Is Saloni A College Cumslut?

Fucking Priyanka would have been easy. But fucking her friend, the busty college cumslut Saloni, would have been more pleasurable. What makes my dick hard at her sight is that she had a wheatish complexion.

She was tall, and she had soft, fully formed boobs, inside which you want to remain buried forever. I call her a slut because of certain stories, sightings, and videos.

When she was in her 2nd year of engineering, a college party was organized by our seniors, 3rd-year students. She was, in my observation, over-friendly with most of the seniors.

When the party was over, 4 seniors decided to continue the party in their room. They asked around who would join them. Saloni and another of our batchmates, Shreya, and two Senior girls, offered to join them.

Shreya is ugly, and the other two senior girls are fuckable only in a drunken state. So all the seniors would have been hoping to fuck this soft-boobed slut Saloni.

I only got to know what happened after they left the pub through Astav and Vibhor. They were two of the seniors present when Saloni was being fucked. And a video clipping upon watching which I immediately masturbated 2 times.

So, upon reaching their room, Astav made a whisky peg for everyone. Apart from Shreya, everybody agreed to drink. After their two pegs, the senior girls and Saloni started to dance with their seniors. They were playing some Pink Floyd songs.

Saloni was apparently a lightweight. She got really drunk after 2 pegs. The seniors took advantage of this by rubbing their dick against her ass while dancing. And she responded by moving her ass more and more while dancing.

Astav and Vibhor both surrounded her while dancing and pressed her boobs. They ran their hands on her back, and they said she didn’t seem to mind. After an hour of dancing, Shreya and one of the senior girls left because it was getting late.

The other senior girl went to bed, saying she was resting and would be up in 15 minutes. So it was Vibhor, Astav, and 2 of their friends and our slut Saloni in the room.

Astav made the first move by kissing Saloni on the neck and pressing her ass softly while doing so. To his surprise, she responded with a smooch. She continued smooching him. He ran his hands inside her sleeveless white T-shirt.

While smooching, they sat down on the sofa. Now she was comfortably placed above his dick. Now all that remained was to become naked. So he went about undressing her while still kissing her. She removed his pants.

Perhaps in her passion, she forgot there were 3 other guys in the room watching her, or she enjoyed putting on a show. In the cowgirl position, she took his dick, placed it inside her pussy, and rode him.

He sucked on her boobs while enjoying her up and down movement. Vibhor and another of their roommate had their dick out already. They were stroking, watching this slut. Vibhor went towards her and, without asking her, pushed her head towards his dick.

And again, surprisingly, she began sucking it voluntarily, using her hands and trying to take it more and more while Astav continued to fuck her. They decided to change positions. She was asked to lay in doggy style on the sofa.

Now Vibhor entered from behind her, and Astav started mouth fucking her. This was the scene captured on the video by the other guy present in the room. The video is 5 minutes long.

And it starts with Saloni in doggy style getting fucked by Astav and Vibhor. The other guy Shruvhal took Astav’s place. He fucked the bitch roughly, mouth fucking her, using her mouth like a pussy, going deep inside her. H was making her give a deep throat.

She was obliging or was too fucked up to protest. The slut’s white ass getting rammed makes my dick so hard. Her creamy boobs were getting groped again and again. And Vibhor from behind kept pulling her by her hair. He was getting rougher and rougher by the minute.

Shruvhal had all of his 6-inch dick inside Saloni’s mouth now. She was gagging, and he held her by her hair, almost choking her. After a few blissful seconds, the viewer somehow got the dick out and let out a deep breath.

But after 5 seconds, he again filled her mouth with his dick, again mouth fucking her. And the video ends 16 seconds into mouth fucking and pussy ramming.

After all of them had ejaculated twice inside her mouth or cunt, they decided to take a break. During the break, Shruvhal woke the senior girl up and started fucking her in the doggy style. Vibhor joined in and began mouth fucking her.

Now this senior was resisting being mouth fucked by Vibhor. But he kept overpowering her and kept ramming his dick inside her mouth. After few minutes, she gave in and let him do whatever he wanted.

Meanwhile, Astav woke up Saloni and started fucking her in a missionary position. She was lying there all sweaty and getting the fuck of her life. The sweaty body of Saloni was too sexy to bear for Astav, and he cum.

Vibhor took his dick out of the senior girl’s mouth and put it inside this sexy bitch. Shruvhal also took his dick out of the senior girl’s pussy and deposited it in the mouth of sweaty Saloni. I wish they had made a video of this scene. I want to see this bitch covered in sweat and sperm.

They fucked Saloni one more time during the night. But based on only one day of fucking I wouldn’t have called Saloni a slut. But what happened after that made her slutty nature appear to me.

The next few parts would follow more recounted sightings, stories. Also why, has it become almost impossible now to fuck this college slut. And will I be able to break this impossibility?

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