My Girlfriend And I Lost Virginity Together

Hello everyone, this is my second story on XIS. It’s about how my ever-loving GF and I lost virginity together. It’s a real story that happened in 2014.

Let me tell you about myself first. My name is Rahul, and I am a 5’10’’ good-looking guy with a 5.5-inch cock. My girlfriend’s name was Nisha. She was 5’5’’ tall, and oh my god, she was beautiful. I have changed both of our names for obvious reasons. She is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen.

Her skin was so soft that it turns red just by holding her too tightly. Even though it’s very personal, I have decided to describe more about her. She has a perfect set of natural boobs (34) that are so amazingly shaped. Her nipples are dark brown.

Her overall figure was 34 26 34. We were in love for more than a year before we lost our virginity to each other.

I lived in Bangalore due to work, and she was completing her post-graduation during the time. We both fell in love at the end of college but got separated due to how our careers turned out. She was studying in Coimbatore during the time.

Initially, we started having phone sex. I would try to meet her once in a while in our hometown whenever I get a chance. But I never really got a chance to even kiss her. It was very difficult to sneak away from all the attention from friends and family.

As days passed, our desire to be intimate grew exponentially. We both somehow needed to find some way out to quench our thirsts. She was in her final year, and she had to apply for an internship to finish her course. Luckily her internship was for 6 months in a company located in Bangalore.

We both waited weeks for just the D day to arrive. Finally, it was time, and she was on the way to my place. I asked her to stay with me for the first week as I stayed at my apartment alone. I prepared a nice dinner with candle lights and everything. She reached around 10 PM.

I picked her up, came back to my place, opened the main door, and showed her around my apartment. I don’t know what Nisha had in her mind. She just pushed me into the bedroom, threw her bags, and gave me a tight hug. It was so tight I could feel her boobs squeezed into my chest so hard.

I got turned on so fast that I just lifted her face and brought it close to mine and started kissing her. First, it was a gentle brush on her forehead, and then I kissed her cheeks and neck. Then I whispered in her ears while I was biting into it. “Do you want my lips inside yours, baby?”

She whispered back with a gentle tone saying, “I am all yours tonight, baby, do anything to me as you wish.” On hearing that, I just started going wild on her lips. My tongue was soon inside her mouth. I pushed Nisha against the wall, wide opened her hands while holding her palms.

I started going wild all over her body. My tongue was rolling slowly from her forehead till her neck. As I gave like 10 kisses on her cheeks, she placed her teeth on my lips and started biting and pulling them. It felt like I was in heaven. Then Nisha pushed me on my bed.

She sat down and started unzipping my pants, took my cock out, and started blowing me. OMG! I literally had chills all over my body. She put her mouth on the tip of my cock and started sucking the head. Her hands were wrapped around the remaining part of my dick.

Then she put my entire cock into her mouth and started licking it like a Popsicle. She gave me a blowjob for almost 10 minutes straight. It made me almost cum in her mouth. It was very hard for me not to cum, but I didn’t want to disappoint her. Then I took Nisha, made her lie down.

I removed her T-Shirt, and her bra was exposed. I just lifted the cups of the bra, so her boobs fell out. OMG, that was the first time I saw her boobs naked for real. I took the left boob in my mouth and started sucking on it as hard as possible. My hands were playing with her right boob.

I looked at Nisha. She closed her eyes and was biting her lips. She was immersed in the situation and completely enjoying it. I went wild and hard on her boobs. In no time, her nipples were getting so hard, which showed that she is getting hornier.

I removed her bra, pants, and panties all in one go. Then she came and whispered in my ears, “Sid, now return the favor, go down on me, lick my pussy.” She pushed my head into her crotch. She was completely shaved. I guess she was looking forward to it.

I started kissing her thighs first and worked my way towards her vagina. I started licking her clits. I inserted my tongue into her. Nisha was moaning while holding my head tightly wrapped around her thighs. “Sid! That’s it, go down on me, lick me, fuck fuck fuck.”

I realized she was reaching her orgasm and started licking ever so intensely. She started cumming, and guess what? I licked her pussy juice completely. Literally, she was moaning so loud I was just hoping no one around the apartment listened to it.
Then I went straight to her lips and kissed her passionately for five minutes again. Then I reached for my purse and pulled out a condom. But she stopped me and said, “I don’t want my first time to be rubber. I need real skin.” I threw it away in the heat of the moment.

I placed my tip of the cock at the tip of her pussy, and tried to push it in. But Nisha was so tight, as it was her first time. Luckily she was wet so much my cock managed to slide in. I don’t know if she felt any pain, but I felt like I reached heaven. Nisha moaned so loud, and I guess it was painful for her.

Then I went into her ears and said, “Baby! We are now officially not virgins,” and kissed her. I started stroking in and out while I was kissing her. I could tell the way she responded in my mouth made me fuck her even harder. She was whispering, “Harder baby, fuck me, fuck me even hard, please!”

I could see her boobs going up and down as I humped her. It was a sight to watch. I fucked her in missionary for quite some time. I asked her to kneel towards the bed and inserted my cock from behind. I held Nisha’s hair on my palms and pulled it as I was fucking her in the doggy style.

There was a mirror opposite to us. I could see her perfect boobs floating and swinging as I was fucking her. I fucked her in doggy style for some time. Then she pushed me down and sat on top of me.

She started going up and down where I had full access to her boobs. I played with it while we both were moaning. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I told her, “Baby, I am about to cum. Where do you want it?” She ordered me to cum into her mouth. So I did the same.

We both were so tired we just lay down for like an hour naked, cuddling. After that, we got dressed up and had a nice dinner. Then we had one more quick session, this time, I was quick to cum, and it took only 10 minutes. As we were so tired, we went to sleep naked.

After an hour or so, I felt something. I opened my eyes to only see Nisha. My cock was fully hard again. We both had no clue about who initiated it. But we didn’t care. She also got so horny she went straight to my dick and started sucking. Her saliva was just dripping down my cock, and I liked how it felt.

I fucked her again, but this time I cummed on her boobs. She stayed with me for a week before she moved into her own apartment. Every day I fucked her whenever we got a chance.

Our Bangalore days lasted for 3 years as she got into a permanent role in the same company she did her internship in.  I even lost count on how many times we fucked.

Sadly we broke up a year ago for personal reasons, and she is now married. I hope you liked my story about my first experience with my girlfriend. I am looking forward to your comments on [email protected] Trust me, we can have a good time.

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