Fucked Married Mallu Nurse In Dubai Hotel

Hai readers, I am Manu, 28, living in the UAE. This is a real story that happened last August. After a long vacation, I was traveling back to Dubai from my home town Cochin in an Indigo flight.

After the check-in process, I finally got inside the flight. My seat number was 6B. I walked towards the seat and saw a mallu lady sitting in 6A window seat and the 6C seat was vacant.

I settled myself in 6B and checked out the lady next to me. She was around 40, couldn’t see the face clearly due to the face shield and mask. She was wearing a green top and red leggings with shall covering her top.

After a few minutes, an old man around 60 sat next to my other seat(6C). The flight took off and everything was normal. After some time, the old man next to me was in deep sleep.

I started the conversation with the lady asking what she is doing in Dubai. Her name was Suja, She was a nurse in Dubai, was staying with her family (husband and 2 kids). Since her husband had lost his job, they went back home. Now she only had a job so the husband and kids stayed back in their hometown.

The mallu nurse was very friendly and we were chatting throughout our 4 hours flight. I asked he where she was planning for quarantine and she told me that she was planning to go directly to Hospital accommodation. But the rule at that time was we needed to do 2 days quarantine alone strictly.

I told her that and she panicked. While landing in Dubai, they would ask for an individual quarantine place and she didn’t have any to mention. I told her that I had booked a hotel for 2 days and had the documents. If she wanted, she could give that details and tell them we were staying together.

First, the married mallu nurse didn’t agree, then I showed her the rules, and then she said OK.

By 2 pm, our flight landed. While walking through the airport, I saw her full structure. The Kerala nurse was damn sexy, had an average body with good boobs, maybe 34C and her ass was projected out of her dress.

We went to the immigration. There the Arabic officer asked about quarantine details and we showed him our hotel booking and he was convinced. He told us that we should stay in quarantine till the results came and if we go out, a huge fine will be there.

She looked at me and said that this was not what we discussed and she can’t stay in a hotel with me. I convinced her that the result will come within 3-4 hours.

Now it was only 3 pm and we can go to the hotel and sit in the room. By maybe 8 pm, the results will come and she can go to the accommodation. She said, Ok.

We took a taxi and went to the hotel. We checked in at the 4-star hotel and they gave us an upgrade to a premium room.

We entered the room and she was like, wow. She was staying for the first time in a hotel in Dubai.

I put mine and her luggage inside the cupboard and sat on the bed. The mallu nurse sat on the sofa. We chatted for some time. She said that she needed to enjoy life up to some extent rather than be dedicated to her family.

I advised her about life and agreed with her that we should enjoy. She was very happy.

I took a towel and went to the bathroom to get a bath. After the bath, I came out only in a towel and Suja was still sitting on the sofa watching TV. She looked at me in the towel and commented on my body with a naughty smile.

I told her to go and freshen up since there was time. The mallu nurse took some clothes from her luggage and went into the washroom. After some time, she came out. I accidentally said, OMG.

Suja was wearing a red satin nighty and it was too tight. Everything inside was clearly visible. She was wearing a white bra and a pink petticoat. They were clearly visible through her nighty. My dick was rock hard.

Then I realized I was not wearing any underwear and was still in my towel. I tried to hide my dick with my hands, but she smiled and asked me how she looked in that dress. I went closer to her and took her hand and asked her if she really wanted to know how she looked.

I placed the mallu nurse’s hand on my hard rock dick. I didn’t feel any hesitation from her which was a positive move. I moved closer and kissed her lips. She was co-operating. I moved my hands and rubbed her across her waist. Her hands on my dick started to move up and down.

I lowered my hand and grabbed the sexy mallu nurse’s ass through the nighty and at the same time, I put my tongue inside her mouth. We kissed for almost 10 minutes. Then I grabbed her mallu boobs through nighty, they were huge.

I removed her nighty, now she was standing in front of me in her white bra and pink petticoat. I couldn’t take my eyes off her boobs.

Suja removed my towel and knelt down, cleaned my dick tip with a tissue, and started to lick the tip. Then the mallu nurse put my dick inside her mouth. She gave me a very good blowjob. I was in heaven as she was a pro in BJ.

The married mallu aunty then removed her bra and petticoat and sat on the bed. She was wearing a white panty. I lied down in the bed and started to press and lick her boobs. She was moaning and enjoying it. I removed her panties and started to rub her pussy. Her breath started to increase with the moaning sound.

I played around the mallu nurse’s pussy with my tongue. I inserted one finger inside her pussy. It was wet. I stroked it for some time and then inserted 2 fingers. It continued for some time.

I started rubbing Suja’s pussy with my dick. She looked at me and asked if I had condoms. I asked her if it was necessary, and she said it was better to be safe than taking the risk.

Since I usually go with some couples for fun, I had some condoms in my bag. So I took it and gave it to her. The Malayali nurse removed the cover and put that in my dick. Then she lied down. I slowly inserted my 6″ dick inside her pussy. After 2-3 strokes, I started to increase my speed. Suja was making so many sounds.

I took Suja’s boobs and squeezed them hard while stroking and biting her nipples. She was enjoying everything.

Then we changed into doggy position. After some time, she came on top of me and I was lying down on my back. After some time, she told me that she had her orgasm and laid flat on my chest. But I hadn’t still cummed.

I made the satisfied mallu nurse lie down and again inserted my dick. We continued it for about 10 minutes and she was making sexy sound and enjoying it. Then I ejaculated and she had her second orgasm.

I removed my dick and went to the washroom, cleaned everything, and came back. I saw the mallu nurse lying on the bed. She was too tired and fell asleep naked. I slept next to her.

The next day morning when I woke up, the mallu aunty was already in the washroom. After some time, she came out with only a towel wrapped around her. I asked her how it was last night. She told me she hadn’t experienced this much pleasure in her life.

I checked my phone and our results were negative. I told her to stay 1 more day but she needed to submit her passport to HR and check in to accommodation that day itself. So we both checked out by 10 am, She went to her accommodation and I went to my apartment.

We chatted every day after that and met in different hotels 3 times. We had a good time. But last month, the mallu nurse’s husband and kids came back, and after that, we haven’t met yet. This is a real story with some spices. If there are any mistakes in my language, please pardon me.

Please write your feedback and comments to [email protected] My name is Many Roy.

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