The Tale Of Lust – Part 1 (The First Time)

Sapna: Your voice is getting kinky.

Varun: Why not? It’s about 10.30 pm, and my girl agrees to give me what I want on her birthday.

Sapna: Ha. You still have four days for that, so control your emotions.

Varun: How on earth would I control doll? I keep imagining.

Sapna: Do I wear any clothes in your imagination?

Varun: Of course not. By the by, what are you wearing now?

Sapna: Camisole and night pant.

Varun: What’s inside that?

Sapna: Nothing.

‘Nothing.’ That word awakened the animal inside me. I was waiting outside my girl’s apartment to surprise her. But when I heard the word ‘nothing,’ I was surprised. Controlling all my feelings, I rang the doorbell.

Sapna: What the hell are you doing here?

There was my girl wearing a dupatta to cover her assets. I badly wanted to remove them. But unfortunately, we had a deal, and I had to obey that.

Varun: Suprise!

Sapna: Get inside first.

I went inside, and she locked the door. Seeing her from the rear end, I lost completely. I decided to tease her. I pulled her dupatta from the rear. She quickly turned and covered her assets. Oh my god, what a sight it was.

Sapna: Idiot.

I grabbed her hips and pulled her closer to me. I kissed her forehead. There was a cute little cleavage where a drop of sweat fell right on it.

Varun: I love you.

Sapna: Give me my shawl back.

Varun: Quiet. I wont eat you.

I lifted her, made her sit on the sofa. I asked her to unwrap the gift while enjoying her melons from the side. She felt a bit awkward, but she understood my intentions. She opened the gift and took the first item out of it. It was a blindfold.

Sapna: What’s this?

I tied that to her eyes. Now I started caressing her arms. It was chubby and silky smooth. She immediately caught my hands and said no. But I got hold of her hands and made a kiss on her neck. She moaned softly. Then I removed her blindfold. She looked into my eyes, hoping that I would kiss her, but I didn’t.

Varun: You will be blindfolded for the entire session on your birthday night.

Sapna: What? But I want to see when we are doing.

Varun: Quiet. Open the next one.

The next item was a handcuff. Sapna looked puzzled. I locked the handcuffs in her hands. She asked me what that was for. I slowly took my hands between her legs(a little below her pussy) and pressed her thighs. She moaned a little louder, and she pulled out my hands.

Varun: See. I don’t want any resistance when I put my hand on my lady’s love hole. Open the next one.

She opened the next item, and it was a nipple clamp. My girl’s knowledge of sex, porn, and submission was very little. Hence all this stuff is new to her.

Sapna: What’s this for? To close my mouth so that I could control my moans?

Varun(Smiling): No jaan! Show me your hand.

I hooked the clamp on the middle fingers of both her hand. Then I loosened it a little and started rubbing it back and forth. Then I tightened and pulled it. She still looked puzzled. I went near her ears and whispered.

Varun: I will do the same thing but on your nipples.

She gave a shocking look at me.

Sapna: I can’t handle it.

I closed her mouth.

Varun: Quiet. Open the final one.

She obeyed and opened the last item. My girl’s favorite flavors were mango and chocolate. So I bought the condoms of the same flavor.

Varun: I will take turns. 1 mango and 1 chocolate, and I will do until you say enough.

She looked into my eye. She pulled my collar and locked my lips onto her. It was hard. She hasn’t kissed me like that ever. I lifted her and made her sit on my lap, and I started sucking her lips. First the upper one, then the lower one. We were going hard.

My right hand went into her camisole from the rear while the left hand was in her neck. I broke the kiss and started smooching her neck. I started caressing her neck with my left hand. I slowly brought her melons. She caught my hand immediately. I looked into her eyes.

I took her right hand into my shirt. She caressed my chest and pinched my nipple. It took me damn high, and I squeezed her right boob over her camisole while locking lips with her. Damn her boob. It was firm upright, and her nipple was poking my hand through her camisole.

My tool was begging to come out. Our lips went deep, exploring our tounges. Then I broke the kiss to ask her.

Varun: Should we wait till your birthday?

Sapna: Fuck the birthday Varun. I want all of you right now.

And how on earth would I keep quiet after hearing that? I lifted her and took a box of condoms without even noticing the flavor. I rushed into the bedroom. I didn’t even care about the door. I threw her on the bed, and I unbuttoned the shirt and yanked it.

I also removed my jeans, and I was only in my jockeys. I jumped on her in a missionary position and straight away went for her lips. I slowly smooched her neck and boobs over her slips and lifted the slip till her boobs. I kissed her navel and put my tongue on her navel hole, and started licking it.

Then I pulled her pant a little down and gave a bite on her underbelly. She immediately pulled me up by pulling my hair. Then I kissed her and locked my hands to the top of the bed, and I looked into her eyes. Then I pulled her camisole through her arms, and I threw it away.

There she was. My girl was glowing without her top. She was half-naked and beautiful. Her round boobs were firm, and her nipples were hard. I caressed the outer shape of her boobs with my middle finger. Then I pinched her nipple a little harder. She screamed a little and covered her boobs with her hands.

I took her hand out and slowly massaged her right boob while sucking the nipples of the left one. Now slowly massaged both her boobs and licked her navel. Her moaning became a little heavy. Then I kissed her cleavage and took the right boob, and sucked them.

I bit the right boob nipple and pulled them with my teeth. She screamed a little, but she enjoyed every bit. Then once again, I shifted to left boob. At the same time, I took my right hand into her pants. She resisted, but I used my strength to overcome her resistance.

I placed my hand on her pussy and put my middle finger just above her love hole. It was already soaked in her cum. All the foreplay that I did was working. I slowly rubbed over her love hole. Her moaning got louder.

I bit her nipples again while putting my middle finger into her hole. She held my hand firmly in pain and pleasure. Her legs were crouching, and she was lifting her back in pleasure. She again pulled my head and kissed me.

Sapna: Jaan please stop it. I want you in badly.

Varun: Not so soon, darling.

I inserted two fingers now, and she closed her eyes in pleasure. I started moving my fingers while smooching her neck. Then I pulled her pants and yanked them. I removed my jockeys too. My tool was quite happy to come out. She stared at me for a second or two, and there was amusement in her eyes.

I smiled at her naughtily. I kissed her toes. She brought her legs together, hiding her modesty. I kissed her thighs and parted her legs. There was it. My girl’s pussy is waiting for me to bang it. I parted her legs wide and gave a long look at it. She immediately closed her hole with her hand.

Sapna: Please don’t look at it like that.

She was damn cute when she said that. I badly wanted to suck her juices. I put my tongue out and started licking her inner thigh. I slowly moved near her pussy. She tried resisting with her hand. Just below her pussy in her left thigh, I gave her a love bite. She went wild with that bite.

I repeated the same with her right thigh. She was lifting her back in pleasure. Then without delay, I placed my tongue in her opening. I pushed my tongue into her pussy further and started licking it. Then I moved into her cunt and started licking it while putting my finger into her pussy.

She was screaming in ecstasy. I knew the neighbors would hear her moaning. But I wanted my girlfriend to get all the pleasure first, so I didn’t control her. She was getting wilder as she moved her hips up and down in pleasure. I went hard on her cunt. Her breathing went heavy.

Sapna: Fuck. Jaanu, please stop. I can’t handle this. Jaanu. Ah!. Fuck me, please. Ah! Jaanu, I want you.

Her words were trembling. I understood she was going to have an orgasm. So I stopped all of a sudden. I went on top of her and looked into her eyes. My tool touched her pussy. I had the erection of my life. My dick hasn’t raised this much in my entire life.

I took her left hand and placed it in my balls. Her hands were too soft that her touch made my dick grow a little more.

Varun: Baby! Your hands.

Her hands were soft and tender. I slowly moved her hand from balls to the tip of my dick. Her index finger caressed my dick badly.

Sapna: Baby. It’s big. It’s huge. You are scaring me.

Varun: There is nothing to be afraid of, doll. It was made for you. Don’t worry. It won’t hurt you.

Saying this, I made her wrap my tool, and I made her to slowly stroke my dick. This made me crazy. I quickly removed her hand and placed my tip in her opening. She knew what was coming next.

Sapna: Please be soft jaan.

I locked her lips and slowly entered her hole. It was damn tight. I didn’t want to scare her for the first time. So I took out my dick and once again took my dick head inside. I did this around four times, and I pushed until her hymen. She was moaning and letting out a little scream in pain.

Then I pushed her with a little high pace. Yes, I broke her hymen. She was smiling and screaming at the same time. Tears rolled out of her eyes. Then I released her lips and started moving back and forth into her pussy.

Sapna: Yeah! I love you, jaan. I want all of you. Yes. Ah!

Her moaning got louder as I increased the pace. I placed my entire tool into her hole as it hit the end of her pussy. My balls were hitting her and pussy walls. I was banging her pussy hard as the ‘chuk-chuk’ sound mixed with Sapna’s moanings. She was reaching her climax as she dug her nails into my back.

I was pounding her like an animal that she screamed and let out all her cum in once. My dick could feel her cum flow. I took my tool out slowly so that she could enjoy her orgasm. I gave her a bit of time to enjoy and regain her senses. I wore a condom in the meanwhile.

Sapna: Those are mango-flavored. I can smell them.

Varun: All I can smell is your juices. That is the best aroma I have ever smelled in my life. Happy first time, doll.

Sapna: Happy first time, jaan.

Saying this, I put my entire dick at once as I know she can handle this now. She moved with my rhythm. I moved my entire dick back and fro. I reached the outermost to the innermost of her pussy with great pace. She was screaming a lot, and I started moaning.

She knew I was about to cum. So she placed my left hand at her boob while my right hand was squeezing her ass cheeks. Her face turned pink while her moaning turned into screaming. Then at once, I let out all my cum into the condom, and I collapsed on her.

She hugged me tightly and kissed me on my cheek. My tool became a limp inside her. Then I lifted my head and kissed her lips passionately. I went on the side and pulled her to my chest. We were cuddling. Her hands were on my chest while her legs were between my legs. She was tired.

Her breasts were breathing heavily, and I could feel them in my chest. She slowly closed her eyes and fell asleep while I was caressing her back.

This is the end of the part where I fucked my virgin girlfriend Sapna for the first time. You can tell how much you guys enjoyed this mail, [email protected] Part-2 will come based on your reviews.

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