Got Lucky With My College Friend

This is an incident that happened to me during the floods in Kerala last month. The lady of this story is Aparna who was a classmate of mine back in college. Aparna was the quintessential Palakkadan ‘Pattar’ girl, a fine example of the traditional Malayali woman.

Even though she had good looks, a pretty great figure (a healthy mix of Bharatanatyam and yoga she later told me) she wasn’t on my radar or anybody, for that matter. Post College, our friendship died down as we all got on with our respective lives.

Then she got a job in Kochi close to where I stayed. We used to go out three or four times a month for brunch or shopping. But that was about it. Coming to the story, August this year saw heavy rain and similar to last year, floods began. The airport was closed, trains canceled and quite a lot of roads waterlogged.

A cliché scenario followed. Aparna was to go home on Thursday but stayed in town to meet up another friend from college while her roommates left. I had told her all that week that it’s going to flood. So get to Palakkad before the trains/roads get affected but to no use.

By Thursday the roads to my hometown were flooded. So I was going to stay in Kochi itself and hope for the best. That’s when Aparna called me saying her train got canceled. While there were other options she didn’t want to travel in all that rush. She asked me if she can use my place just for the night.

She thought I’ll be going to my hometown for the weekend as usual. I told her I won’t be leaving Kochi. but there was plenty of space if she wanted to come over. Negative reply but little did I know I was about to get lucky. About half an hour later she called me again and asked me if the offer was still open.

There’s only one answer a man could give. I picked her up from the railway station. We reached my place around 6 pm, made her some coffee and showed her the room for the night. I joked that it was totally fine if she wanted to sleep with me in my room. for which I got an elbow in my ribs.

She told me she’ll think about it. If the thunderstorm went on she will definitely join me. We both laughed, nights like these usually have a happy ending. I said to myself thinking where I kept the pack of condoms. I brought two months ago. Aparna looked into the full-length mirror.

I was checking herself out pulling down her churidar. The typical Malayali IT girl work dress. Green churidar which was quite a body fitting with tight black leggings. She had a pair of anklets too. I could see the light outlines her curves made as much as she could see me shamelessly checking her out.

“Entha nokunne?” (What are you looking at?) She asked. “You,” I replied. “Umm Umm,” she said, trying hard to hide her smile. She began tying her hair up in a bun. Was it to give me a better view of her cute behind I wondered? Anyways it was a really sensual gesture and I could feel my junior waking up.

She said she wanted to take a shower. But didn’t have any extra clothes with her as she was headed home. I didn’t know if it was my newfound confidence or foolishness. But I told her I’d only be happier if she walked around wearing nothing. Her reply got me off my feet.

“Angane njan mathrem onnuladhe nadakumnu vijarikanda to.” (I wouldn’t be the only naked one then). I’ve known Aparna for around 6 years now and she was the last girl I thought who’d spend a night with a guy friend. Let alone say something like this. Must be the IT culture I guess.

You’re about to have a wild night girl was what I wanted to say. But only “My place, my rules,” came out. To which she smiled coyly turning around to face me and gave me a poke on my stomach. I showed her the shower and made myself a big cup of coffee. It’d be a loss to sleep tonight after all.

I could hear Aparna humming in the shower. Guess she was excited as well. Seconds felt like hours. I decided to use the time productively to search for my pack of condoms. Instead of imagining those lucky water droplets running down her naked body, flowing down her breasts, around her nipples before dripping onto the floor.

I hoped she was shaved down there. But a little hair wouldn’t be a deal-breaker, I thought. The washroom door opened and there she was! Semi wet hair let loose and covered in my towel. She reminded me of those ladies of nobility in old Malayalam movies coming out from their tharavad pond.

A fine specimen indeed. Obviously, her breasts were much more noticeable now that all she had on was a towel wrapped around her. A pair of cute nipples poking out probably to see who this dumbstruck male in front of her was. The towel covered her thighs just short of her knees.

As I looked down she had her anklets still on. Instant turn-on! “Ithu evideya idande?” (Where should I hang these?) She asked showing me her wet bra and panty. “I need to get them dried before I go. Haven’t got another pair,” she told. What a fortunate misfortune I said to myself.

I took it from her and put it into the drier. but not before I managed to get a quick look at the label of her bra. 32b. The Malayali standard issue I laughed in my mind. She was sitting on the bed when I came back chin on hand. Give me some clothes she demanded.

I asked her what happened to the whole ‘walk around naked’ plan. She told me to shut up and give her something to wear. In the perfect world, I’d give her a pair of high heels but she hadn’t brought any. Sigh! How I miss Deena but that’s for another story.

I rummaged my wardrobe, got the smallest of my football jerseys I could find and gave it to her. “Itho?” (This?) She asked. “This or nothing,” I replied. To be continued.

Thanks for reading guys. This is my first ever sex story with many more to come. Hope you all enjoyed this one. If you’d like any changes in the writing style or any suggestions hit me up on my email ID: [email protected] I’ll be more than happy to comply.

Thank you once again, guys. See you in part 2. Cheers!

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