First Time Sex With My Sister’s Friend

Hi guys! My name is Vineeth. I am going to share a real-life experience of having sex with my elder sister’s friend Shivani(name changed) aged 24. I am 19 years old. Shivani is my neighbor.

One afternoon, on returning home from college, I found my house locked. I tried contacting my parents and sister but could not reach their phones. I knocked on Shivani’s house door to ask about my parents. She told me that my parents had gone out urgently for some work and that they would return by night.

She told me to stay at her house until they return. She was alone. At first, she gave some snacks. We were casually chatting. Gradually, the topic shifted to crushes. She asked me whether I had any crush. I showed her the picture of one of my college friends Varshini, on whom I had a strong crush.

She told that Varshini looks cute. Then I asked her about her crush. She told me that she had proposed to a guy but he rejected her. I was surprised that some guy had rejected a beautiful and good-natured girl like Shivani. I told her, “How could anyone reject such a good-natured and attractive girl like you!”

She asked me to repeat it. I got scared. Anyways as I was caught red-handed, I repeated. She asked me, “Do you really find me attractive?” To which I hesitantly replied, “Yes.” She told me that it is completely fine and she also finds me handsome. I was very happy listening to her.

Then our topic slowly changed to sex. I asked her whether she watches porn. She told me that she watches porn and masturbates once a week. I then asked her about her favorite category. Her favorite was teen sex. I asked her as to why she still likes teen sex when she is no longer a teenager.

She told that she likes it because the first time sex of teens is filled with a lot of emotions. During the conversation, my penis started to get hard. She noticed it and was staring at it. I adjusted myself and was quite embarrassed. She told me that it is natural and there is nothing to feel bad about.

I told her that it feels awkward. She replied, “Don’t worry, even I am quite aroused and feeling a bit wet.” I was stunned by her words. Slowly I came back to my senses. She now came closer to me and asked whether we can have sex. I didn’t know what to tell.

She told me that she was a virgin and has been wanting to have sex for quite some time now. As a young man, I was also deeply interested in sex and so hesitantly agreed. She assured me that she will keep this a secret. I accepted. I asked her what if she gets pregnant.

She told me that she had her period just two days back and so is in the infertile period of her menstrual cycle. She also assured me that she would take a pill from her friend. We were scared to buy condoms from the medical shop as the person in the shop knows our parents.

We slowly started kissing. It was very sensual. I was running my hand all over her back. I couldn’t feel her bra strap. I broke the kiss and asked her whether she was wearing a bra. She told me that she wasn’t wearing it as she was at home. We continued kissing and slowly I started squeezing her ass.

She started moaning which turned me on further. We were kissing continuously for 15 minutes. Then finally we broke the kiss and she removed my t-Shirt. She started kissing me all over my chest and told that I have a well-toned chest. She also liked the fact that my chest hair was trimmed.

I: So I have trimmed. Have you?
She: Girls don’t have chest hair.
I: You very well know that I am not talking about chest hair.

She: Then what are you talking about?
I: Your underarms and down here. (while telling down here, I touched a girl’s vagina for the first time)

She immediately pushed my hand away and told me not to be in a hurry. Then I again asked her in a seducing tone as to whether she has shaved, to which she replied that she has done Brazilian waxing.

Now I removed her t-shirt. I was awestruck. I started sucking and licking her breasts by pushing her on to the sofa. After sucking her for a while.

I: What is your breast size?
She: 32B. How long is your penis?
I: I have never measured it. Do you want to?
She: Yes.

She immediately ran it to bring a scale and measuring tape. I saw her breasts bouncing and was mesmerized. She came back and pulled my pants down. She gave a small peck on my penis and started measuring the size. I told her that it can still get harder and longer and insisted that she measures it later.

Then I removed her skirt and panty. The first thing I did was to sniff her panty. She gave a naughty smile on seeing this. Then I started licking her vagina. She was very wet and was moaning. Then I fingered her for some time. By now, I was completely hard. So I told her to measure the size. She found it to be 7”.

Now she started sucking my penis. I was in heaven. She sucked for some time and I came in her mouth. She swallowed some amount of my semen and spat out the remaining. She told that it tasted salty and forced me to taste it as well. Now, my penis was getting limp.

So I started playing with her breasts and tongue fucking her for some time. I got hard again and ready to penetrate her. We got into the missionary position. She was a bit hesitant to let me start. She knew that first-time intercourse would be painful. I assured her I will insert my penis slowly.

I slowly inserted my penis. She started screaming and moaning. I kissed her to lessen the loudness of her moan. Tears were coming out from her eyes. It took some time for her to get comfortable and both of us started enjoying the pleasure. I ejaculated inside her and both of us came at the same time.

We were tired and sweating. I hugged her and we relaxed on the sofa for some time. Then we had a shower together.

I hope you guys liked it. Any college girls ready for a sex chat, please contact me in the below email ID. Please do share your valuable feedback about my story. [email protected]

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