College Crush Shilpa Is Now My Girlfriend

Hi, sexy readers, your naughty professor is back again. So this time around I am going to share my story which happened with my classmate. Her name is Shilpa Bhardwaj(name changed). She is one of those girls who are the shortest and cutest girl in the class.

Her one smile could get her assignments sorted. Her one please could delay the class tests by 1 day. I being a shy guy in college days had a major crush on this girl. But couldn’t gather much courage to talk to her. Coming back to now, I met her in the shopping mall.

She was buying dresses for herself. Meeting her outside the changing room after half a decade was a surprise. Both of us recognized each other within a moment. Now she was still a cute and hot girl as expected. But I was no more a shy guy. We both greeted each other and exchanged numbers as she was with her sister.

We decided to meet sometime next week. While leaving she gave me a warm hug which instantly gave me a boner. I was trying to control so that things don’t get awkward. But what to do? Men will be men.

I left from there and a few days passed since I was finding it difficult to text her. I received a text from her saying, “Fattu hi rahega tu.” (You are still a pussy). I laughed my ass off and replied, “Yeah yeah I forgot to text you due to busy work schedule. Let me take you out to coffee this weekend.”

She did her hot girls’ tantrums but eventually agreed. I was thinking of what to dress, what to talk about, how to leave a good impression on her heart(and later her great boobs and ass). We were supposed to meet on Saturday. Friday I texted her. We hit it off and decided the time and place.

I took a step forward and started flirting over the text so that things won’t be awkward the next day. She said, “I always knew you had a thing for me. But you were always so shy and scared of me. As if I will eat you up even if you just say a simple ‘Hi.’ The stupid guy you are!”

Being a smartass I replied, “I always got lost whenever I used to come across you.”
Shilpa: “Lost in what, mister?”
Me: “You are such a beauty.”

Shilpa: “Can you be more specific? Mr. Pussy! LOL.”
Me: “You have such a mesmerizing figure, you are a hot babe.”
Shilpa: “Finally someone is coming out of the cave. Chalo, see you tomorrow.”

I was so happy with this chat that I couldn’t sleep most of the night. Just out of nowhere I woke up as soon as my first alarm rang(Strange for a lazy ass like me). I took bathed, dressed neatly and checked me and my hair 20 times before leaving.

I reached the cafe before time and as usual, she was late. I called her up to ask about her whereabouts,
Shilpa: “Looks like someone is desperate to me.”
Me: “Yeah yeah I am hungry AF. Get your lazy ass here fast.”

Shilpa: “Why you are always after my ass?”
Me: “Somethings are worth following. (wink smiley)”
Shilpa: “Woohoo. Control dude. See you soon.”

She reached the cafe in a red top, black skirt, red heels, and mesmerizing hairstyle. I can already sense guys checking her out and cursing me for my good luck. I was already feeling excited. This time I took initiative and gave her a tight hug as a greeting.

We sat down and ordered 2 coffees and some things alongside(Sorry I have a more brief image of her rather than other things). We started discussing college, teachers and all the pranks which happened. We started sharing our friends with whom we are still in touch.

I got to know she was in a relationship with this guy from college who was the most known playboy. Still, this silly girl liked him. He dumped her last month for another chick as he was bored. I tried consoling her, but she became very sentimental.

I sat beside her to console her. She was feeling very vulnerable and I was feeling very protective of her. While consoling I got a view of her cleavage(along with free boner). Men will be men. We had our coffee, I flirted with her and complimented her for being eye candy on our date.

Shilpa: “Who said this is a date?”
Me: “Oh oh oh my bad.”
Shilpa: “See the pussy is back. You are so cute.”(Playfully pulling my cheeks, she had this same habit in college days too)

Me: “Hey I am not a college kid anymore. (and I pull her cheeks and oh my god she had such a soft skin).
She: “I know, I can see that already.”

We decided to leave and had a long warm hug while leaving. She asked me playfully aren’t you dropping me dumbo. I asked her to hop on. While riding on my bike, I was making the aptest use of breaks to get things cozy. After seeing my actions she held me tightly around my arms.

We had a naughty drive thanks to all the speed-breakers. I can still remember 20 minutes of feeling her soft melons against my beck. She also blew hot air around my ear and neck to make things hornier. She invited me over to her place. I instantly agreed, she saw that and laughed like anything.

She: Welcome to my insane place
Me: Looks like you are quite a messy person
She: Yeah yeah forgot I am a lazy ass. LOL
Me: So what’s the plan?

She: Netflix and chill. You pick a movie.
Me: Let’s watch ‘50 Shades Of Grey’. (making my intention much more clear)
She: Yeah obvious choice. (She bought her set of cushions for the couch along with some snacks)

The movie started and some hot scenes started flashing. We got cozy with each other I had my head in her lap and was feeling she was turning hot too. Running her hands in my hair, biting her lips were some of the things I noticed. I started feeling her thighs with her hand. She didn’t mind and I got a green signal.

I started running my fingers from her legs to her thighs, inner thighs and touching her pussy sometimes lightly. She was enjoying this a lot and winked me and asked.

Shilpa: You are getting too cozy, don’t you think.
Me: Oh oh oh. (and started stammering)
Shilpa: That doesn’t mean you should stop.

I got up and held her face in my hands. I started smooching her badly for being such a naughty bitch to me. She inserted her tongue inside my mouth and was getting very hot. Her hands were running all over my body. I reciprocated. I was just groping her boobs which I had masturbated to many times in my college days.

All this was a fantasy coming true for me. We were going crazy and horny every second. I tried to open her dress and did so in a snap. She was in her matching red black bra panty set. I was left mesmerized and Emraan Hashmi inside me took over.

I just attacked kissing her neck and earlobes to make her ask for my dick. She was moaning in such a sexy voice that couldn’t be expressed in words.

Rest of the story in a few days. Feel free to ping me for fun chats at [email protected]

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