The Break-Up Sex With Ex’s Friend

“Hey, I think it’s time we take a cab home. We’ve been here for nearly four hours. He isn’t coming back, and all you’ve done is cry and consume over 20 vodka shots,” said Raghav, feeling bad about the break-up.

However, his words seemed to have fallen on deaf ears as Trema proceeded to down another shot. The breakup had been harsher than expected. And although she did not carry any hopes of resolving the issue, Trema was atleast hoping that things would end on a positive note with Srinjay.

Now, there was nothing positive about the entire situation. She was drunk as a horse. Luckily for her, Srinjay’s friend Raghav had stayed back. He was their common friend. So when it was decided that a breakup was on the cards, he could lend some support to both his friends.

Sober and awkward, he realized that he’d have to stay back to ensure Trema got home safely. After an hour, he forcibly made the bartender close all tabs, paid the bill, and booked a cab to Trema’s house.

While they were waiting for the cab, Trema said, “I don’t feel like going home. I’m way drunk and would totally like to avoid any and all interaction with other people. Can you maybe drop me off at a hotel instead?”

Raghav started looking for a nice place for her to crash for the night. And when the cab arrived, he gave the updated address to the driver.

Once they reached the hotel, Raghav filled the forms, paid for the room, and gently led Trema to it. She could not walk without any support. The minute they entered the room, she ran into the washroom and puked.

Raghav was angry. She had puked on herself. He had not agreed to any of this. Tonight was him trying to be a supportive friend. But instead, he was cleaning his friend’s ex’s jacket.

He helped her take off the jacket, offered her some water, and made her sit on the couch. Then, he proceeded to clean the jacket.

Once he was through with it, he went and sat next to Trema, who was supporting her head with her arms. “I’m sorry, Raghav. I’ve had a few too many drinks, and it’s been a hectic day.”

“Hey, it’s not an issue at all. Actually, your t-shirt is also dirty, and you smell. Do you want me to turn on the shower before I leave for the night?”

“Do you mind staying for the night? It’ll be nice if I have some company. You can sleep on the bed. I’ll clean up and take the couch.”

“Sure, Trema, I’ll stay for the night.”

Since she did not have any spare clothes, Trema decided to wash her clothes and dry them. For the night, it was decided that she would wear Raghav’s t-shirt and his pant.

He took his clothes off and handed them to Trema, who headed to the shower. Then, he spread a bedsheet on the couch and placed a pillow for her to sleep.

After a while, when Trema stepped out of the washroom, Raghav was lying on the bed. The hotel had failed to provide extra bedsheets, so he had to make do with the thin linen sheet.

The centralized AC in the hotel was cold. So a few minutes after Trema stepped out, the cold had hardened her nipples. They were trying to desperately jump out of Raghav’s thin t-shirt.

He saw her. It was an awkward few seconds as he desperately tried to avoid direct eye contact. She could feel the cold crisp air, along with his stare piercing through her body.

Unfortunately or fortunately for him, the sight was too overwhelming. As his boner rose, there was little that the thin bedsheet could do to hide it.

Raghav was now lying on the bed, desperately trying to hide his boner, which Trema had already caught a glimpse of. On the other hand, her piercing nipples had no idea of retracting either.

An awkward silence engulfed the room once again, to be broken by the humming of the AC in the background. The two decided that the best thing to do to avoid further embarrassment was switch off the lights and go to sleep. Which is what they did.

Trema crashed on the couch. It had been a weird day – breaking up with her boyfriend to now, sharing a room with his friend. She decided not to focus on any of that and instead tried to sleep.

The AC humming in the background was annoying. It made sure that no concept of sleep could function in the room. Reluctantly, she got up and switched on the lights. Raghav wasn’t asleep either. She pulled a chair and sat next to the bed. He had used a pillow to subdue his boner and prevent further embarrassment.

The two got to talking. It was 2 am. Trema was harping about how she had hoped to end things on a positive note, but the exact opposite happened.

Raghav was feeling colder. It was evident on the outside. Trema noticed this and offered him his t-shirt back, “I’ll just wear my jacket. It shouldn’t be an issue.”

He refused.

“Should we maybe sit next to each other? We can’t call reception and ask for an extra bedsheet now. It’s the best way to keep ourselves warm, I think,” she added.

Raghav made some space, and Trema joined him on the bed. There was a gap of few centimeters between them. As they continued with their conversation, he could not help but notice her erect nipples desperately trying to break out of the t-shirt. She saw that too.

A smile.

Raghav was confused. What did that mean? Was she okay with it? Did she not say anything out of politeness?

He quickly moved his eyes away. But there seemed to be something magnetic about that sight. His eyes kept straying back to her neckline. Her skin was soft and milky. There was a small mole on her upper right breast. And as she leaned forward, he caught a glimpse of her entire valley.

Her bra, which held her gorgeous breasts in place, was drying in the washroom.

“Raghav, stop staring so hard,” she laughed.

“I’m sorry. It’s just the sight of your breasts. I’ve never seen them up-close in real life. They look really beautiful.”

“Oh, thank you. As long as we’re clear that there’s no touching involved, I’m okay with it. Also, they’re not really that special, hahaha.”

“Maybe they’re not special to you. But to me, they are. These are the first pair of boobs I’ve been near as an adult.”

“You’re kidding me, right? Are you telling me that you’ve never been with a woman?”

“It’s true, Trema. I’ve been single all my life.”

It was true. Raghav had never been with a woman all his life. But that was about to change today.

Trema: Oh, you poor guy. I pity you.

“Actually, I’ve been saving myself for someone special. So I’ve never felt bad about it. But today, I feel so weird. It’s like I want to be with someone today.”

Trema: Okay, hero. Don’t get any ideas. Nothing is going to happen between you and me.

“Come on, Trema. Don’t you see the signs? We’re in a room together. I’m half-naked, and you’re wearing my clothes. And you’re the first woman that has got me excited in a long while. I know you’re my friend’s ex. But why should that matter?”

“Raghav, what are you saying. We are friends, and I’m staying here because my mind was too preoccupied to handle people at home. Please don’t get any ideas.”

Raghav did not say a word. He just leaned to his side and lay on the bed, “Can you please switch off the light before you go back to the couch?”

Trema got up. She looked at him with disappointment and went to switch off the light. Except for the light from the window, the rest of the room was plagued by darkness.


A few minutes later, the bed creaked. Raghav looked up in surprise, only to see that Trema was right on top of him.

Before he could say a word, he felt her soft, warm lips on his. “Shush. Not a word to anyone. You’ve been a supportive friend.”

Her heavy bosom on his chest, they held each other’s hair and locked their lips in an embrace. The room became warm instantly.

“Hey, are you sure we should be doing this?”

“Raghav, don’t make me regret my decision already. Just shut up and let me show you how to have a good time.”

She pinned him on the bed and, as they kissed, ran her fingers along with his hair and over his body. They bit each other’s lips.

As she ran her tongue along his neck and earlobe, she also held his palm and guided them inside her t-shirt. “First boob grab as an adult. How does it feel?” she asked, as his hand squeezed her soft breasts.

He was quiet as he ran his hands over her breasts, feeling her cold nipples with his fingers. She kissed him as he did that. They kissed again. And again. And each time, it lasted longer than before.

The once lost boner returned to prod Trema in her tummy. She looked up at him and smiled, “Oh, look who’s back. Is someone in a hurry?”

Raghav lifted her and put her to his side. Then, he took off the bedsheet and his boxers. Lying naked next to Trema, he held her hand and led it to his cock. “I have all the time in the world. You said you’ll show me a good time. Keep your promise.”

She smiled, gently stroking his dick, her fingernail lightly scratching his tip. “I know this is a bad idea, but fuck it.” Trema ran her tongue along the entire length of his cock. Cradling his balls in one hand and stroking him with the other, she let her warm tongue do its magic.

Sounds of glug glug engulfed the room as she sucked on every inch of him. While she was occupied with orally pleasuring him, he caught both her nipples and gently squeezed them.

Holding her breast by her nipples, he motioned her to get up. As she obliged, he put his dick between her breasts, and she generously spat on it before holding both her breasts together and jerking him off.

In a couple of minutes, precum was oozing out of his tip, which she dutifully gulped down. More oral pleasure followed before the roles were reversed. Raghav found himself stuck between her thighs. A thin strip of pubic hair paved the path towards her glory hole.

Lightly pulling on her pubes, he touched the top of her pussy with the tip of his tongue. Soon enough, his entire tongue was inside her, along with two fingers.

At this point, his other hand was on her mouth. It was nearly 4 am, and her moans were fairly loud. It was not long before she started oozing as well. The bedsheet was wet, her pussy wetter. She begged him to fill her horny pussy.

“Raghav, I want your dick inside me right now. Please…”

Raghav wanted to oblige, but he wanted to tease her as well. Playfully, he got up, spread her legs a bit, and placed his dick near her opening. Her eyes were closed, her fingers spreading her pussy lips, waiting for him to enter.

As she waited, he took his dick to her mouth. Her eyes were closed, and she was surprised. “Hey, I want this inside my other hole, idiot.”

She sucked it reluctantly before pulling him to the side and begged him to fuck her. Once again, she closed her eyes and used her fingers to spread her lips. And this time, he obliged. Teasingly, he slowly rubbed his dick on top and against her pubes.

As she opened her eyes, he pushed it smoothly inside her. She moaned. But before her moans got louder, he locked his lips with hers. Now, the only sound in the room was his balls banging against her inner thighs.

They started off slowly, and very soon, the pace had increased manifold. They kissed. He pinched her nipples and bit them softly as they fucked. Beads of sweat were forming on her forehead. He wiped it off as he fucked her.

She got up, got down on all fours, and spread her legs. He used a bit of his saliva to lubricate her once again and pushed himself entirely inside her. When he took a minute to relax, she sucked his dick and made sure he was rejuvenated.

Eventually, their sexual adventure ended after nearly 2 hours as he emptied himself inside her. Once again, she was oozing, and her thighs were trembling, getting over her break-up!

They headed to the washroom to clean themselves before hitting the bed.

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