Experienced Unmarried Girl Fucks Virgin Guy

Hi friends! This is my first story on this website so kindly bear if there are any mistakes.

I am Kiran from Bangalore. So coming to the incident, this happened 2 years ago when I had just completed my degree and was in search of a job.

I never had a girlfriend in college and always wanted to have my first sex experience. I started searching for a girl on FB and other dating apps but couldn’t find anyone.

Finally, I came across a website and I thought let me try my luck by posting ads on that website. Finally, I posted a few Ads and there was no luck for some days. I used to receive some messages from girls asking for money or some escort agency asking to pay them. But I had no money nor was I interested in them, so I just ignored them.

One day, I randomly opened the website and received a message. It was from a genuine girl. Let’s call her J. We texted for some time, and she said she was 28.

She told me that she was getting married in a few months and further told me that because I was a virgin guy, she wanted to try me before her marriage. She told me that it will be a one-time meet and I shouldn’t contact her again.

To tell you more about her – she was a bit chubby and her boobs were very big and awesome. Sorry, I don’t know her exact body measurements.

I agreed to her terms and conditions. And finally, we decided to meet at an Oyo.

On D day, my online one-time date texted me and asked me what will she get in return for helping me lose my virginity? I replied telling her that she will be surprised with my return gift.

She said, “Let’s see what surprise you have for me.”

So I picked her from her location and we checked in to the Oyo. I was so excited that I forgot to take protection with me. I remembered about it only after she asked me.

Then I rushed to the nearest medical shop and bought a packet of condoms and I entered the room and locked it.

She was sitting on the bed wearing greenish-top and black jeans. I went and sat next to her. She looked at me and my heart started to beat faster. She asked me, “What are you waiting for?”

As soon as I heard that, I started kissing her lips madly and started pressing her boobs! She started to moan, and we kissed each other for 10 minutes. After kissing, I started removing her dress one by one. I got more excited seeing her in her innerwear and started kissing her.

We kissed again for 5 more minutes and then we both got nude. She asked me what surprise I had for her? So, I asked her to lay down on the bed.

Once she lay down, I got in between her thighs and started licking her pussy. That was the first time I was doing it. It was a bit of a strange experience for me. I was feeling somewhat breathless and she started pushing my face further inside her pussy.

As I kept on licking her, all of a sudden she moaned loudly. I started tasting something salty. That was when I realized that she had came.

I drank it and once she was done cumming, she pulled me up and started kissing me again.

Then she whispered in my ears, “That was the best surprise that I could ever get. Now it is my turn to return the favor to you,” and she started sucking my dick. I was in cloud 9.

After sucking me for a couple of minutes, she got up and took the condom, and placed it on my dick. Then she lay down on the bed and asked me to come on top of her. She asked me to insert my dick inside her pussy. I didn’t know how to do it and where to insert and was trying. She started laughing at me seeing me trying so hard to insert.

Finally, she guided me inside her, and I was so happy. It was the first time that I was feeling my dick inside a girl’s pussy. I can’t explain that feeling in words.

I started slowly and then increased the speed. Because of her sucking, and the excitement that I was getting, I cummed within a few minutes and I lay down on top of her.

Both of us were sweating. She hugged me, and we lay down for a few minutes and again my dick started to rise. She noticed it and asked me, “Are you ready for the next round?”

I said, “I am ready” and I removed the old condom and put on a new one and then we started our second round. This time she was on top of me.

She started slowly and she was doing it very gently. I held her ass and started pounding her.I had few hard shots and she started screaming.

I asked her if she was ok? She told me that she is enjoying it and not to pay attention to her screams and shouts, since it was normal. She told me not to stop.

I started drilling my online date harder and harder. She had come multiple times in that span of time, but I was still not done.

Then we changed our position, and we changed to doggy style and again once I inserted my dick inside her pussy. I held her ass and started with deep shots. She was really having a nice time.

Finally, we both came again. Both of us were exhausted, and we hugged each other and slept. All that time I was kissing her neck, face, and lips. She was very happy and told me that it was her best experience. She told me that she had sex many times before but not with that much love and passion as much as she had with me.

Finally, we both got dressed up. I dropped her at her place. She again told me that she was getting married, and I should never contact her again.

I respected her decision and deleted her number and never contacted her again.


This was my first real experience. Any girls of any age group from Bangalore who wants to hang out with me can contact me through my mail ID [email protected]

Feedbacks are welcome.

Thank you all for reading.

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