps for my fingers to rub over the pussy area. She looked at me with fake anger but I smiled.

I whispered, “Ok bhabhi, main apna hath hata leta hoon. Aap apne leg ko loose kijiye.” And the moment she did lose her legs, my palm got access and pressed on her pussy. She shivered and pinched my fingers. I removed my fingers from her leg and thighs. This time, I took my hand on her back inside the salwar.

I was having fun. I was around midnight. I told bhabhi I m feeling sleepy, I will go in the room and will sleep. I returned to our room, I changed to shorts and lied. Then after half an hour, I heard the knock and found bhabhi was at the door. I opened the door and she came inside. She removed her shawl.

She said the marriage rituals were about to get over so she has returned. I was in my banyan and shorts. I was again feeling horny. Bhabhi was folding the shawl. I went behind her and held her stomach. Bhabhi said, “Chhodiye na, ye kya kar rahe hain?”

I slowly kissed her neck above the shoulder. I put her hair on the front side and kissed her ears. She moaned. I moved up my hands and pressed her breasts over salwar. She was trying to move reluctantly. I turned her face towards me and held her face. I put my lips over her lips and kissed slowly.

She was unresponsive first and then slowly she opened her mouth. And then we smooched for a good 5 minutes. Meanwhile, my hands were roaming over back and front. I removed her dupatta. Her boobs were making a good shape on salwar suits. Her heavy breath was having an impact on breast movement.

She felt shy after long smooch. She turned another side to move forward. I held her from her backside. And this time, I hugged her tightly. My boner started to rise and was poking over her ass. I was kissing over her neck. She was trying to move away. She said she is feeling tired and wants to take rest and sleep.

I told her we have a full night to sleep. And with this, I started lifting up her kurta. My hands were inside her salwar moving along her bare stomach feeling a warm sensation. Once my hand reached over her breast, my hands forced her hands to raise up. And now her kurta was gone out of her head.

She folded her hand on the front side. I was on her back and saw the same cream color bra. Her chubby body was making a tight shape on her back. I kissed on her bare shoulders. My teeth slid one side of her bra strap from her shoulders. I bit on her shoulders.

After 2 rounds of sex, she had opened a little bit. So, I thought to have wild sex this time. My hands were squeezing her breast. She was trying to keep my hands away. I turned her and pushed her on the bed on her back. Her legs were on the surface and her back was on the bed.

I bent over her body and again kissed her lips. We were smooching and meanwhile my hands were on her thigh area. My fingers found the salwar knot and loosened it. I started pulling down her salwar. When it was on her knees, I moved down and my face rested over her cleavage.

It looked like her breast can come out any time out of her bra as it was so tight. I squeezed hard with one hand and gave a bite on the other breast. I then kissed on her stomach and inserted my tongue inside her deep navel. She was shivering and was holding my head trying to move away.

Then, my mouth reached her panty. I kissed over her pussy area. Then I kissed her bare thighs just outside panty. I bit hard her soft thigh skins. She hissed and moaned with a slow cry. I moved aside her panty to get a view of her pussy. It was wet because of the foreplay.

I inserted one finger initially and then two fingers. While fingering in her pussy, I kissed her pussy also. It had a double effect on her. Then one of my free hand reached over her breast. I squeezed again over her breast and then pulled her bra up over her boobs. I pinched her nipples.

Bhabhi said, “Please rahne dijiye na, dard ho raha hai.” I said, “Bas bhabhi thodi der aur.” With this, I moved up. And now, my mouth had free access to her boobs and nipples. I started sucking her nipples and breasts and my finger was still playing inside her pussy. I felt that now she started enjoying.

I continued soft foreplay for some more time. And then I started biting her nipples. I bit hard her brown resin type nipples. She was in pain but I was in no mood to slow down. My fingering was also speeding now and I was biting roughly on her breast giving her love bites. Then I stood up.

I removed my banyan. I told her to turn upside down and lay on her stomach. She didn’t know what my plan was. I help her turn around. She was laid on her stomach. And her loose salwar was laying on her ankles below her legs. Her cream bra was still hooked.

Messy hair was on her back and front. And her big ass was hiding under grey color panty. I just moved my hands on her bareback. I kissed around her bra strap and came down slowly. I pulled her panty down. She resisted and now understood my intention that I want to do sex again.

She tried to move up but I pressed her back and held her waist. Her white ass was exposed to me the first time. Mercury tube light was shining over her white body. I buried my face on her ass and kept my tongue over her pussy. I kept on kissing around her pussy area and ass. I pulled out her inner pussy skins.

It was completely wet. I pulled my underwear down and came near to her ass. My dick was now in full standing position. I rubbed my dick along her pussy lips. She shivered and requested not to do. But, I had held her waist very tightly. I spread her legs with another hand. I came closer.

Then, I held my dick with my hand, positioned my dick over her pussy. I gave a small jerk which took almost half dick inside her well-lubricated pussy. She moaned and tried to control her murmurs. Now, I started giving hard strokes. One side I was giving strokes in the front direction.

The other side my hands holding her waist was pulling her backward. And it helped my dick to pierce deep territory of her pussy. I collected her messy hair and held it in my hand to control her forward movement. Then, I held her bra around the hooks.

While pumping my dick, now I was holding her bra which got stretched to maximum elasticity which was hurting her breasts. Due to roughly pulling off her bra, her bra hooks got broken and my fast strokes pushed bhabhi down on the bed. I kept on thrusting her pussy.

Her face turned towards the left side and my hands were on her front side squeezing boobs. I went bear to her face and asked how is this bhabhi. She said she can’t take anymore and started squirting hell lot of liquid. I stopped for moments while my dick was still inside her pussy. She was breathing heavily.

Once her body pulse subsided, I removed my dick from her pussy. I removed my undi. I then turned her around. I saw the elastic marks and my love bites all around her breast area. She was now laying on her back. I removed her salwar and then panty. She was feeling shy.

She requested to switch off the main light and switch on the night bulb. I did as she said. I came to bed. Now, she was lying on her back. I came over her and asked if she ready for the final countdown. She smiled and said that she doesn’t have many options. I positioned myself and pushed dick in one go till her womb.

She moaned. I then started a fast movement. I had removed her bra and now both of us were in birth suits. I kept on squeezing her breasts, biting over her nipples. I lifted her left leg and got more space for my dicks. I was about to reach my peak.

She requested again to ejaculate outside. But I was in my own world and I was going to feel the orgasm. With the last few thrusts, my dick started erupting lava. I could feel the sperms going around her womb. She was clueless how far my dick was inside her pussy.

I was lying over her body, my dick still inside her pussy. I told her I want to sleep like this tonight holding your body. She smiled and said let me clean first. I told her not to clean and leave our cums inside her pussy. My dick was turning small now and then I took it out of her pussy. I came down beside her.

She wanted to go to the bathroom to clean as our cum had started coming out of her pussy. I stopped her and told her to just sleep like this and let our cum travel its own path whether the bed becomes dirty or not. I pulled the blanket over our body, I came close to her and held her breast.

I took another hand near to her thighs and could feel the sticky liquid running on her thighs. She had closed her legs to avoid leakage of our cum. Time was around 1 am and we were very tired also. We slept off in a few minutes. The next morning I got up around 6:30 and saw the beautiful and innocent face of Rashmi Bhabhi.

My hands were on her stomach. I recalled our previous night’s action and started getting an erection. My hands reached on her breast and then on her nipples. I kissed on her lips and squeezed her breast softly. She got up and smiled. Her married look having sindoor and mangalsutra was seductive.

She said, “Ab to chhod dijiye, subah ho gayi.” I said, “Morning session to hona chahiye.” Bhabhi- “Bachche uth gaye honge, kabhi bhi aa jayenge.” With this, she got up and sat on the bed holding the blanket and hiding her assets. But, I pulled her down on the bed and whispered, “Bas ek round aur.”

And I smooched hard. My hands were working on her nipples. And one hand ran over her thighs. Her thighs and the pussy area were still sticky because of our cum. I inserted my finger inside her pussy and fingered her for a few minutes. She got wet. I turned her upside and came below her.

I told her to move on to me. I had to explain to her. I first held my dick straight up. I told her to move down on my dick. Slowly, she moved down and tried to take the maximum portion of my dick. However, it was not possible. And so I gave upward thrust and she moaned.

I realized that now the entire length is groped by her pussy. I told her to jump. Bhabhi started moving over me and her breast was bouncing. Her mangalsutra was between her cleavage. Her messy hair was all around her face. I kept on squeezing her breast and pinched her nipples.

I could see my dick inside her pussy with every jump. After a few minutes, I could feel her pussy muscles contracting around my dick. I guessed she may get her orgasm very soon. She held my shoulders tightly and became stagnant, her boobs crushing with my chest. She was struggling for her breath.

Later on, she said, she had the best orgasm ever. Bhabhi rested for a while and then I turned her down and came over her. I inserted my dick and gave a big push. She was well lubricated after her orgasms. I kept on humping her pussy, mauling her breast, biting nipples.

A few minutes later, I was ready to ejaculate. I told her, “Bhabhi mera nikalne wala hai.” Bhabhi said, “Andar mat giraiye na, mujhe saaf karna padta hai. Bahar mein kahi bhi nikaliye.” When I was on the verge of eruption, I took out my dick and sprayed the first lot of sperm on her stomach and boobs.

Some drops fell on her mangalsutra. And then suddenly I inserted back my dick inside my pussy to empty the remaining lot inside her womb. I held her waist to keep her close to me. I pushed myself deep inside her pussy and filled her womb with my seeds.

I kept my dick till it came to normal condition. And she ran away inside the bathroom to get fresh up. We all got ready and went downside to get the kids who were still sleeping. We got them ready. We attended the remaining events and came back to Gurgaon in the evening. This was the beginning of our sexual journey which lasted for many more years.

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