Getting Over A Breakup

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This story is about a lady, Ishika, who had helped me get out of my break up. She was divorced, worked with me in my Ahmedabad office, really hard to resist, and a pro at sex. She had a figure to die for. Just the right amount of flesh at the right places. A perfect Sex Goddess!

It was Navratri season. It wasn’t long before I had gone through a breakup. My colleagues decided that we would go to a Navratri Club (to those who know how Navratri is celebrated in Ahmedabad). We decided to gather at a point. I was blown away by how sexy my colleague was looking.

She had worn a black backless bikini blouse, a black ghaghra, and dupatta. She sat with me on my bike. We reached the club. Initially, she had wrapped the dupatta like a shawl.

But once we reached, she adjusted her dupatta, which revealed her back, sexy belly, and deep navel. She had a navel just as deep as Aishwarya Rai from The Mistress of Spices.

Having gone through a breakup a few days back, Ishika could read the sadness behind my fake smile and asked me what was wrong. I broke down and told her how badly I loved her, and I could not take the amount of pain this had caused.

I hugged Ishika as I broke down, and Ishika too hugged me tightly to console me. She immediately got me up and said, “Ok, now leave it. Now tell me, how am I looking?”

I said, “You’re looking beautiful.”

Ishika, “I think someone hasn’t really noticed me today, or maybe I’m not looking that good today.”

I said, “No, No, Nothing like that.”

Ishika, “Compliment me anything you want,” she said with a naughty smile and a wink.

I said, “Let’s click some pictures of you.”

Ishika, “Perfect.”

Ishika likes when I touch her and make her do different poses and click her photos. Most of the time, her social profile DPs are the ones that I have clicked. She always awards me with a big hug when she loves any capture. So we found a good background and clicked her photos.

Initially, we clicked some normal pictures. Then I adjusted her dupatta to reveal her round boobs wrapped in her blouse sideways and clicked a picture. Those who know this, the way dupatta is worn, the right side of the belly reveals. I just unhooked the lower end of the dupatta for the next pose and asked her to swirl.

The next action I did was really an erotic one. I went really close to her. I could feel her deep breaths. I looked into her eyes, and while we were lost in each other’s eyes, I removed her dupatta. She soon realized and was pleasantly shocked.

Ishika, “What are you doing, honey?”

I answered, “Noticing you,” and gave her a wink

Now her belly was completely exposed, and so was her back. We redid some of the poses without the dupatta and some backless pics too. And then came the time for us to see all the pictures. Luckily, Ishika was really patient. She would let me click the pictures, and then we would see all the images together.

We found a place to sit, and we started checking out the pics. She was really pleased with the photos and gave me a really tight hug. She called one of our colleagues, and to my surprise, she asked him to click my and Ishika’s pictures. She stood on my left, took my left hand, and put it on her waist.

That triggered a deep emotion of making love to Ishika that night. We clicked some really hot pictures that day with me holding her waist. Ishika spent the rest of the time at the club holding my hand. I would proudly put my hand on her waist.

Me: That compliment which I am yet to give – can I give it now?

Ishika: I’m all ears. Go ahead.

Me: You look the sexiest one in the entire crowd. Not just because of how you look, but also because of how hard you’ve been trying to cheer me up tonight. Wearing this backless blouse, putting my hand on your waist, clicking pics with me. That makes you the sexiest lady here. Thanks for doing everything.

Ishika: I haven’t done everything yet. (she naughtily smiled)

Me: Ok, so what’s the plan?

Ishika: Mom and dad aren’t home, and I have no plans to leave my friend alone tonight. I can definitely become a distraction for you.

My jaws dropped in surprise, and I hugged her tightly. We left the club, and I said that I’ll drop Ishika home. Ishika looked at me, staring at her perfectly toned breasts, and asked, “Do you want to feel them?”

Me: I wouldn’t deny my dreams.

She sat on the bike and hugged me tightly from behind. Tight enough so that I could feel her watermelons crushing on my back. We reached her place and closed the door. I couldn’t control and kissed her passionately. She had got sex after a long time. So she responded really well.

We started playing with each others’ tongues. She tasted awesome. We went to the bedroom, and I started stripping her clothes one by one. I removed her dupatta first. Kissing her deeply over her neckline, I also started to unhook her blouse. She started to take deep breaths. We both were loving this.

Slowly, I removed her right blouse from the right side and kissed her on her shoulders. Then I removed the left side of her blouse and kissed her on the left shoulder. And then I removed her blouse completely. She wasn’t wearing a bra as that was a padded blouse.

I was so happy to see her perfectly toned breasts. I started licking her upper body and slowly moved towards her breasts. I kissed her nipples and started biting them one by one.

Ishika: They do have a little bit of milk for you, my babe. I want you to drink it.

I started sucking her boobs. Milk wasn’t coming out easily, so I sucked harder, and she moaned in pain. Her moan made me wild, and I sucked harder and harder, and her moans increased. Slowly some milk came out. It was probably one of the best milk I had tasted in my life.

Now I slowly removed her ghaghra too and started to lick her from the toes. She had perfectly waxed legs. I reached her thighs and started to lick her pussy lips. I inserted my tongue and started to lick her pussy harder. The harder I would lick, the harder she would moan. Her moans made me mad.

I started to lick her pussy even harder. As I licked her pussy, she would try to escape, but I was in no mood to let her pussy go even for a moment. I would follow and lick even harder. I licked her pussy so hard that she got tears into her eyes.

She had an orgasm, and her juices came out. I tasted those juices, and I went back to her face and kissed her.

Ishika: That’s the best I’ve ever been licked down there. Your girlfriend was really stupid!

I said: We’re yet to find out everything.

Saying that I undressed and kissed her again. She was surprised to see the long thick dick and was dying to give me a blowjob. She took it in her mouth and started to give me a blowjob. Let me tell you that she was so good at giving me a blowjob that she got me to moan for more.

Now we were ready for the main action. I passed my hand through her hair, and she loved it, really! She looked at me and begged that she wanted a really rough session. She asked me to tie her hands and legs as she lay naked and then begin the action.

I tied her hands and legs to the four corners of the bed. I started to lick her pussy again, and she again started to moan. I did a bit of tickle torture to her and made her beg to get into her.

Finally, I put on a condom and started to push inside her pussy. Sex-starved as Ishika was, her pussy had become a little tight. So it was not that easy to get into her. My tool is really thick and can put even married ladies in pain. I started pushing slowly, but it won’t go through.

So I decided to use a bit more force and pushed harder. The moment my tool went in, she screamed in pain, “Aah,” and tears fell off from her eyes. I kissed her on her lips and started to stroke slowly. Gradually I increased the speed, and she started to moan again.

As I increased my speed, she screamed in pleasure and said, “Fuck me harder, fuck me, harder, harder,” and this just made me mad. I really started to stroke her harder and harder. She kept moaning harder.

When I was about to cum, I told her. She asked me to take my tool out, she removed the condom with her own hands, and she gulped all of it.

I untied her from the bed, and we hugged each other and slept naked until the next morning. She woke up and said that she had one of the best fucks of her entire life, hugged me, and kissed me. What an erotic night with my hot colleague!

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