A Colleague, A Friend And A Virgin Girl

This is a little romantic (I feel) story about how I had sex with my colleague. We used to spend a lot of time in the Hyderabad office. While chit-chatting in the office cafeteria, we became very close. Suddenly, she moved to Bengaluru. She rented an apartment in Bengaluru.

Days passed, once I got an interview call from Bengaluru. I went and met her with a lot of love. She picked me up from the railway station. She rode a scooter and I sat on backside scooter. She is looking gorgeous and sexy, her shapes are perfect from the backside. I told the same to her.

And she told me that many people from my office told her the same thing. They are trying to seduce her. I felt a little jealous, and told again, “You look different prettier and (with pause) sexier than previous.” She laughed. She has shown me her office, roamed on the bike for some time and she dropped me at my hotel.

That night, I was completely memorizing the past days with her in Hyderabad. I had seen a lot of pics of her (Instagram, Facebook and my phone). I had forwarded her some best pics of us at 2 am.

To my surprise, she replied, “What a coincidence. even I am seeing pics and thought of messaging you. But you have an interview tomorrow. So I didn’t message you.” By seeing that message I was in cloud nine. I spoke with her for one hour and I slept.

The next day, I attended the interview. After the interview, we both met, went to lunch, roamed around some shopping mall. And she invited me to her room. We have bought a couple of pint beers (We both don’t booze much) and chicken to cook. And I reached her room, which is super clean and super romantic.

I was surprised by seeing her room like that and asked her. And she told me, “She cleaned everything in the morning.” We took a bath individually. She wore a tight-fit t-shirt and some kind of pajama. Her sizes are amazing and seducing, her boobs are very tight.

We have started cooking chicken. We have drunk beers while cooking. We were very close(physically). Unintentionally, I have touched her boobs, ass, and body several times. Her boobs are very smooth like a softball. We had dinner and I slept beside her at 11 pm.

We spoke for hours, I couldn’t resist my self, moved close to her, kept my hand on her waist. She didn’t say anything. After some time, I went very close to her, planted a kiss on lips while pressing my tool against her. She resisted for three to four kisses.

After that, we smooched for more than half an hour. While smooching, I have put my hand inside her t-shirt and started exploring. She didn’t wear a bra, I held her boobs, they are really huge. I couldn’t hold it with one hand. Gently, I started pressing them.

I have held her nipples with two fingers and pressed nipple and boob at a time. Every time I press, she used to increase the pace of smooching. She bit me several times in this process. I stopped smooching, she asked me, “What happened?”

I have moved a little lower and started kissing her boobs on her t-shirt. Slowly removed her t-shirt. I moved my hands under her pajamas and started licking her boobs while pressing her ass. This is the first time I heard a moan by calling my name. She started holding me with her hand.

She removed my t-shirt. I have moved my hand from the ass to the front side. I started pushing my hand inside her pajamas. I could feel shivering of her body. I have put my hand on a love hole. I could feel a lot of juices and her heart is beating at a high rate.

I could feel it, as I was sucking her boobs while doing this.  I started rubbing her pussy gently while sucking boobs and nipples. I have done fingering without inserting fingers deeply. She is totally out of control. Even I was out of control. She was moaning with pleasure. Our testosterone levels are very high.

I never realized. She was holding my penis and stroking it gently. That moment was amazing. Even my heart rate has increased a lot. Quickly, we have removed our bottom wear and started kissing. I was on top of her. I have put my penis near her pussy and started rubbing it with my dick.

She is moaning and whispering, “I love you,” in my ear. Her breathing was heavy. She moaned said “I love you” for five to six times. After 15 minutes, I have slept beside her. I have put my hand on pussy, started rubbing with some rhythm. She is enjoying it. She started licking my body.

The whole session continued for more than half an hour. She came on top of me and she kissed my chest and sucked it for 5 minutes. I have pushed her aside, came on top of her. Suddenly, I tried to insert my hard penis into her pussy and she started pushing me out in pain.

Slowly (with to and fro motion), I have inserted my full dick into her pussy and started stroking it in missionary. She enjoyed it so much. After 15 minutes in missionary position, I head sound from private parts like thap thap thap. Finally, I have cummed inside her pussy.

My legs and my body were squeezed for a few seconds. I have kissed her boobs while cumming. I slept on her for a few minutes, while sucking boobs. To clean ourselves, we went to the washroom. I have seen blood between her legs. I have cleaned everything.

While cleaning she told me, she was a virgin. She has never done this before. She told me to clean it gently, as her pussy is paining, little). I could see a small cut on my hard penis, which is bleeding (even I was a virgin). I have seen a girl in the nude for the first time.

We cleaned ourselves and rested on the bed in nude by hugging and kissing each other. My sex life has begun from this incident. Recently, I have moved to Bengaluru, and I have spent more nights with her. I will share them in another story.

My name is Chinna, my age is 26 years. My height is 5.8″ feet, normal body(I do exercise). My complexion is not too fair not black (fair south Indian). I have asked her about her sizes. She told me 34c-29-34. I didn’t know what is 34c at that time. Now, I knew it.

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