Dance Of Love And Passion With Office Colleague Savita

Savita is 5 feet 2 inches in height, medium fair complexion, sharp nose, black eyes, chest long black hair. There were many times I have ogled at her, especially in those days when she comes to work in my favorite kurta combination of turmeric yellow and light red.

In that kurta, one could see the perfect roundness of her breasts from the side view and it had a bit different type of neck cut.

While she works, I use to stand near her and peep at her cleavage. Sometimes, the kurta cleavage used to be open so much that I could even see the bra holding her inviting round breasts.

When she walks, I could see the round bum shape over the kurta material. In short, in that dress, she looked to me like the goddess of pure lust. Many times this made my penis get hard instantly imagining my chances to sometimes fuck her to an ultimate orgasm.

After that incident, I was sure the beginning has happened. I have touched her untouched parts and made her get an orgasm. I tried texting her many times, but she did not reply and started ignoring me even more.

Our office terrace had a small storeroom and usually, no one goes to the terrace in the evening. It was a Thursday evening, I sent my sexy office colleague a text that, if she does not come to the terrace at 6:30 pm, I will jump down and kill myself!

Savita did not respond and while closing for the day, I went to her when she was alone, and told her that I was going to the terrace and then jump and kill myself.

She was angry. She was in need of my love and many more mixed emotions.

I was sitting on the ramp of the terrace and just wanted to scare her if she does not agree that I will jump down.

When my office colleague came to the terrace, she saw me sitting on the roof ramp and got scared. She came running and crying begging me to get back on the terrace, and said that she will do anything I say.

Me: Then say, ‘I love you.’

Savita: (kept quiet for some time and then said in a low voice) I love you.

Me: Say it loudly with my name.

Savita: (said loudly) I love you, Akshay.

I then turned and got down on the terrace floor. As I stepped towards her looking deep in her eyes, she stepped back. Step by step, and then she reached the wall of the storeroom. And then she stood still.

I walked near my cute office colleague and held her waist and bent to kiss her forehead saying, “I love you, Savita.” She closed her eyes and there were tears in her eyes.

I held her face in my palms and lifted it up and kissed her lips and said once more, “I love you, Savita.”

Savita had her eyes closed and her lips shivered as she said, “I love you, Akshay.”

That was all I wanted, and I gave my colleague a deep french kiss. She held the side of my shirt tight in a fist and then in few seconds, loosened her grip on my shirt and started to respond to my deep kiss.

Our lips were locked and tongues wrestled in the new game of love. I pressed her breasts and fondled her. Savita twisted her body in my grip and broke the kiss and said, “Someone may see us.”

I opened the door of the storeroom and switched on the light. It had many things scattered and an old chair without the hand rest.

I quickly locked the door and held Savita tightly and kissed her. She had been starving for some good sex and started to respond.

I pushed my hands inside my sexy office co-worker’s kurta, and unhooked her bra to release her breasts from the grip of the bra. I moved my hands in front and nibbled her nipples and fondled her breasts as I kissed her deeply.

Savita had unbuttoned my shirt. I stepped back and hurriedly pull out my shirt and banyan. I stepped in front again and kissed her lips and pushed her kurta up along with the bra. This exposed her breasts to my bare hands and I held them and pointed her nipples upwards.

I then bent down to swallow those brown nipples with my mouth and sucked them, bit them, and chewed on them.

Savita’s body twisted in excitement. I pulled her kurta and bra out of her neck, and she raised her hands to allow me to pull it off completely.

My office colleague was half-naked in front of me. OMG, she was a goddess. I kissed her deeply, held and cupped for the first time her naked breasts and fondled them.

I lightly pinched her brown nipples with my thumb and index finger. Savita twisted her body in excitement and let out a lusty moan.

I broke the kiss and kissed her chin and moved down on her neck, and then to her shoulders. I cupped her left breast and pointed her nipple up and moved my lips on it to suck the brown bud.

Then I cupped her right breast and pointed it up to move my lips on the other nipple and suck them. I pressed both her breasts and then turn by turn sucked, chewed, and bit them. There flowed joys of lust from deep inside her.

Savita was leaning on the wall holding my head tight on her breasts as I cupped her two breasts and sucked hard on her nipples turn by turn.

I slowly slid my hands down on her ribs-cage and further down to explore her bare tummy. I found the lace of her pajama and pulled it to loosen them.

I slid my hands inside her pajama and pushed them under my colleague’s panties to hold her round soft bums and squeezed them as I sucked her nipples.

I took my hands on the side and expanded her panty bands and slid down, then pushed her panties and pajama together all the way down to her ankle.

With my mouth, I was kissing all over her tummy and belly button. Savita pressed tight on my head making my lips kiss hard on her belly button as she let a loud grunt of lust. I could smell the exotic fragrance of her pubic hairs. I placed my left-hand fingers on her vaginal lips and rubbed them lightly. They were already wet.

I slid my one finger inside her pink, soft vaginal canal and rubbed and moved in-out making her canal more slippery. Savita bent a little and spread her legs a bit more to allow my finger to go deeper inside her vagina.

I saw an old chair in the storeroom and pulled it near to where Savita was standing leaning against the wall and made her lift one leg to place it on the chair. This allowed her to open her thighs wider and allowed my finger to move easily in-out of her slippery wet hole. I kissed a little down from her belly button and on to her lower tummy.

I then pulled my finger out of her wet hole and used both my thumbs to widen her vaginal lips and expose her pink inner folds.

I bent a little more and smooched her wet, vaginal lips and licked it with my tongue. Savita let out a husky moan and held my head tight and pushed her vagina tightly on my lips.

I licked and played with her inner vaginal lips. In a few minutes, Savita’s legs shivered and then the whole body. She made a lust grunt and came hard with an unmatched orgasm.

I dug my mouth deeper inside her vaginal lips and sucked to drink the sweet honey she had just released.As she was gaining some consciousness from the high voltage orgasm, I pushed myself between her legs.

I made her sit on my shoulders and raised them all the way up, lifting her on my shoulders, her vagina crushed hard on my mouth, as Savita gave out an, “Aaaahhhhh,” cry.

Then I slowly took a step back and made her slide down along my body making her vagina rub over my chest and my upper tummy.

I ensured her legs stayed up on my shoulders and back against the wall. As she was moving downwards, her vaginal opening kissed the tip of my penis.

I held her tight so that she does not go down quickly. She encircles her arms around my neck to balance herself. I move one hand down and hold my penis.

I then jerk it with a few strokes and point it at the opening of her vaginal lips. I pressed lightly to ensure only my penis pink head was gulped inside her wet vaginal opening.

Savita opened her eyes and we look into each other’s eyes in ultimate lust. I look at Savita and ask, “Can I go all the way inside?”

She looks at me naughtily and nods a, “Yes.” I loosen my grip on her bums and with her own bodyweight, she slides down on my penis until her outer vaginal lips crush on the base of my 9 inches penis.

My sexy office colleague held my neck tightly and cries out a loud, “Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhh,” and stayed still saying, “You are too big.” We passionately deep kiss each other, and then I cup her left breasts and bend a little to suck on her nipples.

Savita gave a lusty grunt. I moved back to her lips and smooch her deep and we have our tongues fighting as we lip-lock. I moved both my hand on her bums and pull her a little up making her slide up on my penis.

My penis was buried inside my sexy office colleague and I released the grip making her slide down again all the way to the bottom of my penis. I pulled her up and released, pulled her up and released – making her vaginal folds slide up and gulp my penis every time!

This act went on for 10 minutes, and then she held me tight to stay motionless and had another orgasm. I could feel her vaginal canal pulsating over my hard penis buried deep inside her.

I held her tight and rolled her down on the floor keeping my penis still lying inside her. She lay flat on the floor completely satisfied with the 2 strong orgasms, but I was still not done.

I lifted my hips to pull my penis and pushed back in. I was jabbing her pussy hard. Savita had her legs wide open and was also bumping her hips to match the dance of love-making.

It was almost 30 minutes and our bodies sweat was mixed with each other. The force with which I was fucking her fully wet cunt made sounds like puck…puck….puck.

Each stroke made my sexy colleague girl’s body bounce and made her breast bounce in waves. She had her eyes shut tight and was getting ready for the 3rd orgasm.

I wanted to match the timing to perfection. The moment she let a loud orgasmic, “Aaaahhhh.” I held her hips tight and pushed as deep as I could with all my force.

I released hot jets of my semen which was filling her womb with the fresh seeds of love. I crushed her and fell on her still keeping my penis dug deep inside her. We both breathed heavily, trying to cool our bodies.

Savita started to cry with a mix of emotions of sin, pleasure, satisfaction. I told her that I love her a lot, and she too hugged me and said that she loves me a lot.

I pulled myself out and we got up and dressed again. We walked back down to the office looking in each other’s eyes lustfully.

I told Savita, “Tomorrow is a Saturday. Can I book a hotel room for ourselves?”

She first gave me a hard stare, and then a naughty smile. Then she said, “I have a lot of work pressure and have to complete the project. I am planning to work this whole weekend. You can help me with that…”

My naughty office colleague blinked her eyes and walked back into the office to her desk. I was in the seventh heaven, as I know it was a big, “Yes,” from her and it was going to be a big weekend for both of us.


In the next part, I will describe all about what we did in the hotel room the whole weekend.

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