Fucked A College Friend

Hi, this is Nitin. I am basically from Rajsthan and right now living in Bangalore. I am working in Software Industry. So this story is related to one of my college friends. When she came to visit Bangalore, I fucked her at my flat. This is a real story please read it till the end.

It was in October 2018. It was raining outside and I got a call from one of my friends. It was totally an unexpected call, as she was not having my number. She had taken my number from her ex who was my best friend. We did a little gossip.

Then she told me, “I am having one official visit to Bangalore. So can we meet.” I told her that sure we can meet. Going back to college days, she was a sex bomb. I always had lusty feelings for her, but she was my friend’s girlfriend. So I could not do anything.

I always use to think about how she will be in bed. She looked very wild to me.
So the day had come. She finished her work and came to my flat. I was pretty excited about it. I was planning to do something naughty as only 2 of us were there at my fat.

We hugged. I felt her juice boobs on my chest, and a stream of cold blood ran all over my body. I was shocked after seeing her. She was now a symbol of the sex goddess. She was looking amazing. I wanted to fuck her by any means.
So initially the plan was like she will sleep in another room and I will be in my room.

We talked a while and freshened our college memories. I had 2 mats closely put together, and one king-size blanket. So she told me that I can sleep over here. I told her that we have to share the blanket as there is only one blanket I have. And it’s pretty cold outside. She was like, “Ok, I have no problem.”

The moment when she said these words I was on cloud nine. Although she was not having any other thoughts, it was an opportunity for me to explore her body. So before going to bed, she wanted to use the washroom. I had the attached washroom.

She went in. In the meantime, I kept both the pillows close together so that we can sleep a little close. When she came back, I wanted to go to use the washroom so that I can see her reaction. When I came back I saw that she had kept her pillow a little far from mine.

It seemed like she is not interested in kinky kind of stuff. Now we laid down on the bed, had a little talk, said goodnight to each other and slept. But I was not able to sleep as a really hot girl was sleeping beside me. The thought only was making me turned on. I was planning to come close to her.

So after about 1 hour, when  I thought she is in deep sleep, I made my move. I moved a little close to her and I kept one of my legs on her leg, to see her reaction. Neither she removed my leg nor she moved away. So it was kind of a green signal for me.

Like if she is not going to raise her voice then I can make use of this opportunity. Now I kept one of my hands around her and started moving. There was no response from her side. My complete focus was to make her turned on so that she should not stop me.

Now I came very close to her like my fully grown penis was touching her fluffy butts. I really want to narrate this incident in Hindi, by using kinky words. To ab mein uske itne kareeb tha ki mera khada lund uske sexy hips ko touch kar raha tha. Aur mera ek hath uske boobs ke pas tha. Waah, kya boobs the woh!

Ye type karte karte hi main us feeling mein aa raha hu. Mera lund khada ho raha h bar. Now she started moaning a little, it was a green signal for me. I made her tilt to my side. And now we were kissing. She had great lips and she is pro in each and every action. I came to know later on.

Now I was sucking her tongue, and I was pressing her boobs with one of my hands. She was also kissing me back. After some time 3 minutes or so, she removed my face and told me that it is not good. She was like, “You also have a girlfriend and I have a boyfriend. We should not do this thing.”

I told her, “Ya it is true. But right now you are with me and I am unable to think about anyone else. If you want I can stop. But I really want to make love to you.” Amazingly she was convinced and again we started smooching. Now I was on top of her, I was kissing her.

At the same moment, I was pressing her boobs with my hands and down the waist, My hard member was trying to knock the door of heaven. She was wearing a t-shirt and a pajama, Now I was removing her clothes. She was in a black bra and pink panty. Ohh god, she was looking very very hot.

She is very fair in color and she has an oval body shape like Sameera Reddy, Bollywood actress. Now I removed my clothes also. She was amazed to see my penis. I have a measurement of 6.5 inches and a very hard penis. I was still kissing her. Now I removed her black bra and started to kiss her boobs.

She has big boobs. Those melons were not able to come in my hands, I started squeezing them. I am a great pussy sucker. I can make a girl feel orgasm just by kissing her pussy. I came down a little and started to kiss her pussy from above her pink panty. Her panty was totally wet.

And then I removed her panty and started sucking the gate of heaven. It tasted a little salty. I like clean shaved pussy and it was one of them. Now we came into 69 position and she started to suck my rock hard cock. I was sucking her juicy pussy.

We made a lot of foreplay. We enjoyed ourselves a lot. Omg, she is really a great sucker. Now I sucked her asshole also. I love to suck ass holes. She was moaning and begging me to fuck her with my rock lund. Now I inserted my lund into her juicy choot from the back and I started to hump.

The feeling of her vagina gripping my penis from all sides was really amazing. With every inward movement, I was slapping her ass also. It was making her lustier. After 10 minutes or so, she came back to me and started sucking my balls and my penis.

Now we came into missionary position and started fucking again. After around 35 minutes or so I was about to come. She wanted to taste my cum, she told me to cum in her mouth. After hearing those words I was too much excited and I kept my lund in her mouth.

Now she started to suck again. I started to cum with a lot of semen. She drank each and every drop. Now we were lying on top of each other. We did 4 times sex that night. She was there for the next 2 days, and we used every opportunity in these 2 days.

These were the best 2 days of my life. We had sex in our washroom, in the balcony, and in our kitchen slab. After 2 days there was her flight. So she was ready to catch the cab for the airport. The cab was waiting for her downstairs and my member was again in full mood.

Again I started to kiss her and we started having sex again. It was a quick one but again the best one, it made the cab to wait for 20 minutes.

Please, friends, tell me how was the story, if any girl wants to enjoy it with me in Bangalore then she can contact me on “[email protected]”. In the next story, I will tell you how I had fucked 2 of my colleagues who used to stay in the same building.a

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