Sex, Blackmail And The Real Estate Deal – Part 2

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Praveen Kukreja unknotted the string of his striped underwear and pushed it down from his waist. His dick and balls sprang out in the open. His dark pink penis head stuck out of the brown foreskin of his penis, like a salamander. He went closer to Oozmi Khan.

She turned her head back and smiled after looking at the size of his dick. Oozmi Khan cooed sweetly, “Kukreja Saab, do it fast. You won’t be able to enjoy it if it gets dark.” Praveen Kukreja was short. He had inconvenience in aligning his dick between Oozmi Khan’s ass cleavage.

He could only slightly touch her ass cheeks with his dick. Oozmi Khan turned her head again, “Kukreja Saab. Don’t kiss my ass hole with your dick. Kiss it with your mouth. It’s clean, unlike your lint deposited dick.” Praveen Kukreja squatted down, lowering himself. Now his face was aligned to her ass.

He pressed his face to Oozmi Khan’s ass cheeks. Probably she washed her ass with rose water. Even her ass smelt wonderful, Kukreja thought. He parted her ass cheeks to look for her ass hole. Praveen Kukreja had never seen such a beautiful ass before.

Even his wife was fair. But her buttocks had layers of fat, and they were loosely hanging below her waist. Oozmi Khan’s bums were like the pulp of ripe fruit. They weren’t so soft and were perfectly round. Her hips came back to their original shape, even if squeezed.

His wife’s bums, on the other hand, were like a sponge ball. They were soft, too, but the shape was more like a dome of a building. They would remain pressed for a long time of squeezed. His wife had hair even on the crevice of her ass. While the lower end of Oozmi Khan’s ass cheeks were pink.

A very small area surrounding her ass hole was also pink but of a darker shade than the lower ends of her ass cheeks. He took out his tongue again and touched her ass hole with his tongue, sending a current of pleasure. It was created from the hole.

She ran through her entire body and stopped only after reaching her head. He began to slurp Oozmi Khan’s ass which started to arouse her again. He flickered his tongue quickly, keeping it touched to her arsehole. Oozmi Khan lifted her face upwards and tilted her head slightly backward in pleasure.

Praveen Kukreja had a special affinity towards the tiny mole on her right ass cheek. He kissed it and moved his tongue over it. He pouted his mouth and planted a kiss right on her ass hole. Oozmi Khan noticed it was getting dark.

She asked Praveen Kukreja to switch on the bulb hanging to a temporary holder on the wall. He again got up and walked towards the switchboard like a zombie. He switched on the bulb, after which there was some more light in the room again.

By the time Praveen Kukreja turned around, Oozmi Khan was already walking towards the parapet and the large windows. Her shirt was out of her skirt and hung loosely with its partitions swaying there and there. She reached under the bulb and turned around. Praveen Kukreja was dumbstruck at her beauty.

Her shirt was wide apart, exposing the boobs which were jumping out of her frontal body. A flick of hair fell over her face while the remaining cascaded over behind her shoulders. She lifted the front of her skirt to expose her pussy. Praveen Kukreja went crazy at the sight of her pussy.

Oozmi Khan’s pussy just had a small patch of newly growing pubic hair. The labia were tightly pressed to each other. She separated the labia with her fingers to show Praveen Kukreja the pink love tunnel inside. Praveen Kukreja did not move.

Oozmi Khan realized that since Praveen Kukreja has realized that he is almost bankrupt, he is coming out of her trance. She continued to seduce him as it was important that he also signs the last set of papers. She squatted on the floor with her skirt lifted to her navel.

She parted her knees to flash her pink cunt to Praveen Kukreja. Praveen Kukreja picked up the last set of papers and signed them quickly. He kept the papers on the table and walked towards Oozmi Khan. She stood up and turned towards the window. Praveen Kukreja took a few steps forward and reached Oozmi Khan.

He rubbed his dick to Oozmi Khan’s ass cheeks. She was indeed too tall for his convenience. She bent forward by resting her hands on the parapet of the window. Oozmi Khan’s big boobs now hung over the floor from her chest. She had bent and made her body parallel to the floor.

Praveen Kukreja lifted her skirt and tucked it under the border of her skirt. Praveen Kukreja parted her ass cheeks with his hands and located her cunt by running his hands all over her pussy and thighs. He placed his dick on the opening of Oozmi Khan’s cunt.

He pushed his waist forward, inserting his dick inside Oozmi Khan’s cunt. Oozmi Khan pushed herself backward as soon as she felt that only his dick head had entered her pussy; and got the entire dick of Kukreja to get inside it. Oozmi Khan’s cunt was just like what Praveen Kukreja had expected. It was still tight.

Praveen Kukreja felt like his dick getting enclosed within Oozmi Khan’s moist vagina walls. He began to move back and forth, keeping his dick inside her cunt. He placed his hands on her ass and accelerated the speed of his thrusts.

Oozmi Khan’s boobs were shaking and swinging like a fruit from a tree (more precisely like a mango) when there is a storm. He left her ass, took his hands forward, and grabbed her boobs. He began to squeeze her boobs, keeping his thrusts continued.

He took the nipples between his fingers and pulled them downwards. Even Oozmi Khan was enjoying the moment. So was Praveen Kukreja. Praveen Kukreja didn’t have the kind of dick that usually the men talk about. His dick was neither like an iron rod or big enough, which he could call a cobra.

His dick was more like raw seekh kebab. They were neither very soft nor very hard. His dick looked more like a small under grown cucumber. His balls were like medium-sized marbles hung below his dick inside the bag, made with his tender skin.

It slammed against Oozmi Khan’s asscheeks with his every forward thrust. Praveen Kukreja released his load inside Oozmi Khan without warning. His cum overflowed out of her cunt and trickled down on her floor. He slowly withdrew his dick out of her cunt.

His dick was glittering with his own sperm. Oozmi Khan stood up after she felt Kukreja was satisfied. After a long time, Praveen Kukreja’s voice came out of his throat.

“Khan madam, you have robbed me of everything I had. There is nothing more I can give you. But still, I would like to fuck you from the front. I have never seen such a beauty like you before. Fucking a queen like you was beyond my dreams. Please allow me to fuck you from the front.”

Oozmi Khan was initially surprised by his sudden confidence. But soon guessed the reason. She preferred to keep quiet and accept his request. She sat on the parapet, resting her back on the glass of the window panes.

Praveen Kukreja came forward between her legs and lifted them up like handles of a wheelbarrow. He placed his dick between her labia. He grabbed her thighs and pushed his dick inside her vagina. Oozmi Khan was visibly impressed with his stamina.

Just now, he had released loads of cum inside her pussy and soon got ready to fuck her again from the front. He made his way as much deep as possible. He grabbed her boobs again and pulled them upwards. Oozmi Khan parted her legs a bit more. Praveen Kukreja left her boobs and grabbed her thighs again.

He started to bang Oozmi with powerful thrusts. Praveen Kukreja released he would cum again. He took out his dick from her pussy and squirted his sperm all over her boobs and navel. Now he was satisfied with the magical meeting with this client. Praveen Kukreja lifted his pants and underwear together and started to buckle up.

Meanwhile, Oozmi Khan pulled up her bra to cover her boobs. She buttoned up her shirt and arranged her skirt. She did not bother to pick up her panty. They both got onto the construction lift and came down. Oozmi Khan and Praveen Kukreja both climbed into her Jaguar.

On reaching his office, Praveen Kukreja got down. As soon as Praveen Kukreja got down from the Jaguar, he received a video message from Oozmi Khan’s number. The video message had the recording of his sex actions with Oozmi Khan.

Praveen Kukreja could make out that they were being shot from the adjacent building using telescopic lenses. He looked at Oozmi Khan inside the car.

She smiled at him and said, “Tomorrow, I will come again with more cash and cheque. I need your wife’s signature on the forms as well. Getting them signed is your headache. Because if you don’t, the video will be all over the internet and news channels.” Praveen Kukreja could not sleep that night.

The next morning he reached his office early and waited for Oozmi Khan. At around 12, the same Jaguar stopped before his office. Surprisingly, a different lady got out of the Jaguar. She was also wearing a corporate suit along with a hijab around her head.

The same driver, along with two more trolley bags, was walking behind her. She walked in a said that she was Uzmi Khan and had come to hand him over the remaining cash and cheques. She asked for the papers from Kukreja. She presented 2 more cheques.

Praveen Kukreja didn’t have any other option but to hand her the papers he got signed by his wife. She read the papers and, after satisfaction, stood up to leave. Praveen Kukreja mumbled, “A different lady came yesterday. Who was she?”

Hearing the question, Uzmi Khan smiled with surprise. “You don’t know the name of the person with whom you discussed the deal?” How would he say that there wasn’t discussion but seduction, Kukreja thought? Uzmi Khan continued, “She was Zeenat. My husband’s secretary.” Saying this, she walked away.

After she left, Kukreja noticed that the actual name was spelled like U Z M I Khan. It took 6 years for Praveen Kukreja to get his hands on the luxury apartments from ‘Necropolis Estates’ and sell them. Zeenat probably went back to Dubai, where she lived, and was never seen again.

Disclaimer: The story is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to anyone living or dead is purely coincidental. I hope you liked this story, too, like my previous one. Your feedback is expected. If not on a public forum, you can write to me at [email protected]

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