A Middle Class Sex Story

I had been allotted a ground-floor flat. Shruti and her husband, Nitin, lived in the flat above mine. Shruti was around 37, and her husband was 4 years older than her. They were from Saharanpur. Soon, I got friendly with them.

Since I was just 20 years old, I called them bhaiya and bhabhi. I had developed a better connection with Shruti because of our common interest in Sufi Music. Shruti and her husband both were central govt employees. But the flat in the quarter was allocated to her.

Shruti’s husband got transferred to an Indian Consulate in East Africa, but she could not get transferred. Shruti’s husband decided to go alone. He was sure that he would be transferred back after two years and earned a better bank balance.

Shruti and her husband were married for 5 years now. However, they did not have a child by choice and their mutual agreement. However, before leaving for East Africa, Nitin had been posted to Auraiya to acquire some training.

Nitin left for Auraiya. He would drop in for a visit once or twice a month. While he was in town, Shruti behaved like a conservative housewife with limited interaction with me. She would mostly wear a saree.

But, when Nitin bhaiya wasn’t in town, she carried a different personality. She giggled, joked, played Sufi songs loudly, and wore tee shirts and long skirts. After 3 month, training, Nitin finally left for East Africa. Shruti seemed happier when he wasn’t around. She felt independent.

One Saturday late evening, I had just sat to drink vodka, I heard someone knocking on my door. I kept my glass on the table and went to open the door. It was Shruti bhabhi. She was dressed in her casual round neck tee shirt and long skirt. I invited her inside.

She came inside and handed me a tiffin box that had halwa. I invited her to my drawing-room, forgetting that my glass of vodka was on the table. She went in, and I followed her to the drawing-room. Her eyes fell on the bottle of vodka, and she looked at me as if to say, “You too, Brutus?”

“Do you drink?” Shruti asked. I replied that I drink occasionally. She laughed and said, “Like a lonely soul?” I replied melodramatically that at times loneliness is the best friend. Shruti mockingly appreciated the deep thought. I invited her to sit and said that I also had cold drinks.

Shruti bhabhi continued, “What made you think that I will not have vodka?”

I was pleasantly surprised and confirmed, “Do you drink? How do you know it’s vodka?” Shruti said that before marriage, she used to drink sometimes with her friends. After marriage, she never got an opportunity to drink.

I exclaimed, “Wow, Shruti bhabhi! Let’s drink and enjoy.”

Shruti asked me to allow her to create the necessary ambiance. Shruti switched off the tube lights and kept only a small dim light on. She sat on the sofa and said, “Now make the drinks.”

I made two large vodka pegs and offered her a glass. Apart from that, I had kept chips and masala nuts on the table. We chatted while sipping and munching. She said Nitin was a nice guy but quite boring. He was interested in sports and politics while she was more interested in music and in enjoying life.

We chit-chatted like this over a couple of drinks. By the time we were having our third drink, we were partially drunk. I was sitting beside her on the sofa. Our thighs rubbed against each other occasionally. My eyes fell on her. She was giggling while she spoke.

I could see her eyes glittering with joy and happiness. She was of a wheatish complexion. I just looked into her eyes and said, “Shruti bhabhi, you are so beautiful. Right now, instead of Shruti bhabhi, I want to call you Shruti Baby.” She stopped giggling but continued smiling.

I was still looking into her eyes for the unspoken consent. I continued, trying to divert the conversation, “Actually, baby, it’s this million-dollar smile that’s even more killing.”

She brought her mouth close to my ear and whispered, “Is my smile only killing, or it’s arousing too?” I withdrew my face and looked at her in astonishment.

She giggled again and said, “Hero, is there something bulging from your pajamas?” pointing to my hard-on and letting out tinkling sounds of laughter. I replied, looking embarrassed, “Oops, baby, I am in love with you.” She said, “Your Nitin bhaiya officially owns me. What to do?”

I realized that she was playing with me by keeping me away from a clear yes. But she wasn’t also protesting me flirting her. I whispered, “Baby. Celebrate your freedom. I know you are happier without Nitin. He is boring and conservative, but you are jolly and playful.”

Shruti whispered back, “Then let’s play.” I looked into her eyes again. This time her eyes did give me a silent approval to proceed. Looking into her eyes, I forwarded my mouth to kiss and stopped, just millimeters away from her lips.

She covered the remaining distance by forwarding her face and planting the kiss. She pressed her lips to mine. I sucked her lips and then inserted my tongue into her mouth. She kept her eyes closed and just enjoyed the deep, open-mouthed french kiss.

I wrapped my hands around her shoulder and kissed her even more tightly. She clutched my kurta collar in her fists and reciprocated to the smooches. While kissing, I started to grope her boobs over the tee-shirt. I stopped kissing and said, “Wow, baby! Your boobs are soft as balls of cotton.”

She replied, “Hero, they aren’t like cotton balls. They are like butter balls. Eat it.” I pulled the tee-shirt upward and removed it away from her body. Shruti bhabhi was wearing a white color cotton bra. The unbranded ones, which are cheap and available with hawkers.

I held her arms and made her sit on my lap with her facing me and her legs on either side of my thighs. She reacted to the prick of my dick on her buttocks, “Ouch!” I unhooked the bra straps and pulled out one of the boobs from its cup. Shruti bhabhi had dark brown, elongated nipples on medium-sized boobs.

They hung a bit from the summit, but the lower half protruded towards the front keeping the nipples parallel to the ground. I squeezed one of the boobs while occasionally pulling the nipple and rolling them between my fingers. I groped her boobs with both my hands. I lifted one of them inside my mouth.

I started to suck the soft tit and playing around the nipple with my tongue. Shruti bhabhi pressed my face to her breasts with her hands. I sucked both the tits like a baby. I raised my hands and removed my kurta. I embraced Shruti tightly and pressed my body against hers. I felt her erect nipples prick my chest as she submitted to her lust.

She was kissing me on my neck and shoulder and then went back to kiss on my lips. She sucked my upper lips, lower lips, and my ear lobes. While kissing and sucking my earlobes, she whispered, “Will the fun be limited to kissing and groping tonight?”

I said, “Baby, shall I confess something?” She stopped sucking and looked at me. I continued, “Baby, I am a virgin. My knowledge about female anatomy is limited to the theory that I acquired from pornography.”

She withdrew her head and smiled by saying, “The moment you touched my boobs, I guessed that. I could feel your fingers tremble while you were squeezing them. Your hands were exploring rather than squeezing my boobs. Come on, let me teach you Kamasutra.”

She stood up from my lap and walked towards my bedroom, asking me to follow her. She pulled down her skirt at the bedroom entrance and walked inside wearing just the pink panty with polka dots. Before I could enter the bedroom, she pulled the knots of my pajamas loose.

I pulled it further down to my ankles and removed it away completely. I walked towards the bed with my dick and testicles dangling between my legs. My dick pointed towards her as if they were expressing gratitude and saluting her. She clutched my dick in her hands. I instantly closed my eyes.

This was the first time a female had touched my dick erotically. She pulled my dick back and forth and also played with my balls. She asked me to get on the bed and lay down. I did so like an obedient student. She initially kept fondling my dick and balls.

She placed my dick between her boobs and started rubbing my dick in the deep cleavage between her breasts. I closed my eye in pleasure. I opened my eyes, feeling moist and warm all over my dick. Shruti had taken my dick inside her mouth.

She clasped my dick between her lips and started pulling it back and forth. I felt her tongue coiling against my dick as she licked the entire length. I was a university-level athlete and stood up to a height of 6 feet. My forte in sports was shot put and discus throw.

My dick is usually 6.5 inches long but 7 inches when erect. She could only take 6 inches in her mouth. But after trying a bit, she managed to take the entire dick in her mouth till she wasn’t choking. Soon my dick signaled to explode as she sucked, keeping it wrapped tightly with her lips.

I told her that I was about to cum and tried to pull my dick out of her mouth. But she didn’t leave it. Instead, she sucked it even more strongly, to which I finally gave up. I released my load inside her mouth. My cum filled her mouth, which she swallowed.

I lifted my head upward to watch her swallow and lick more cum that continued coming out. I said, “Baby, I have just seen this happening in movies. I don’t know if this tastes good or not.”

She said even she saw this in movies. She tried earlier with Nitin bhaiya. But he did not even allow her to try. She told me that it tasted good. She dragged herself up to the bedpost and adjusted herself so that her boobs hung right above my mouth. I pulled down her boobs and sucked them both, one after the other.

My dick was weak again. She allowed it to relax and asked me to sit. I sat up on the bed. She stood on the bed and came closer to me. She brought her vagina close to my face. I looked up at her face. She pushed my face to her vagina and said, “Sniff this. Feel the divine fragrance.”

It did actually feel good. I was sniffing like a dog. Her panty already had a wet patch over her pussy. I kissed the wet spot over the panty. I pulled down the panty to her ankles. She took out her legs one after the other and threw the panty aside.

I took time to see a fully naked adult woman standing just centimeters away from me. She kept her pubic hair trimmed with scissors. I kissed her on the pussy again. I pressed my mouth to her vagina. She parted her clitoris with her fingers and said, “Hero! Suck here. This is the tunnel to heaven.”

I inserted the tip of my tongue into the hole, which was pink inside. She closed her eyes and let out a soft moan. I parted the clit with my fingers and inserted my tongue deeper into her vagina. Shruti pressed my head to her pussy to enable my tongue to explore the deeper inside.

I kissed her pussy and took the labia between my lips, and sucked the clit. She moaned with her eyes closed. I pulled her down on the bed and made her lie down on her back. I placed my head between her thighs and got back to the job of exploring the valley of love.

I groped her boobs while sucking the pussy. She began to slither like a snake. She said, “You are indeed a fast learner. Yes, go deeper. Wow! You are so good. Go on. Eat my pussy. Fuck my pussy with your tongue.”

I tongue fucked her pussy. I flickered my tongue inside Shruti’s pussy and inserted my tongue deeper. Shruti splashed like a catfish as I slurped inside her pussy. Shruti’s moans were so erotic that I was aroused, and my dick was hard again.

I lifted her legs on my shoulders and pressed my face to her pussy. I was trying something I saw in a few porn videos. Shruti said, “Now fuck! Get your cobra in the hole. Your baby is dying to get you inside her.” I went over her but had no clue or idea how to get my dick inside her pussy.

Every time I pressed my dick on her pussy, it wouldn’t go in and move away from the hole. Shruti did not want the excitement to die. She pushed me down on the bed. She came and sat over my dick. She lifted herself and bit and adjusted my dick to the right place.

Once the dick was in position, she lowered herself. As she lowered herself, my hard dick penetrated her pussy. She closed her eyes to feel my dick slithering inside her pussy and moaned. The hardness of my dick increased as it felt clasped in Shruti’s tight pussy.

She started springing up and down with my dick inside her pussy. Her boobs swayed up and down with her. I clutched her boobs and squeezed them. She stopped jumping and simply dropped herself on me. Her boobs squashed against my chest. Once again as she held me in a tight embrace.

She whispered, “Feel yourself inside me. Lift your arse and explore the depth.” I slowly lifted my bums, to which my dick went in deeper slowly. I enjoyed this feeling and continued the action very slowly. Shruti was just 5.5 feet tall and slim. Her small pussy was tight around my dick.

Even Nitin bhaiya was just 5.7 feet tall and skinny. Proportionately his dick was smaller in length and width. I pushed Shruti bhabhi back on the bed and got over her. I now placed my dick right outside her hole correctly. I gripped her thighs and pushed my dick inside her pussy once again.

Shruti moaned loudly. When I felt my dick was at the deepest point in the pussy, I gripped her legs and placed them around my waist. I placed my hands beside her boobs on the bed and moved my waist back and forth.

As my thick, long dick rubbed against Shruti bhabhi’s narrow pussy walls, she whimpered in pleasure. The room was filled up with our voices. I groaned, “Bloody whore. Take in deeper.”

Shruti retorted back, “Don’t dare to call me a whore. I am your keep. I get screwed by you not for money but out of love – bloody kid. Don’t even know where are the holes are. Like this.”

I continued, “You are so soft. Your buttocks and boobs can be squeezed like sponge balls. I haven’t touched any females like this before. But I can make out that none of your age women have such soft assets. Most women of your age have shagging boobs and too fat buttocks.”

Shruti replied, “Well, I will credit Nitin for this. He has a low sperm count, for which we couldn’t have a child. Most Indian females get out of shape after conceiving.”

She tightened the grip of her legs around my waist. I pulled up my head and took one of the boobs inside my mouth, and sucked it.

She complimented, “Hero, I must compliment you for your tenacity. Considering that your dick is inside a female pussy for the first time, you haven’t leaked till now. Your bhaiya leaks in two minutes after putting his tool inside.”

I could have simply called her Shruti but calling her baby or Shruti baby was more erotic. My dick was now at its hardest point. I grabbed and squeezed both the boobs and increased the speed of my thrusts. She moaned as I accelerated my speed.

I said, “Baby, I will leak again.”

“Go ahead, Hero. Feed your juice to my pussy,” she said.

With this, I tightly gripped her thighs and pushed myself deeper. She moaned, arching her back and lifting her arse upward as she had an orgasm. At that moment, I slowed down and pushed my dick as much deep as possible to release my cum.

I did not pull it back but waited till the last drop of my sperm flowed inside her. After my flow was complete, I slowly withdrew my dick out of the pussy. I lay down flat beside her. She snuggled closer to me and tried to rest. She slept on her side, keeping her one hand over my chest and thighs on my thighs.

We chatted, laying naked on the bed, and randomly fondled each other till we slept. We took a shower together, after which I left for the office. Before I left, I again sucked her pussy and boobs, calling them my breakfast.

She took a day off and, sometime during the day, stealthily went back to her house. In the govt quarters, her staying with me at night would have been termed as a scandal.

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