Exciting Sex With Hot Tamil College Girl

Hi, here are some of the stories of wonderful and hot sex I have had in life.

My name is Ajay (name changed) with an athletic body, 20-inch shoulders, 19-inch arms. I was never skinny. Let’s say good genes but never had the pump to go to the gym. I am stronger than usual people. I stand at a height of 5’9″ with a package of 6″ long cock, it was the length of the cock and not much in girth.

I am not a playboy or anything as such, but I really enjoy sex, deepthroats, and mouthfucking and I can be very rough and dominating.

This story I am about to tell you is about my crazy girlfriend Muthe (meaning, pearl).

This story happened in Chennai during my college days. I was a frequent user of Facebook, so I was scrolling around the friend suggestions when I saw Muthe. Her profile picture was looking cute. She was a dark-shaded girl with a very cute smile, dimples, and juicy lips.

So I just sent her a request over Facebook. I completely forgot about that and kept moving on with my life. Suddenly one day I received a notification on Facebook where my friend request had been accepted. It was her, so I messaged her.

We had a normal talk over Facebook and later on, we shared our numbers. Soon, I understood that she liked me. So I decided to meet her.

It was the first time I was going to see her. She was basically in my college but on the other side of the campus, which is why I never got to meet her. Plus, I don’t go to college much because the education was just shit.

So we decided on meeting up in Velachery. I took my bike and drove to Velachery and reached opposite the bus stand. I looked around for her while calling her on her phone. I suddenly saw her pop out from the side of the bus. DAMN!! She blew my mind. That was the first time I was getting to see her hot body figure.

The college girl had 36D size breasts with no padding, they were just the right amount of saggy. She also had an amazing structured 43″ ass. I wouldn’t say she was perfect. But she had the right amount of fat at the right places.

After seeing her, I felt my cock moving inside my jeans. Never had I ever fascinated a chocolate-colored girl to be this amazingly hot.

Muthe saw me standing on the other side. She crossed the road and I noticed many guys ogling at her when he walked across the round.

She came to me smiling. I didn’t take off my helmet because of the rush in the road.

She said, “Hi, Ajay.”

Me: Hai Muthe. It is nice to meet you.

She got on my bike. Never have I had my back massaged so well on the entire ride!

The hot college girl tried to keep her distance from me since she was meeting me for the first time. But her god-given assets wouldn’t stay off me! We drove all the way to Mayajaal to watch a movie.

We got into the movie and I couldn’t stop staring at the college girl’s tits. They looked so big and juicy. I wanted to squeeze them then and there. I somehow controlled myself and while watching the movie, I ran my hand on her hand to see her reaction. She was enjoying it and I understood it was her first time getting touched like that by a guy.

I slowly continued running my hands around her arms and slowly to the hip. She closed her eyes and bit her lips so I wouldn’t see her being turned on.

Watching her bite those juicy lips got me even more horny. I got hold of her chin, pulled her to my side, and kissed her deeply. I had my tongue on her lips and they tasted like vanilla and strawberry (the lipstick she had applied).

I was holding her chin with my right hand and she had to turn a little bit to my side. And that was when her massive tits came and rested on my hands! I got so hyped that I could feel my cock leaking out precum.

Without wasting much time, I grabbed the hot college girl’s tits with my left hand and squeezed them. She moaned right into my mouth. The feeling of squeezing her boobs was like squeezing water balloons – they were so soft and big.

I took my lips off her and noticed her staring into my eyes. I could see the lust that build up in her. I grabbed her by the hand and walked out in between the movie.

Since there were lots of people, she and I had to calm down a bit. We got out from there and went to Express Avenue Mall. The mall at that time was just opening up.

We went around and did some shopping and talked to each other more. We were getting to know each other more. Lust was burning in both of our eyes.

We entered the lift to go to the basement for getting to my bike. I saw that the lift had no CCTV. So I just caught the horny hot girl, pulled her, and started exploring her mouth with my tongue.

She was wearing a red kurti with a slit on the sides up to her waist. Half of her bumper ass was visible from the sides.

I got hold of her neck, choking her, and kept kissing her. I grabbed one tit in my hand. It wasn’t fitting in my hand but I couldn’t stop holding it. Before the lift stopped at the basement, we separated in case someone was on the other side.

The lift opened into a small lobby and no one was there. I grabbed her again and pinned her to the wall and kept kissing her. I lifted the sexy Tamil’s college girl’s kurti to take her boobs out. Damn, what a view it was when she lifted her kurti and bra at the same time! Her huge chocolate melons popped out.

I sucked on one, pinched, and toyed her other nipple like there is no tomorrow. I saw her going nuts on my sucking.

I stood straight, looked into her eyes and shoved my hand into the Tamil college girl’s skinnies, and reached through her panty. She was like, “No, Ajay. It is all wet” and it was soaking wet inside.

This turned me on even more. With the idea of fucking the sexy college babe then and there, I unzipped my pants and took my cock out. Looking at her expression, I realized that it was the first time she was seeing a cock in real and was admiring the length of it.

She was scared to touch it but I grabbed her hand and made her hold my cock! She didn’t know what to do. So I asked her to move her hand back and front. When she did this, I looked at her overall. Man, what a view! The hot young girl’s huge tits were hanging out and her skinnies and underwear down to her pussy.

The sight of her jerking my cock just drove me crazy. I wanted to fuck this lovely south Indian college girl then and there. But she was scared to take off her skinnies, because if someone came, then it will be difficult to put them on.

I got so disappointed and horny that it got the best of me. Seeing her juicy lips, I told her to get down on her knees. She pulled up her pants and got on her knees, not knowing what to do.

I grabbed both her hands and took my cock near her lips. I told her to kiss it. The innocent college girl kissed it and it felt amazing. She looked up at me and told me she didn’t know what to do. I told her to open her mouth. She did like I asked.

I put half of my cock in her mouth and I told her to suck on it like she is sucking on a straw. She closed her mouth with my cock inside her mouth and sucked on it. It felt so warm and like velvet inside her mouth.

She didn’t know what she was doing. So I told her to keep her hands behind her back and not hold my hand or pull out. She did exactly as I told her.

I grabbed her head and slowly started moving my half-cock in her mouth. I slowly moved my cock deeper and deeper. It felt so amazing because she was really sucking it hard like a straw. Almost 3/4th of the cock went in.

I could sense her choke a little bit and I looked at her and said, “Hold on, it will make you choke but it will be ok.”

She looked at me with my cock in her mouth and gave me the ‘go ahead’ sign not knowing what I would do. I grabbed the back of her head and shoved my entire cock all the way down her throat. She choked real hard and I could feel her throat tighten all over my cock.

I pulled out halfway and she gasped for air and just before she could have enough air, I shoved it back in. Her nose was rubbing on my groin so hard. I could feel the breath on my pubic hair. I pulled out again and looked at her. The Tamil college girl had her first deepthroat and she looked horny and gasping for air.

I leaned to her, close to her face, and asked her, “How was it?”

She said, “Your cock is long that I felt it down my throat.”

I grinned at her, stood straight and placed my cock over her face, and asked her, “Do you want more?”

She didn’t reply but her eyes said, “Yes, please.”

Without any wait, I shoved my 6″ cock back into her mouth and started to mouth fuck the sexy Tamil girl. I kept fucking her mouth so hard that I could hear her gargle my precum and her saliva in my mouth.

The lobby was so quiet. I could hear her choke on my cock and it turned me on even more. I kept fucking the college girl’s mouth harder and harder for 20 minutes. I could feel the pressure building up in my cock. I told her that she will be tasting something new and shoved my cock so deep into her mouth. She almost lifted herself from the floor.

I blew my load so hard into her throat. I could hear her swallow every drop down her throat. I kept my cock inside for my like a minute because I didn’t want the feeling of her tight throat massaging my cock.

I pulled her up and she started coughing. I picked her up and smiled at her telling her that her mouth was so amazing and I can’t wait to do the same with all her holes. I saw her eyes lit up again with that crazy lust.

Well, that day was over and we went back. I dropped her at her place and she kept turning back to see me further until she got away.

We have had many more adventures like this. But all this until the next time.

If you enjoyed my story and if some girls or aunts, divorced or widows are looking to be dominated the same way, you can message me at [email protected]

Total privacy guaranteed. After all, it is the satisfaction that keeps the mind and body happy.

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