My Cousin’s Friend Who Wanted A Virgin Dick

Hi everyone, my name is Arjun (name changed) and I live in Delhi. I am 24 years of age. My dick size is 6.5″ long and 2″ thick.

This story happened in July 2018. The girl’s name is Aarti (name changed). She was 30 at that time. Her stats were 34-30-32.

Once after school, I thought of going to my cousin’s house which was nearby. But, when I reached there, I got disappointed because the door was locked. I didn’t have a mobile phone at that time so I thought of going back to my home.

As I was turning back, I felt a cold breeze coming from the keyhole. Then I realized that the AC was turned ON! But how is that possible? Maybe my cousin was inside. So I went to the other door but it was locked from inside. I knocked a few times but getting no response, I started going to my home.

As I was going back, my cousin’s neighbor saw me (he knew me well) and asked me where I was heading to? So I informed him that I came to meet my brother. He told me to wait and he called my cousin and told him about me.

After a while, my cousin brother came there and we went to his house. He opened the lock and I was surprised to see two people inside there already! One was my brother’s friend and the other was Aarti. I realized what was going on. And I was feeling sorry for both of them because I spoiled their show.

We talked for a while. Aarti being mischievous started playing with me and was flirting. It was new to me and a spark ran through my body when she touched me. Aarti was around 22-23 years at that time.

We then ordered some food and after having it, my brother’s friend went to drop her. In the evening, I was with my cousin brother and his friends where he told me about her and how they were scared after hearing the knock on the door.

After that incident, I met Aarti a few times. I also got a request from her on Facebook and soon, we started having conversations.

During one such conversation, I flirted with her and asked to meet so that we can have fun. To which she promised we could for sure as she wanted to have sex with a virgin for long!

But it didn’t happen because after completing my 12th, I went and joined engineering course. So, we kind of lost contact.

But last year, I uploaded my picture on Instagram and Aarti messaged me saying that I have grown up. I gave a naughty reply saying, “my tool too has grown up”. That resumed our lost conversations.

After a few days, we decided to meet. I booked a hotel room near Rohini through OYO. I reached there at 2 pm and waited for her.

After some time, Aarti came and then we entered the hotel. After the formalities, we went to our room. We were chit chatting for some time so that we both could feel comfortable. However, this was my first time and so I was hesitating a bit.

Aarti then opened her bag and took out a nighty from it and starting removing her dress. It was a hot scene and I quickly went towards her and started kissing her. Then we stopped and looked into each other’s eyes and then resumed kissing.

While I was kissing her, I was also pressing her boobs and ass at the same time. Meanwhile, Aarti had opened my jeans and got hold of my dick. I broke the kiss and threw her onto the bed and jumped onto her while removing and throwing away my jeans and shirt.

I started kissing her again. Then I tore her bra and pressed her boobs. After breaking the kiss, I went down on her and started kissing her boob while pressing the other. She was playing with my hair. This continued for a while and I reached further downward and removed her pantie.

As I kissed her cun, Aarti left out a moan. I started playing with her cunt with my tongue and finger now. Now the hotel room was full of her moans.

Aarti spread her legs more and pressed my face more towards her cunt forcing me to lick there more. After a while, she pressed my face and gave a sharp moan. The next moment, her fluids started flowing out. I licked each and every drop of her orgasmic juice.

Then I stood up and told her to come towards me. As she came, I signalled her. She understood the signal and got on her knees, grabbed my dick and kissed it at first. Then she rolled her tongue over it and started sucking my dick. Guys, I can’t really describe the feeling. I was really on cloud 9.

After a good 5-7 minutes, I was about to cum and started fucking her mouth. Then I discharged my fluids in Aarti’s mouth. She wanted to get my cum out of her mouth but I didn’t allow her and hence she drank it all.

Then ee both went to the washroom to clean ourselves. And after that, we got onto the bed with blankets on and started playing with each other. After a while, my dick rose again and it was time for the next round.

Aarti got into doggy style and I positioned my dick over her pussy and gave it a push. In the beginning, I fucked her slow and then I increased the speed.

After 3-4 minutes, we changed our position. Aarti came and sat over me and positioned her pussy over my dick and started jumping over it. The fucking sounds echoed continuously inside the room. This continued for a while and again, we changed position.

Now I was on top of her. While fucking, I was kissing her, biting her neck and boobs while pressing the other one. This time we both cummed simultaneously. And I remained in that position for a few seconds.

Then again we went to the washroom and took some rest on the bed with our hands playing with each other’s body.

Aarti suddenly got up and removed the blanket over my dick. She signalled me to come to the corner and sit. My dick was semi-erect at that time. Then she came between my legs and placed my dick in between her boobs and giving a super titjob! As my dick grew further, she started sucking it.

Then I stopped her and told her to come in 69 position. She came in 69 and as she started sucking my dick, I kept licking her pussy.

After a while, I told her to come in doggy style. This time, I wanted to fuck this horny girl’s ass but I didn’t tell her. I placed my dick over her asshole. Then she understood what I was up to and told me not to do that because she had anal sex only once before. But I was stubborn and told her to relax saying I would do it slowly.

Then I gave a push trying to get my dick into her asshole but the dick slipped to sideways. I tried again but the result was the same. So I inserted my finger in Aarti’s ass hole and started fingering her sexy ass.

She asked me to be gentle but I didn’t listen and inserted my second finger as well! After a while, I placed my dick again and gave a pushed it into Aarti’s ass. This time it went inside a little. She shouted in pain as my dick tore her ass!!

I remained in that position for a while till her pain reduced and then gave another hard push. This time, my whole dick was inside Aarti’s ass. Her scream shout was much louder this time. She pleaded me to take it out while crying. But I refused and started giving short strokes and slowly increased my speed.

After some time and when the tough period was over, Aarti’s crying turned into pleasureful moans as she started enjoying. This continued till I came inside her ass.

Then I saw the time. It was 6:30 pm. So we decided to leave and got dressed. While leaving, she kissed me and left a love bite on my neck.


So, this is my first story. Do mail me at [email protected] about the feedback. And if anyone wants to talk or meet, we can discuss it there.

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