Virgin Girlfriend Rashi Fucked First Time

Hello sex cravers! I am Jaime and this is my first story here on ISS. I have been a reader for a long time. This is a fictional story but I have tried my best to make you cum through my words. So, keeping aside all other jibber jabber, let us begin with the story.

It was our one year anniversary. My girlfriend Rashi and I went to the movies to celebrate it and as per the ritual, I had booked the corner seats. We used to make out quite often, but she never crossed that making out line. But since it was our day, I decided to make a move to woo her into my lusty desires.

I leaned towards her and planted a kiss on her lips. She welcomed me by parting her lips a little and sealing hers with mine. Soon, our tongues entered the arena resulting into a fierce tongue war.

Our tongues were fighting for the control of each other’s mouth, while exchanging salivas as souvenirs. I bit her lips and pulled her back with her hairs. I can’t put in words how hot my gf looked at that point. Her creamy white face with her straightened brownish hair flowing down her shoulders. Her eyes were filled with lust and I could say by her look that she had a fire burning down her loins.

I quickly guided my mouth to her neck and starter kissing her all over. Her neck was already covered with love bites from our previous make-outs and I made them deeper with my crazy sucking.

I was sucking her neck like a vampire sucking blood out its prey! She started moaning softly, partly because of the pleasure and partly because of the pain, as I was pulling her hair with my one hand. My other hand was rubbing her crotch area over her jeans.

I unbuttoned the top two buttons of her shirt and looked into her eyes, seeking approval to proceed to my girlfriend’s breasts.

Rashi – Not here.. Anyone can notice.

Me – Oh, come on, babe. You can’t just give me a boner and then ditch me.

Rashi (teasingly) – Looks like someone’s dick is taking control of their patience. Don’t worry babe, I won’t disappoint your little partner today. Meet me in the girls’ washroom in 5 minutes. There you may have anything you want.

My eyes lit up after hearing that. So, finally that day was the day when, two 19-year-old horny virgins were about to embark upon an lustful journey of sex! I checked for the condom in my wallet, it was there like always.

I adjusted my pants and followed my virgin girlfriend into the washroom. As soon as I entered, Rashi closed the door behind me and tackled me onto the wall and started sucking my lips! To be honest, I didn’t expect that roughness from her and that was why it made me even more excited.

I wasted no time and unbuttoned Rashi’s shirt and pinned her down to the ground. I even ripped off my girlfriend’s bra and she was lying there on the floor half naked. That was the most heavenly sight I had ever seen in my life.

Her perfect sized boobs topped with her brown nipples, her curvy figure, her cute little navel. OMG, I can’t describe how sexy my girl looked. She very closely resembled Nude Margot Robbie from ‘The Wolf of Wall street’.

Rashi asked me to undress myself and get over to her quickly. I promptly acted on the command and threw all my clothes away. My dick was already at 6 inches, so she grabbed it with her fist and started stroking it.

Rashi – Look at the baby boy..So hot and desperate.

Me – Yeah it was waiting for so long to get engulfed by you.

My girlfriend smiled naughtily after hearing that and kissed the tip of my cock. And she started kissing my cock all over. The touches of her lips on the delicate skin of my dick were me sending a current to my whole body.

Me – Enough teasing, Rashi. Now, please give it what it wants.

Rashi – No babe, not so easily. I have not masturbated for a whole week to save it for this day. So, the least you could do is wait for a couple more minutes.

Me – Don’t you worry, girl. Your wait will be worth it.

And after saying that, I snatched out her jeans, lifted her up on my shoulders, and pinned her to the wall, her pussy right in front of my face. I gently kissed her inner thighs and slowly moved towards my gf’s clitoris. She let out a moan as soon as I touched her clitoris.

I inserted my tongue in her vagina and she went mad with pleasure. I started tongue-fucking her and she constantly kept moaning and uttering dirty words.

Rashi – Lick there, you son of a bitch. Eat out my vagina..It is all yours today.

Those words turned me even more. While my mouth was busy exploring Rashi’s virgin vagina, My left hand was busy pressing and mauling her right boobies and my right hand was inserted inside her mouth.

(Here is a piece of advice in the context of pussy-licking. The clitoris is the actual area from where the sensations are felt in a woman, so don’t just focus on licking the vagina, give equal time to the clitoris.)

After tongue-fucking my girlfriend for almost 10 minutes, I bought her down and got started with her boobs. I sucked, licked, bit, engulfed and did everything possible with her boobs. She then held my cock and tried to gave me a boob-job, but her boobs were not that fluffy. So, instead I asked her to blow me.

Rashi slowly entered my dick in her mouth and started sucking it. She played wonderful games with tongue. It was hard to believe that it was my girlfriend’s first time. I was in the seventh heaven. Earlier my tongue was fighting with her tongue, but now my cock was fighting with it.

Let me tell you guys, blowjobs are one of the best feelings ever, even better than fucking. After blowing my brains out for 10 minutes, I said that I will not be able to handle her tongue for much longer and we should get to the climax.

Rashi positioned herself in doggy style and I applied saliva on her pussy. It was already pretty much wet with her precum and from my licking before. I touched her entrance with my cock and slowly entered inside.

Rashi let out a huge gasp as it was her first time. I tried to be as slow as possible. At first, my virgin girlfriend seemed in a bit of pain but after some time, she started enjoying her first sex. I increased my pace and started pounding her pussy harder. We both were lost in each other. We were abusing each other very badly.

Me – You fuck like a slut. Tell me honestly how many cocks have you fucked!

Rashi – Shut up, motherfucker. Satisfy me or I will get inside the hall and make everyone fuck me..

We were so lost and horny that we even forgot to use condom. But none of us cared about it at that time.

We switched to cowboy and she started jumping over my cock. Her boobs were jumping along with her. I spanked my gf’s ass from time to time and also pressed her boobs. She inserted her middle and index finger of her both hands in my mouth while she continuing to ride me.

After 15 minute of riding, she had her orgasm but I ordered her to keep humping. After sometime, even couldn’t control control anymore so I came into my lover’s pussy.

We laid exhausted on the floor of washroom in each other’s arms. I never imagined that our first experience would be so great.

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Signing off for today.

– Jaime.

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