Losing My Virginity To The Maid Renu

I am 20 at the moment. My grandma was old and couldn’t do most of her work so she hired a maid. Her name was Renu. She was a 25-27 years old, slightly skinny, chocolate skinned maid. She had long, black hair, like a river flowing down her head till her back.

Her figure was absolutely stunning. The way she walked, her movements, her hips, everything about her turned me on.

I use to watch her work from a distance. When she used to wash the dishes, the water from the tap used to sprinkle on her clothes, which used to make me very horny.

One day, the new maid was doing the dishes. My grandma was sleeping and my other family members (who work) were outside. So I had all the time to myself.

I was getting an erection by looking at Renu from behind. Her ass was shaking, right to left as she moved to keep the dishes on the rack and take some more to wash. I thought of an excuse, just to rub my dick against the maid’s ass because I had to. It was too intriguing and just watching it would be a waste of time. I made up a plan.

I was going to get her to think that I was going to make coffee. Quite naturally, she will move away to give me space to take the jar of coffee powder. I will move to the side pretending I forgot where I kept the coffee jar and there is no chance she was going to avoid my dick rubbing onto her back! It was a solid plan.

I proceeded to execute it.

Renu was washing the dishes, unaware of my evil plan. I entered the kitchen, a little bit nervous. Good thing she didn’t notice me yet.

Without another word, I went behind her, almost touching her, and then I slightly banked to the left. My penis got instantly erected, seeing Renu’s buns this close to my body.

I put my left hand on the sink and moved forward. My penis was bulging out of my trousers like a gun. A few more millimeters and it would be a dream come true!

I moved a little more forward and..it touched the sexy maid’s ass! My rock hard hose was touching her ass!!

I immediately pretended that I was unaware of the situation and was searching for coffee powder. As predicted, she moved away to give me space but I, on the other hand, moved closer to her. I moved slightly left, rubbing my dick along and then right again.

I saw her, through the corner of my eye, she was very uncomfortable. Her mouth was slightly opened. I rubbed another 3-4 seconds until finally reaching out for the jar. She was stunned, I guess! No reason not to.

Renu was just standing there. No movements, just standing for several seconds. I tried not to notice her. But I felt a gaze upon my pants. Never the less, I made coffee and drank like it was a pretty normal case.

Several months later, the main incident.

My grandma went to visit the doctor, she instructed Renu to wash the used clothes for the day beforehand. It was a golden opportunity for me as no one would be at home except for me and Renu and I decided to use it.

Now, everyone at my home knew that I was a very lazy person (which I am, kind of). I sleep until 12 pm and wake up in the morning (almost lunch time) and directly have lunch. Renu, who had been working here for months now, knew that but didn’t know what I heard her conversation with grandma too.

The night before the main event, I masturbated myself to sleep, thinking of various ways I would fuck the innocent maid if I had the chance to. I set an alarm on my phone to 7:00 am and went to sleep.

The next morning, I woke up at 7:15, kind of demotivated (because I was not used to waking up this early) but my motivation returned when I saw my bulging morning wood and remembered about that day.

I went to the washroom, freshened up, and was preparing to go to the kitchen to make breakfast for myself. I came out of my room and turned to the right and I saw..Renu, standing in front of the washing machine, without any clothes! She was completely naked!!

Her back was turned to my side so she didn’t notice me. Damn, her buns were exposed. I thought, was I dreaming?! Is this for real?!! Why?!!!

Then I saw that her clothes were also in serial, ready to be washed. I already had a morning wood, seeing the maid naked (and for the first time) made my hose as hard as a diamond. The day couldn’t have been any better!

Renu bent down, spreading her legs. Was she teasing me? Did she know I was there? No way!

No, it wasn’t the case. The naked maid was bending down to pick up clothes from the Balti (bucket) and putting them one by one in the washer. Controlling my hunger for her ass became very difficult but somehow I managed. I moved near her, still keeping a distance of a meter away.

My penis, now, was so hard it could rip my trousers off and go straight for her pussy. My mind was driving me mad.

To relax a little, I stripped down. I took off my pants. What a relief! I took my cock in my hand and moved closer to Renu. It was a one-way ticket for me, a virgin to finally claim what I deserved. That day was the day I claimed my land.

I moved a little more closely now, almost touching but not touching her. My dick was a volcano at that point.

I held my cock with my hand and put it near the entrance, readying my train to enter the tunnel at any moment! Renu spread her legs a little more, I was shocked. Why? Oh, the balti was between her feet so she had to make space to reach below and grab more clothes. The gap created by this was big but not big enough for me to enter yet.

The curtains were still closed. I somehow sensed that the maid too was a virgin so I decided to go rough on her (because the more the pain, the more the fun). Her pussy was shaved clean, I saw. I was actually expecting pubic hair, a whole lot of it but no. The lining was as smooth as paper.

Suddenly, Renu twisted her hips. I was scared she might look behind and see me. Goodness, she didn’t. Her waist was aching for standing bent for too long so she stretched a little and continued to work.

With courage, I moved my dick as closest to her entrance as possible. There was a slight breeze and she yawned. Her door slightly opened (I’ve read in articles that when women yawn, their skin also opens to let air inside for ventilation, it was true then).

This was a golden opportunity and I couldn’t miss it, no matter what.

Slowly, but gently, I inserted my penis inside the maid’s vagina. Her entire body vibrated like she was shocked. She had no idea what went inside, she was in pain. She twisted her waist in an attempt to look behind but I didn’t want her to see me so I pushed myself further inside.

The feeling was amazing. Her pussy was tight though and it was a struggle keeping it in. Renu was struggling to stand, I gave her a little support, I held her waist.

I bent forward a little bit. She got up from her bent position and hold the washer for support. I put my mouth near her ears and whispered, “Am I hurting you?”

The look on her face when the maid heard my voice was legendary. Man, I wish I had a camera with me to capture that beautiful moment.

She replied, “Why..” but she couldn’t finish her sentence.

I pulled it out (a little bit) and pushed it further inside her vagina. She moaned.

The maid said, “Stop..please, it’s too big. Please pull it out”. 6 inches? Too big? So she was a virgin after all, good for me.

I said, “You’re mine now” and nibbled on her ear. She was like, “Ah-”.

I started fucking the virgin maid, really fucking her now. I couldn’t increase my thrust like I had planned to. Her tube was way too dry, I had to get her wet a little bit. She was moaning like a bitch now.

I put my right hand on her breast and my left on her ass. A little while later, I felt a little fluid on the tip of my penis. Her fluids!

Renu was becoming wet. I increased my thrust now. I was like a bull mating with its cow. She was the cow, I was the bull.

A few thrusts later..I was feeling like to cum. Yes, the cream was building up. I was going to fire my gun any moment now. She said, “Please pull it out, do it outside, I don’t want to get pregnant” but I didn’t listen.

One more thrust and I couldn’t hold it in anymore. I came. At full force, I came inside her, all my fluids shot out at once. I could hear her moaning, in pain or in pleasure I don’t know. But I knew for a fact that I came inside the maid and without a condom. But I didn’t care. I pulled my penis out.

Renu was soaking wet and tired. But I wasn’t done, not yet. I too was tired, I didn’t even have breakfast. I was running on pure NRG from last night’s dinner. And even then, I still had NRG left in me.

I rubbed off the excess cum on her ass. Renu held the washer and was standing there, gasping for breath. But there were more surprises in store for her.

I put both my hands on her waist now. My penis was hard again. I stroked it, prepared it, and finally brought it near the hole. The other hole.

She was about to move, I grabbed her ass tightly, she gave a little scream in shock and pain. I told her, “Relax, don’t you dare say a thing”.

I put my penis inside her anus. It was one hell of a job but I managed to do it. Only the tip could go inside. She was about to scream in pain but I grabbed her mouth with one hand and stopped her.

I kissed the back of her neck and slowly I started my thrusts. The feeling was like trying to wear a ring but the finger won’t fit, the ring was way too tight. This fuck was slower as it was painful for me as well. But I did it anyway. I came in her anus. My fluid was hot, so I think I might’ve burned her a little bit but who cares, right?

We finished off with a sweet blowjob. Renu enjoyed it. I knew she did because after she was done sucking me off, she smiled. I smiled back at her.

We had a little bit more of a “naked intimacy” in the shower. I told the maid to come and join me, because why not? We both had to wash ourselves. I made her wash me. She stroked my penis, washed the fluids off.

I turned on the hot shower. And we stood there, she in my arms, her hands around my back, our chests hugging together. I whispered, “I love you”. She blushed and whispered it back to me. I’ve always loved her. After the shower, she went to make my food. I was hungry as fuck and it was almost 10:00 am.

I had a little conversation with her about her married life, like how she was a virgin and that I took her virginity even though she was married to a man for 2 years now.

She fed me by her mouth, she put the food in her mouth and we smooch exchanged the food. It was 11:00 when we were done eating and time for my grandma to return. I put on my clothes again and she put on hers. My grandma returned and we both greeted her.

Aftermath, the next few months were really sweet. We used to make love to each other every end of the month and it was really a pleasuring experience.

The end.

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