Vibhuti’s Nightmare-Cum-Fantasy Bus Ride

Hi readers. Your naughty professor is back with another story to make your weekends more interesting and weekdays less stressful.

I am Sachin, 29 years old, working in IT job, athletic build currently in Delhi for the new readers. I possess a beast of 7 inches and a good girth to make you cry and excited at the same time. Everyone hold onto your pussies and penis as this is going to be a long and interesting narrative.

Have you ever felt so lucky that you want to shout and say, “Thank you, god, you are the best.” I had this eureka moment last month while I was traveling to Himachal last month. Due to the COVID lockdown, I was grounded at my home. With no friends to plan a trip along with, I started to do solo travel.

I made reservations for the bus to Manali. I felt so stressed out from my IT job that listening to songs alone on the bus also felt peaceful. I am coming to the interesting part. The bus got delayed due to a stupid girl who read the timing of the bus as 10 pm instead of 8 pm.

She had pleaded with the driver to wait and hence the delay. She came in wearing a very loose white top in which her bra straps were visible. She might have raced herself to the bus since her boobs were heaving. Many guys were ogling onto that. But to my luck, she was given a seat beside me in the last row.

She came in, placed her luggage, and took a sigh of relief. We started conversing and had a general introduction about our job and life. Her name was Vibhuti, 27 years, with a figure 32-26-34. She was going to meet her boyfriend in Manali on the extended weekend.

After a while, she started texting her guy. From the corner of my eye, I could make out they were making naughty talks about the trip. After a while, we fell asleep on my shoulder. But something was troubling my sleep at midnight. I was surprised to see the girl trying to stroke my penis.

This got me hard. But then I noticed she was murmuring her partner’s name, and I realized she was doing this in her sleep. I had another naughty plan in my mind now. I unzipped my pants and allowed her hand to stroke my penis. She got her hands inside my pant and started stroking them lightly.

I was getting turned on with this and started groping her lovely melons on top of her top. Due to the street lights, her poking nipples were seen, which showed she was turned on too. I started to open a few top buttons and touch her soft boobs and make the best of the moment.

It was tough to do it from the top, so I entered her top from her navel. I got my hands to her boobs and started pressing them softly over the bra. Those were some small yet firm boobs that could make you feel heavenly on earth. I got rid of her bra and pressed them hard now.

I could also hear her light moans. But suddenly, I saw her opening her eyes in shock, and she slapped me hard. I got furious, and she threatened me that she would shout and ask for help. I was furious and told her that she could shout. But it’s her hand stuck inside my pants and not the other way round.

She was trying hard to get her hand outside, but then she realized she was stuck. She asked me what did I want from her with a teary eye and soft tone. I just took her face in my hand and smooched her hard. I told her I wanted you for tonight. She had put on the cherry lipstick, which was a treat to suck on.

I bit her lower lip so hard that it started to bleed a little. I could see she was turned on, too, as her resistance dropped. I started pinching her nipples hard now. She was moaning loudly, but with the smooch, her voice didn’t reach out.

I wanted more, so I took my mouth near her boobs and started sucking them from the top. She was confused about whether to enjoy or feel trapped. There was a stoppage coming soon. So I took her bra off and kept it with myself. So that once she is back, we can continue the action.

She can’t stop me from having my dream night. She winked at me for being such a naughty lusty passenger. Once we were back, I got the seat near the window. I could see her smiling once she on-boarded. I got her near me and used the blanket to cover both of us.

We started smooching again, and then I got under the blanket. Her aroma was intoxicating. Quickly I loosened her jeans and started groping her firm round ass. She was getting wetter down and was pressing her boobs hard. While she was enjoying, I quickly got rid of her jeans and panty in one go.

She was dumb shocked at that moment. She told me she was a virgin and hasn’t allowed her bf to explore beyond a point. I calmed her down and told her I wouldn’t break her seal. I started biting her inner thighs and started to run my fingers along her clit.

The fear of getting caught and getting horny with this was a new thing that made her more excited than ever. I was fingering her hard, and she cum within 2 minutes. She was very relieved and told me to stop. I just came up.

She gave me a smooch and tried to force my head to suck her melons which were fully uptight. Meanwhile, I unbuckled my pant and asked her to come and sit on my lap. She was under my command now and didn’t ask a thing.

As soon as she came on the lap, she knew this was the day her cherry was going to pop. We both were fully naked below the blankets. Until she told me to stop, I forced on my junior and gave a strong push from the bottom. Her eyes popped out with pain and excitement.

While she was recovering from this initial pain, I gave another push, and there went my 7″ penis into her tight little pussy. She gave a tight pinch on my thighs, indicating me to go slow. Slowly I could sense her tight pussy adjusting to my thick penis.

The pussy walls gripping my penis gave me the ultimate sense of pleasure. As her grip on my thigh loosened, I started giving her light strokes. She also started getting into the rhythm. We were humping hard, and strangers on the bus made it even more special.

She lost count of orgasms after the first 10 minutes. After 20 minutes, I could feel the sensation of orgasm. I smooched her again and released my huge load inside her, and thanked her for it. Then to my surprise, she saw the time and told me it looked like we could go one more time.

This girl who was pleading with me to leave her an hour ago was excited for another round now. You can never predict how horny a girl can get once she is turned on. I told her to get my penis hard, and she quickly lashed onto it. She was giving an amazing blowjob.

She used her tongue at the correct times to get it hard in no time. I was so excited with her that I slapped her ass multiple times and started banging her hard. She was also really excited and was pushing her pussy back onto my penis for deeper thrusts.

This crazy fucking went on for half an hour, and we both cummed at the same time. Since we could see morning rays were coming up, we quickly dressed up and cuddled for a while. She gave me a few hickeys to remember her for the rest of the weekend.

I snatched her panty as a parting gift, and she said, “You are too naughty.” She left with a huge smile and wink while deboarding the bus. She thanked me for making her first time exciting and memorable. We didn’t exchange our numbers but had one hell of a night together.

I just dreamt about her tight pussy for the next day while having a beer in the middle of the mountains. I hope you guys liked the narration of your horny naughty professor this time too. Do check out my earlier stories, too, and feel free to mail me the feedback for anything.

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