Maaya And Me, After 6 Years Of Waiting – Part 3

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Hi everyone. This is Rajath from Bangalore, working as an assistant professor in a B-School. I am back with part-3 of my real hardcore story. I got wonderful responses to the previous two parts of my story

Thank you for all those beautiful and dick-rising comments which you gave. Especially the ones which are by horny gals and unsatisfied married women.

Coming to the part-3, this is the main part of my sex life. It is from here both my lust and love for Maaya started playing in tandem. After the park event, I and Maaya proposed to each other. She accepted my love so gracefully. So did I. For the first time in my life, I have a girlfriend.

So it was Maaya, the most beautiful, innocent looking, but yet horny gal is my gal friend officially. The world started looking like an insignificant thing to us. Spending time in each other’s company looked like our world.

Right from waking up in the morning till going to sleep in the night. We were indulged in each other’s memory. As we were into a serious relationship Maaya believed that we should have sex only after the marriage. And she was completely ok with all other erotic acts except for fucking.

I had a blue colored Suzuki access scooter with me. Time after college hours, weekends, and holidays were spent in roaming around in this Suzuki access. It is this blue beauty on which we had our numerous kisses, hugs, cuddling, tickling, and one amazing licking.

Rajajinagar electric line park is our regular hangout place. The roads on either side of this park were the places where we used to walk and talk. Whenever these roads used to be empty our lust used to erupt from deep inside and we used to hug, kiss, and do much more.

I still remember it was evening around 8.30 pm on the eve of Deepawali. On most of the festival days, Bangalore looks a bit abandoned as most of the outsiders go to their places for the celebration.

But Maaya and I had not gone as we both were preparing for the CACA exam. (Only the god knows what preparation we made for this exam in our lustful days).

We were walking on the park road. Walking 3 km every day was part of Maaya’s workout. In her company even I made it a daily routine. My scooter was parked below a tree where it was almost completely dark.

Those who have seen this park know very well that the park is well lit. While roads on both the side are pretty dark with very distant light poles. Maaya was having a weird silence in her face.

Whenever she is silent it is either she is stuck with a problem or lust has reached the peak of her mind. On this earth, I was the only man who could make out the difference between those two.

In that walking, I sensed that Maaya was not at all in her sense. She was even deaf to my words. I somehow felt lust is floating in her face. I had to hold her shoulders and shake her up. then she came to her senses.

Me: What has happened to you? Why are you so silent?

Maaya: You don’t know ha? It is that silence which only you could understand.

I realized that my guess was correct.

Me (with a smile): Oh, oh my babe is horny today. What made you so horny?

Maaya (pointing towards the park): Today I was washing the salwar kameez which I had worn when you romanced me in this park. Whenever I see either that dress or the inners which wore on that day I get a strange feeling below.

Me (in a teasing tone): Below means in your legs. Any problem with your legs ha?

Maaya (in an angry, yet lustful tone): You idiot, it’s not in the legs. it is in between the legs, inside the panty. Hey, you buddhu, I get wet. I get so much wet so that I have never worn that panty for more than two hours on any day.

While saying that she hugged me. For a moment I was taken back. I was wondering did anyone see us. Luckily the entire road was deserted. Maaya is a horny gal sometimes that lust in her touches such a peak which makes her monster.

She was hugging me very tightly, her breath was heavy, her boobs were crushed on to my chest. They were struggling between the firm grip of my chest and rapid movement of her chest up and down.

Maaya was wearing a tight blue round-necked t-shirt and brown jogger. I slightly pushed her away and got released from her hugging. I took her near my scooter. put the double stand of the scooter and made her sit on it facing her back to the road.

As it was almost dark there no one could see us. I took her face in my hands and started smooching like a wild beast. With that Maaya got tempted even more and started biting my lips. Instantly my right hand went on to her left boob. started pressing it like anything.

She let out a loud moan. Then she lifted my t-shirt and started kissing on my bare chest. Ahe bit my short nipples and licked them to the core. My chest was full of her saliva. With that act of Maaya even I got tempted and lifted her t-shirt.

She was wearing a skin-colored cup bra. Lifted that bra also and was squeezing and biting her melons. She could not take the pain and jump out of the scooter in pain. Now she was standing and leaning on to the scooter seat. I kneeled and started kissing her navel.

She has an amazing deep navel with the right amount of flesh in it. I was holding her trunk region and eating her navel. Her moans were making the atmosphere hot. Maaya got aroused much more and put her hands on my hard rock dick. Exactly at that moment, two bikes entered the road.

We had to stop our erotic act there itself. We adjusted our dress and started towards her PG in my scooter. I dropped her and went back to my flat. That night I was alone in my flat and she was alone in her room. She was not ready to come to my flat due to the fear of losing her virginity before the marriage.

As we were aroused and left as wounded tiger and tigress started doing both sex chat and phone sex. It was such a heated moment such that it went on from 10 PM till 3 AM. And we had exchanged around 70 odd pics of us. Most of them were naked pics only. We had multiple orgasms. Then we dozed off.

The next day I woke up around 11 AM. When I called up Maaya she was on a bus traveling to her native. She was crying and said her grandpa has got a severe stroke. She was the most favorite grandchild to him. She did not return from her native for the next many days.

All the time she was busy in nursing her grandpa. she even resigned from her job. She returned to Bangalore almost after 4months. By that time things had changed drastically. I had got ready to go to Hyderabad for CA coaching. Even she decided to take her CA preparation seriously.

But she did not want to come to Hyderabad. The playboy in me had disappeared. Even she had become a more serious girl. She even doubted the survival of our love. And I left for Hyderabad. She shifted her PG to Jaynagar and joined a coaching center there.

It was six months into our CA preparation and we barely had any conversation. Guys, the human quest for love, that too love mixed with lust is very very powerful. It is not going to die so easily. There came my birthday. A phone call from her to wish me turned the things around.

A spark again started between Maaya and me. It slowly started to become fire. Our phone calls started to become more. Chattings got stretched in its duration. The topics of our discussion started shifting from the account structure to the human body structure and its desires.

Instead of exchanging study material, we started exchanging our pics. Sooner these pics became lustful and nude pics. Like how the hero of Dev-D used to ask Paro for pics I started pleading Maaya for her pics. And she never disappointed me.

Heat within us was building up. At the same time, we both used to wake up to the need for the CA exam. Like this, we spent 3 years apart in different places. In total it was four and a half years since we had our last erotic moment in the park road. We both failed in the CA exam multiple times.

I joined into teaching in another MBA college, this time it is a much better college in Bannerghatta road. At the same time, there was huge pressure on Maaya to get married. Maaya lost hope in me as I failed in the CA exam. She returned to her native accepting her parents’ compulsion.

Dear friends, If something is written in our destiny then it will happen what may come. If it is written in destiny that I had to break Maaya’s hymen then nobody can stop it, nor even her parents. After one year of serious search, Maaya’s parents could not find her a suitable guy.

Even Maaya wanted to come to Bangalore to work (even then also there was no relationship between us). Finally, her parents let her come to Bangalore. I still remember that it was 19th April 2017 on which Maaya returned to Bangalore. She called me a day before and told me about her shifting to Bangalore.

And it was on Saturday 13th May 2017. I made Maaya naked and inserted my hard rock 6.5-inch dick in her hungry pussy after almost 6 years of waiting. My good friend Eshwar gave his house in the Basvangudi area for our most memorable moment.

And it was on Monday 15th May 2017 we had marathon sex from morning to even in the same friend’s house. We had 4 hardcore fucking sessions from 9.30 in the morning to 4 PM. (Will explain this in detail in next part).

Then finally we decided to rent a flat near my college. We moved into the flat on 1st June 2017. From that day our lustful journey of 198 fucking sessions spread across 2 years started.

I will write about my love mixed lustful life of that flat in my next part. Maaya made our first day in that flat the most memorable one. We cleaned the flat, did pooja to god, cooked food, fed food to each other, decorated bed, wore south Indian traditional attire, and had the first night.

It is beyond words for me even today.  I request you all to give your sincere views which will encourage me to write the remaining parts of the story. You can reach me at [email protected]

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