Spoiling A Virgin Boy On His Birthday

Hey guys Varshini Shetty, here again, to share my experiences with you guys about spoiling a virgin boy. If you are new to my story, I would love you to read one of them here. Without waiting, let’s jump to my story.

One common thing among sexually deprived people is that the most important events in their lives either end in sex or are related to sex. I am one such sexually depraved slut. I am going to share one such incident.

It was a morning when my BFF Keertana and I had a slumber party the previous night in my bungalow. Keertana is a drinker. Hence, she had a bottle of vodka the previous day. Hence, she is a little high. I was in my off-shoulder top and PJ while Keertana was in her short crop top, revealing her midriff.

We both didn’t have our bras on as we were at home. We were watching TV, and we heard the doorbell. I went and opened it to see my neighbor boy. He was in his new clothes and a box in his hand. I was shy when I saw him cause I was in my very loose shoulder top, revealing most of my shoulder.

He: Hi Akka, good morning!

Me: Good morning, what’s up? Did you come early morning?

He: Yeah, today is my 19th birthday. My friends hosted a midnight birthday party in my house.

Me: Oh, that’s sweet. Why don’t you come in?

I forgot that Keertana was in much worse condition than me. She’s almost nude in front of a 19-year-old boy, and on top of that, she’s high on vodka. After he entered the hall, he and Keertana exchanged looks. Both of their faces turned red.

As soon as I introduced him as 19 years old, Keertana was relieved. She didn’t want to spoil an underaged kid with her clothes, but his face was still red. I told him to sit down on the sofa.

Keertana is a playful person and likes to troll and embarrass innocent people. As soon he sat next to her with at least one arm distance, Keertana turned to him.

Keertana: Wish you a happy birthday, nameless boy!

He: Thanks, Akka, my name is Sahir (they both shake hands).

Keertana: Stop with that Akka, dude. I am not that old. Call me Keer.

Sahir: Ok, Akka. Sorry, Keer (he was still red and staring at her thighs)

Keer: Varshini told you you were 19, right? You must have started having drinks and checking out girls, right? (chuckles)

Sahir was already red, now hearing that he turned so red that his face should burst anytime now in embarrassment.

Me: Hey, stop that Keer, stop embarrassing him. He’s the most innocent and nicest kid around the block.

Keer: (teasingly) Really? I don’t think so. Look at him. He must have definitely checked on girls at least once. Sahir, why don’t you tell Varshini that she is wrong.

Keertana got up and went to Sahir and sat next to him closely. She was in full mood to embarrass the kid. She was already high that made her have no chill to leave Sahir alone.

Keer: Tell me you at least watch porn, don’t lie.

Sahir: I do but not that much.

Keer: Hahaha, what’s that in your hand? Is that cake? Give me.

Keertana snatched the box from his hand and ate a cake like a dog. The cream was all over her mouth.

Keer: Yummy! This is the best cake I ever had.

Keertana turned to Sahir and kissed his cheeks. The cream got smeared on his cheeks. It was so embarrassing. I could say he enjoyed it, too, as I could see a bulge in his pants. Keertana noticed it too and decided to go even hard on him.

Even though I enjoyed seeing Keertana embarrassing him, I badly want to jump in and embarrass him more. Sahir was even staring at Keertana’s cleavage since she was too close to him.

Me: Keertana is bitch, Sahir. You can leave whenever you want, don’t mind her.

Keer: Hahaha, shut up, he is getting educated, is it not Sahir?

Sahir: Yes, I like talking to Keer.

Me: Then it is fine, Sahir, then don’t be shy pussy. Be brave and talk to her frankly.

Sahir: Ok. (shocked by my change in tone)

Keer: LOL, so tell me, Sahir, you are Muslim, right? Then you must have your thing cut a little, right?

Me: Hahaha, he’ll definitely die of embarrassment today.

Sahir: What? No. they just cut my foreskin.

Keer: I am sorry, I have never seen a Muslim penis before. LOL

Me: (I thought this was my time to embarrass him) So tell me, Sahir, do you masturbate?

Sahir: What? No, I never did that!

Me and Keer: What?

Keer: You have a lot to learn, my friend. Do you at least know how to kiss?

Sahir: I am sorry, I’m an introvert.

Keer: Bullshit! It’s fine, we both will teach you.

Keertana and I were both excited to spoil him completely. Keer turned his face towards her and told him to kiss her lips. He went closer to her but was hesitant. She got pissed and slapped his face. It was really funny seeing his face.

Me: Come on, Keer, don’t go that hard on him. He’s really excited. Look at his crotch. Hahaha.

Sahir: I am sorry, but I couldn’t control it. (trying to hide his boner)

Keer: then fucking listen to me and kiss me pussy.

Sahir bent forward but was really hesitant. At this time, he even got pissed and pushed his head towards her to kiss her. He landed his lips on her and genuinely didn’t know what to do.

Keertana held his face in her hand and started to suck his lips smoothly. It was really steamy to watch. I kept my hand on his right thigh and pressed it slightly.

Keer: Do respond to my kiss and do not forget to use your tongue too, ok?

This time she went a little hard and started to suck his lips. Surprisingly, he responded too. I could even see him giving his tongue to her. She was sucking it well. Slowly Sahir was catching the pace and responding too well to the kisses.

I could hear Keer moaning just from his kisses. She slowly placed her hand over his crotch over the pants and pressed it slightly. Sahir came to his senses suddenly and jerked a little. He got scared when Keertana touched his crotch.

He was released from Keertana’s mouth, and a big tail of saliva was sticking in both their mouths.

Keer: Hmmm, what happened?

Sahir: I am sorry, I got a little scared.

Me: Don’t worry, Sahir. Keer is an expert in these. Let her do her thing and now let me test you.

I turned Sahir to me and licked his cake smeared side like a hungry whore. The cake was really tasty and his licking his rough face made me horny as well. And, sure, he got pretty excited too.

Me: Tell me, Sahir, do you want to touch a vagina and tell me how it feels?

Sahir: Can I touch it?

Me: Why not? Whose do you want to touch and feel?

Sahir: (excited and scared) Can I touch yours?

I immediately took his right hand and put it inside my pajamas. I was not wearing any panties. It was easier for him to feel. His fingers were hot over my already wet vagina. I moved his hand up and down, showing him how to rub a vagina. He understood and started moving, rubbing my pussy.

It was so good getting rubbed by an amateur. I took his head and started to kiss his lips, sucking his lips. He was responding too good for a noob by kissing me and rubbing my pussy at the same time. While we both were busy, Keertana unbuckled and unzipped his pant.

We both could see his legs trembling in utter fear and excitement but still kissing and fingering me. He was really excited to get big milky boobs and a hot pussy for his Sunday breakfast. Keertana took his rock hard dick in her hand. She started to play with it by rubbing her index finger on his sensitive circumcised penis head.

She was using her nails to tease his dick, pinching the penis head. Sahir was trying to see what she was doing, but I didn’t let him. I turned his head all the time he was trying to look down. Keertana took held his cock firmly gave a few small strokes.

Since it was his first time, he got all excited and came on Keer’s hand. He suddenly jerked in excitement and accidentally poked his finger inside my pussy. I moaned in pain, “Ahh.”

Me: That was painful, Sahir.

Sahir: I am really sorry, but I didn’t know what was happening to me.

Keertana: You ejaculated Sahir, this is your cum. Wanna taste it?

Keertana took his cum near his mouth. But he denied it because he felt weird. I took her hand and willfully licked his cum off her fingers, and Keertana tasted it, too. It was kinda sweet but tasty.

Me: Your cum tastes good Sahir, I liked it (taking more cum from his limp dick and tasting it).

Sahir: (shyly proud) Thanks!

Me: Wanna taste my pussy juice?

At this time, half of my index and middle finger were inside my cunt. He was doing a pretty decent job in fingering me. He took his hand out of my pajamas. He gave a good stare at his fingers before putting them into his mouth. He closed his eyes and enjoying finger-licking them.

It was a scene to watch. At this point, I was holding his limp dick while Keertana was caressing his balls. He got brave at one point.

Sahir: Can I see your breasts? Please?

Keertana: At last, the pussy is turning into a beast and asking what he wants. So tell us, Sahir, whose breasts you want to see, and what will you do?

Sahir: I want to hold your Keer, see what it feels like.

Even though I was disappointed that he didn’t choose me, I was excited to see Keertana’s boobs and maybe suck them too. So I went to the other side of the sofa and sat next to her. I told him to pull out the right boob while I attacked the left.

Since it was a crop top, it was pretty easy. I just pulled her top down, and both popped out. Sahir was pretty happy looking at her breasts.

Me: Sahir, just follow my lead.

I took her left boob and lifted it in my hand, and caressed a little. Sahir was doing just as I did but with more strength. I slapped her tit, and he did the same. Keertana was giving out slight moans since Sahir was a bit painful to her. I used my thumb finger and played with her rock hard nipple like it was a joystick.

I pulled her nipple and gave a twist. Sahir followed me just as I did. He was getting very playful. Keertana was just enjoying the treatment she was getting. Suddenly, Sahir took her tit into his mouth without my instruction and started to suck her nipple. This time, I followed him.

I started to suck titty and playing with my tongue while he was biting it and pulling it with his teeth. Keertana held both of us by our hair and playing with our hair while we were busy with her boobs. Sahir directly slid his hand into her shorts and rubbing her vagina inside her shorts.

It was like he was evolving from a boy to a man. This went on for few minutes, and I could see his cock becoming solid again. I decided to take this next level and called both to bed. Sahir left the sofa bottomless, and Keertana was walking with both her tities out and me fully covered.

As soon as we entered, Keertana pushed Sahir on the bed and started to strip, and she became naked in no time. Sahir’s eyes were ogling on her like his eyes would pop out anytime soon. On the other hand, I took off my shoulder top and got on the bed between his legs.

Keertana: You like to taste my pussy? Then here it is.

She sat on Sahir’s mouth. Sahir was shocked as to what was going on but immediately understood. He started using his tongue on her wet pussy, licking it rigorously. I took his hard cock in my hand. I started to stroke it while kissing his dick head.

I even took his cock and slapped it onto my face, on my mouth and licking and kissing his balls and sucking it. I took his cock in my mouth started to suck it slowly, increasing my pace. He was busy licking her pussy, and she was moaning like a true whore.

At one point, Keer lost control of her and came on his face. He drank all of it. Now she started to rub her pussy all over his face. I was sucking his cock roughly and making huge slurping sounds, and massaging his balls using my hands.

He started to tremble. I understood that he was about to cum, so I started sucking even harder. He came all inside my mouth, and I drank it all.

Keertana: This is the last thing, Sahir. You are going to fuck us, alright? Varshini, please make his cock harder for me, won’t you?

Suddenly she became all bossy because she couldn’t wait to take his cock inside her. I started to kiss his cock like it was my boyfriend, and in no time, his cock regained its strength.

Me: Get up, Sahir. I will guide you now to fuck her. Keertana, lie down and spread your legs.

Keertana lay down and spread her legs, and Sahir was now in a missionary position. I went behind Sahir, held his cock from behind, and rubbed her pussy using his cock. I could see Keertana losing control over her body and started to plead with Sahir to fuck her.

I pushed his butt from behind, pushed his cock into her vagina, and told him to give mild strokes. I came front and started to kiss his lips while he was pounding her slowly. I could taste Keertana’s pussy juices from his mouth. We both were kissing rigorously.

Suddenly, she understood what should be done by pulling her legs and gripping her thighs and started to pound faster. I was on Keer’s face and rubbing my pussy over her.

After a few minutes, he came inside Keertana and loudly moaned. Sahir was sweating cats and dogs. He looked really hot with his sweaty face. So I went to him and started to lick his face clean.

It was my time to get fucked now. Sahir was already very exhausted, so I gave him 10 minutes. I told him to give his cock to Keertana. I went down on her licking her vagina clean and tongue fucking her to take his cum from her.
Sahir again got hard, and this time I went on doggy style.

This time he took his dick in his hand and started to rub over my pussy and tease me and make me lose my mind. He positioned his cock and gripped my ass using his hands. He pumped his cock very hard in one stroke.

I gave a loud moan, and he seemed to care. He was pounding me harder than he was with Keertana. The room was filled with his balls slapping me, and his pounding was slapping my ass. Keertana just lay down silently while I was getting fucked hard.

He couldn’t hold his cum much longer and gave one last push and filled my pussy. I could feel him filling me. We both just fell on the bed and laid there breathing heavily.

Me: It felt so good, Sahir. You are the best.

Keertana: (holding his cock) Happy birthday, man.

Sahir: This is definitely my best birthday ever. I feel like a king.

Me: We can do one last thing before sending my king off.

I took both Keertana and Sahir to the bathroom and turned on the hot water in the bathtub. We got in, and we both started to clean him from top to bottom. He was enjoying the service he was getting from us. Keertana and I were so proud of spoiling a boy and making him into a man that day!

I hope you guys liked how we lusty girls gave the virgin boy his first experience. I would hear your comments on my experience and my storytelling skills. Please email telling me how you felt using [email protected] Bye!

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