Seducing Bestfriend’s Brother – Part 1

Hi guys, I am Samantha. My body stats are 32-26-34. The best thing about me is my round ass. Guys always give me a second look. On the school bus, boys use to stare at my ass and many have tried hard to touch it.

My bestie Neha and I were very close. Even our families were close. I used to spend my days at Neha’s place. She had an elder brother Ritvik who was in his third year B.Com. He was cute as hell and had a well-built body.

Once I went to my best friend Neha’s house as we had decided to go out for lunch. Neha opened the door and asked me to sit in the hall as she wanted to change.

There was a bathroom across the hall next to the kitchen. I heard the bathroom door open and happened to see my best friend’s brother Ritvik coming out with a towel around his waist.

Ritvik had a muscular body and the droplets of water on his muscles made him look even more hotter. Since then, I just fell in love with him and was always at Neha’s place when her brother was around.

Sometimes I even caught him stealing glances at me. I used to just smile back at him. He knew I was interested in him but never took the step to propose. So I decided to seduce him a little.

When at Neha’s house, I started wearing tight t-shirts that clearly showed my boobs-size, leggings that showed my round ass and sometimes short skirts that were above the knee. Ritvik seemed to like that as he changed his schedule such that whenever I was present at Neha’s house, he too was there.

After a few days, my uncle in Nashik passed away. So my parents had to leave. I couldn’t go because of my exams. So, my mom asked Neha’s mom to allow me to stay with them and aunty agreed.

My parents dropped me at Neha’s house and said goodbye. That day at about 9 pm, we decided to watch a movie. Neha’s parents both had retired to their room by 9:30 pm. It was me and Neha. Ritvik was out.

By 10:15 pm, Ritvik came and Neha asked me to serve him food as she was into the movie completely. I got up and asked Ritvik to wait at the dining table.

I warmed the food and started serving him. He was smiling and trying to get a good view of my body. To tease my best friend’s brother, I made sure to bend just enough to give him a good look down the neck of my t-shirt. I noticed his eyes roaming on my boobs. He was trying to see more.

After serving him food, I joined Neha. In a few minutes, Ritvik finished dinner. I noticed that and went to the kitchen to wash the plates. But he entered the kitchen before me and by the time I reached there, he turned around and bumped into me. I would have had fell down badly if he hadn’t held me. I was trembling a little.

Then I realized his hand was under my arm touching the side of my left boob! I regained my balance with his help. He said, “sorry” and I said, “It’s ok” and blushed.

Then I went into the kitchen and he followed me. He said he was lost in his thoughts and didn’t realize I was coming. I asked him, “What thoughts?” to which he replied, “thoughts about you”.

“Why? what did I do?”, I asked.

“You should not wear loose t-shirts”.

I just blushed knowing why he said that but still asked, “Why?” He said it distracts him all the time.

I said, “If you don’t like me wearing, I will stop”.

“It will be more worse for me if you don’t wear”, he said.

Confused, I asked, “What?”

He said, “If you don’t wear t-shirt and roam around showing your upper body, I might lose my control.”

I just blushed and didn’t say anything. He got his signal and gave a naughty smile. I just turned to wash the dishes and suddenly, he was behind me very close. I could feel his body heat. Then he hugged me from behind. He was about 6’2 and I was just 5’3. I was trembling and said that Neha might come in.

He said he knows she never gets up from the couch until the movie gets over.

Saying that, my friend’s brother turned me towards him and kissed me passionately. His hands started roaming on my back and then around my small waist. He lifted me effortlessly and placed me on the kitchen counter.

Ritvik kept on kissing me and I was gasping for breath. His right hand slowly moved upward to my right boob. I tried to push his hand but he was too strong.

He squeezed my boob gently. Then he said, “Let’s go.”

“Where?”, I asked.

“Just come”, he said.

Ritvik went out of the kitchen and asked Neha if she wanted to come along and buy ice cream. Neha said, no. He said, “I can’t hold the ice cream and ride the bike at the same time”.

So Neha asked me to go with him. He opened the door and I went out and then Ritvik followed me. He saw that all other doors were closed and grabbed me from behind. His lips were on my bare neck as I had tied my hair in a bun. I said, “Not here please”. He released me and we went toward his bike.

While riding the bike with one hand, Ritvik placed the other hand on my left thigh and caressed it. I was getting wet in my panties.

Then he stopped the bike in a lonely place. He asked me to get off. Then he got down and hugged me and started to kiss me. His kisses were getting deeper and deeper and his right hand was on my left boob, slowly pressing it.

Then he released my lips and whispered, “I love you”.

I had my arms around him. He brought his mouth to my chin, and then neck. His hand was still pressing my boob and the other hand started squeezing my ass cheek. I just melted in his arms.

Then we saw a light at a distance and started the bike. We bought ice cream and headed home. While on the bike, I hugged him tightly so that my boobs crushed on his back.

When we came back, Neha had fallen asleep on the couch. So Ritvik took me to the terrace as he knew Neha will be sleeping for the next hour or more.

Ritvik opened the door to the terrace and took me to a corner where there was light but no one could see us. He just pushed me to the wall and started sucking my lips like he was hungry for ages.

“I was waiting for this moment for a long time”, he said in between.

My friend’s brother raised my t-shirt and was happy to see no bra on me. He gave a naughty look and squeezed my both boobs. I was moaning in pain as he was too strong. He was enjoying my moans.

Then he turned me so that my back was pressed on his chest. He lifted my top and again started squeezing my boobs mercilessly. He ignored my pain. Then he put his hands on my waist, opened my shorts and in no time, his hand was on my pussy above the panty! I was wet as hell.

My friend’s horny brother then made me lie down on the terrace floor. Then he took off his clothes. He had a huge cock which was fully erect. He lay beside me and removed my shorts along with the panties.

Then he slowly inserted one finger into my pussy. I screamed but he covered my mouth with his mouth. Ritvik started moving his finger in and out. After about 5 minutes of finger fucking my pussy, he said, “It’s time to make you a woman”.

I was scared thinking someone would see. So I said, “Not here, please.”

He said ok and lowered his lips to my boobs. He was sucking them one by one, flicking my nipples with his tongue in between. He was also pressing and squeezing my boobs in a rhythm that took me to a different world. “I love you, Ritvik”, I whispered.

Ritvik got off me and put his clothes back. I too put my shorts back. We then headed down and saw that Neha was still sleeping.

He took me to the kitchen and hugged me. Then he kissed me and said, “Tomorrow make an excuse and don’t go to school”. I agreed.

The next part will contain how My friend’s brother took my virginity and our session in detail. Thank you and please give your comments.

Seducing Bestfriend’s Brother – Part 2

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