My First Sex With Chubby Virgin Girl From College

Hello everyone, this is my first story. I am a very average looking guy with an average body. During my first year in college, I met a girl named Riya.

Riya was a very chubby girl, a little bit dark in complexion and with sexy round boobs. She was 20 years old with a height of 5ft 5in, vital stats of 32B-32-32.

Riya had the habit of sharing every single bit of her life, no matter it was with her friends or batchmates.

Riya didn’t any boyfriends from the very starting and neither she wanted one.

So one day, a golden opportunity knocked on my door. I always liked Riya and had fantasized many times thinking of having sex with her. But I never approached her as I didn’t know whether she felt the same for me.

I was living in an independent flat near my college. As I and Riya were friends for a while, I called her to my flat on a Sunday to watch a movie together. I purposely planned to watch the movie “Fifty shades of grey” with my chubby batchmate hoping it would build some erotic mood between us. Also, Riya always wanted to watch that movie.

That day, Riya was wearing a crop top that was blue and exposing her sexy navel area. It was getting difficult for me to not stare at Riya’s exposed navel as I love chubby girls and their bodies very much!

Anyway, we began watching the movie. We always had the habit of sitting near each other and it wasn’t any different this time. We were sitting casually like any other close college friends.

Suddenly, Riya leaned over my shoulder which gave me an instant boner. I quickly tried to hide it with a cushion. But the next moment, her left boob was squeezing over my chest! Oh, damn!

Now I wasn’t sure if my college friend was doing all these intentionally or not. I decided to take some risk. So I slowly placed my hand on Riya’s waist pretending it was to make ourselves more comfortable in that position.

As Riya was wearing a crop top, I was easily able to feel her soft navel area! I realized that there was no turning back from this point!

A couple of minutes passed and I started softly squeezing my chubby batchmate girl’s navel. Riya started giggling and asked me laughingly, “Hey, what are you doing?! It is tickling!”

I said, “Is it making you happy??”. There was an awkward silence between us for the next few seconds. There was a spark in Riya’s eyes and the next moment, we started kissing each other like it was the end of the world. In no time, I removed her top and there they were! Riya’s two beautiful boobs wrapped in a black bra.

I started eating those melons and the girl started moaning.

While I busy sucking Riya’s young boobs, she boldly removed my shirt and pajama in the heat of the moment. She looked at the bludge in my underwear. Then she removed it and saw my 7-inch shaft.

Without any prompt, the horny college girl started sucking my dick like a pro. In between, she said, “You know, I never had a boyfriend in my life and I wanted to have this fun with someone trustworthy like you!”

I asked where did she learn all these from and she said she learned it from porn videos. I was in heaven due to the way in which she was sucking my cock and soon, I shot my cum in her mouth. Then I removed her shorts and start sucking her navel. I circled my tongue over it and then fucked her deep navel with my tongue for a while.

After that, I removed Riya’s black pantie and started fingering her vagina. As she was a virgin, I did it very gently with two fingers. The girl came in no time!

Then I started sucking her pussy and was squeezing her boobs with one hand simultaneously. Riya was asking me to fuck her. But the evil inside me made her beg for it.

Then, in one hard thrust, I inserted my penis into her virgin pussy. Riya started crying in pain. I didn’t stop but kept thrusting slowly until she started moaning in pleasure. Then I increased my paced and took her to heaven.

“Chodo mujhe, jaise ki koi kal hi na ho”, she said in between and smooched me. I was shocked to hear this and said, “Chinta mat karo, I will fuck you like there is no tomorrow”.

Her eyes were closed and she was enjoying her first sex like hell and moaning, “Ahhhh Ahhhhhhhhh Ahhhhhhhh…harder…don’t stop..”

After a while, I came and fell on her as it was my first time too. We slept for an hour.

Then she went to the kitchen in my shirt and started cooking. I went near her and started kissing her from the back, exploring her boobs from behind. Then I made her turn around and removed her shirt and again started sucking those soft boobs.

After a few minutes, I lifted one of her legs and kept it on the kitchen slab. I took out my dick again and started banging her pussy again in the new position.

In between the fucking, I found some oil which I took and rubbed all over her chubby body, her boobs her ass.

I then spanked her ass very hard. Riya was enjoying all these and asked me to go harder on her which I did.

After some time, we both were on cloud 9. Riya was having the best moments of her life and her moans were making me crazy. The more she moaned, the more I got aroused by her voice resulting in more powerful thrusts! Finally, we both came and lied on the kitchen floor, panting heavily.

Now we have sex twice a month and enjoy ourselves like friends with benefits.


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