Virgin Girl Fucked By Bollywood Celebrity, Attains Nirvana!

“Pihu! If you are not going to change, then how will you survive in Mumbai? I heard that people there are so advanced and modern while you are someone who gets afraid and worried over small things. I am so concerned about you, beta”.

Pihu: Do not worry, maa! I am what I am. I am not going to change and people will see my talent, not my look or nature.

Renny: Yeah, aunty!! No need to worry. I am going with her, nah? So, I will take care of her and after all, she already got a job in one of the biggest celebrity management companies. I am sure they are going to give her to manage one of the most prominent celebrities of Bollywood.

Hi readers, it’s me Piyushi aka Pihu, a girl from a small town called Tura. I am always an intelligent girl in the matter of academics, but God forgot to give me confidence and smartness. During my whole life, the other student teased me about my weird look and stupid acts.

Sometimes I think why even am I visible, why can’t I just invisible and do my work? Well, that is my life and I am adjusting to it.

I am moving to Mumbai, the city which never sleeps and runs only on EDM songs, clubbing, and weeds.

The day I got an appointment letter, my ass was sweating like Niagara falls (yeah, you heard ass word right, I do use bad words sometimes but only in my mind). The only thing making me calm is Renny. She is also coming with me. This girl got nothing common with me. In fact, she is so opposite of mine. But she is a friend who can die for friends.

So, my bags are packed and I took all my so-called beauty products and my love fantasy novel.


Me: This apartment is lovely but I am missing trees and fresh air of Tura.

Renny: Girl!! Mumbai’s air has freedom, fun, and sex! Hahaha.

Inside my mind: Sex? The word which I only read in biology classes or in my fantasy novels.

Me: Whatever, I am leaving for the office. I do not want to be late on my first day. I am so nervous about the celebrity they are going to give me. I read most of them are so mean and rude. I wish they appoint me for my dream boy Adil Abbas (name changed for privacy reasons).

Renny: Ja beta, teri ye wish puri hogi!

We both laughed and I left for office.


Me: Good morning, ma’am! I am Piyushi, newly hired. Here is my appointment letter.

Receptionist: Ok ma’am, you wait here. I will call you in a few minutes.

Sitting on the chair and thinking: Damn, that girl’s boobs are more significant than my head. I always wonder, how these girls carry them. Mine are like somebody tried to fill a little air but got tired mid-way because of asthma problems!

“Miss Piyushi, sir is calling you, please go inside that meeting room”.

I entered the meeting room and wow, those girls and boys – they all are like models, gosh. Are they new requirements or what?

Fuck! My manager. He is damn hot! If Renny was here, then she would be telling me that her pussy was getting wet. But mine is fine, totally parched. The best way to describe my pussy is cricket pitch, always dry and trimmed grass around it.

Sir: Welcome, everybody! Myself Ragu and I am your manager. Today, all you of you will get the name of the celebrity you guys are going to manage. This decision is based on your intelligence test and interview. So, while your list in arriving, you guys introduce yourself to each other.

I was standing like a statue over there because nobody was talking to me. All I heard was some fancy girls were making fun of dressing and talking to whom I will go to manage, a supporting actor?

The guys were ignoring me like I was a virus which destroys their status. But these things were not new to me. I had been facing this since my childhood, so I was minding own business and praying for somebody good.

The list arrived, and you will not believe, that was Renny or god himself blessed me in the morning. I became the manager of my dream man. Adil Abbas!

That day, I was so happy. So Renny and I went outside to celebrate. But I didn’t know that my happiness was not going to last long.

Working in Bollywood is not easy. Every day you must attend parties or meet with glamorous people, and I and glamour are like east and west.

Every day, I came back home full of humiliation and regretted that why did I go to a party. The only good thing about the job was Mr. Adil. He was such a nice man. He talked to me nicely and gave me respect which I deserve. He was the only reason I was not quitting that job. So I decided to go to Bollywood parties with him.

I guess, I did something terrible in my past life and that was why I must face this hell again and again.

There were Adil’s movies party. He invited me for that and I didn’t say no to him.

I dressed up like I usually do, wore my favorite jeans, red top, and black jacket.

I went there with Renny. We both were sitting quietly at the corner, but some girls came towards me and told me that Adil was calling me. So, I went with them but that was a prank.

They took me to another group of guys and started humiliating me and making fun. They said mean words to me which I can not explain. So, I started crying and ran towards my room.

Inside the room

Adil was there, I tried to hide my tears, but he saw them.

Adil: Sorry! I was looking for you to know my tomorrow’s appointments and that’s why I came to your room.

Me: It’s okay, sir!! Give me a minute and I will send you all the details.

Adil: No, I see you are not in a good mood. So leave it for a while and if you do not mind, then you can tell me why are you crying?

Me: I am not crying, Sir. Tears came in my eyes because I was missing my mom, nothing else.

Adil: Miss Piyushi, I am the actor here. So do not do acting in front of me. And who misses her mom between a glamourous Bollywood party? So, let me know if you take me as a friend rather than your boss.

I started crying harder and told him everything like how other beautiful girls and boys teased me and made fun of my look.

Adil hugged me tightly and told me, “Listen to me, Pihu. You are naturally so beautiful from inside and out. You got beauty with a brain. All other girls have a fake vision, they spent lots of money to hide their ugliness but you, you are unique, and if you want to look like them then you need to makeover. Tomorrow, I will ask my makeup artist to give you a new look but personally, I prefer this natural beauty.

After listening to those words from his mouth, my lips automatically moved towards his, but he walked away.

I got scared and embarrassed at the same time and I bet he noticed those on my face. He came to me and asked, “Are you sure? You may regret this later and you know, we cannot be together.”

Me: I am never surer like this before, and I will have nothing to regret later.

Adil held my head like a doll and started kissing my lips. It was my first kiss and that too, with my dream man.

After that, he took me to the bed and started kissing me more hard. I was going with the flow, like the sea with cold and calm wind.

He started kissing my neck and shoulders. He went near my left ear and slightly bit my earlobe. That sent a current through my body and for the first time in my life, I was feeling some wetness in my pussy!

He then turned me back and started licking my back, shoulders and blowing air on them. I was in some other world and down there, I couldn’t control, my pussy was carving for his touch.

He took off my top and unhooked my bra strap, and his tongue was busy doing his magic work. He was licking and kissing my backbone from neck to hip. My body was shaking like a fish without water.

Suddenly, he turned me towards him and grabbed my boobs and squeezed them so hard. I was like, “Haaaaaaaa!”

Then he took my right nipple inside his mouth and bit on my nipple. His other hand was pinching my left nipple. I was in a mix of pain and pleasure.

I was not able to hold back any further. In my mind, I had already started begging my dream celebrity to fuck me harder and deeper. I wanted Adil to take my virginity and give me my first dick inside my wet pussy.

Meanwhile, Adil started doing the same with my left nipple. He was biting my nipple and sucking them like a hungry kid sucking a nipple for milk. This time, his other hand was trying to remove my jeans from my body. I was helping him like a greedy girl whose last wish was to take his dick inside her pussy.

He then left my boobs and started moving down. He kept licking all over the tummy and inserted his tongue tip in my navel and fucked that with his tongue. It was the first time I got to know that my tiny navel could also get fucked and give me this much pleasure. I was not able to stop my body from shaking.

And then the time came. Adil inserted his hand in my super wet panties and rubbed my pussy. I got my first orgasm at the same instant! I came like a flood.

I was embraced for a second, but I did not care. I just wanted all of him inside me!

I was trying to remove my panties, but he stopped me. First, he licked my cum over my panties and removed them with his mouth.

He then took my toe and started sucking them one by one. His thumb was busy rubbing my pussy lips and was making me beg him to fuck me more and more.

He came between my legs by kissing my inner thighs. The flow from my pussy still kept coming. Adil licked my whole pussy with his tongue and I moaned like crazy.

Then he started kissing my vertical lips and licking my clitoris with this tongue tip. After a few minutes, he inserted his tongue inside my pussy hole while rubbing my clitoris with his thumb. I was moaning or screaming now, (I am not sure). But whatever I was doing, I was doing it loud.

Adil kept fucking me with his tongue and I cummed again all over his face.

Then he got up and looked at me. I was all red and tired but still wanted more and more. I was begging for his dick!

He took his shirt off. His shirtless, eight abs, well-toned body made me some other person.

I was so horny at that time. I wanted to see his dick and feel it so badly. I don’t know what happened to me, it was like Mia Khalifa’s soul came inside my body or something! I got up, dragged him to the bed and started kissing him badly. I was kissing him like there is no tomorrow.

I grabbed his hairs tightly and started biting his nipples one by one. I wanted to eat all his abs and that was what I was trying to do. I was not just kissing but eating and crunching his abs and chest severely.

Then I opened his pants and underwear together in one go. I wanted his dick badly!

My eyes were wide open and I got high after seeing Adil’s big dick. I didn’t waste any time, I took it in my mouth and started sucking it like a bitch. His dick was like the best lollipop I ever had in my life.

I was sucking and licking his tip repeatedly. I touched his ball. They were full of cum, the cum which I wanted all over the body.

His dick was so hard as a hot iron rod and finally, I begged him to fuck me.

“Pleaseeeee pleaseeee fuck me harder, deeper and fasterrr. Make me your bitch tonight..”, I begged to him.

He threw me on the bed and opened my legs apart and brought his dick on my pussy entrance and started rubbing his dick on my pussy. He was teasing me like hell but I wanted him to enter now. So I got up a little and slapped on his face and said, “Fuck me, you fucker!”

He got mad or what, he gave a hard jerk and inserted half of his dick in one push! I screamed aloud. I was in so much pain but my hunger for his dick was making me take more.

He stopped for a while and looked down. He saw blood on his dick. In shock, he asked me, “Are you a virgin?”. I replied, “Yes, I am. But please do not stop. Give me your dick and fuck me harder”.

After seeing me that much horny, Adil gave one more push and inserted his full dick inside me. I screamed again, but this time, he kept his lips on mine to lower my voice.

He started humping me slowly. I was in a lot of pain, but this was giving me the best pleasure of my life. While fucking me slowly, he kept kissing me and his hand was busy pinching my tiny nipples.

I asked him to go faster and he replied, “You sure???” I said, “Yes, please!”

Then Adil grabbed my boobs and started giving me a full jerk. I could feel his dick going out and then coming back and reaching till my stomach. He was fucking me so well that my legs automatically wrapped around his waist to meet his rhythm. My hand was busy scratching his back, but he didn’t say anything, he kept fucking me harder.

Then he stopped and asked me to turn back and lay down on my knees. I understood what he was about to do. I went to doggy style and got my hips a little up so that he can easily get access to my pussy.

He entered again inside me from the back and this time, he grabbed my hairs tightly and held my boob from the back and started fucking me like a slut. Yes, that was what I wanted to be for that night – his slut.

His jerk was so powerful that my every single bone was shaking. I was not able to think anything else. From my mind to my pussy, I could feel only his dick and his powerful strokes.

After fucking me like that for a while, he noticed that my legs were trembling because of the fuck. And that was true, I was feeling weak from my bones because of his dick. But that didn’t make him reduce his speed even for a minute.

He asked me to lay down on my front, so I did. He entered me again from behind, laid down on me and started fucking me again. In this position, I went to the seventh cloud! I was moaning hard and begging him to fuck me faster and he was responding positively.

After taking his dick in and out, I was going to cum. So I screamed, “I am cumming I am cumming!”

I cummed on that bedsheet and he cummed all over my back. He gave full cum shower to my back!

I was so exhausted. It took me a few seconds to regain my breath back. He too looked a little tired and laid down beside me and asked me, “Hope I did well.”

I didn’t reply because there were no words to describe how good he was.

After a few minutes, he got up and kissed my forehead and told me, “You are so beautiful, all you need is to believe in yourself”.

I don’t know, these words or his dick gave me a little nirvana from my dumbness. After he left, I stayed in bed for some more time and thought about my life so far. Then I got up and took a shower, and came back to the party.

This time, I was a new person. I saw Renny; she was sitting at the bar counter. I went toward her and said, “Give me a fucking shot of vodka, you bitch!”

She was shocked. I saw Adil talking to a producer. He saw me and smiled at me. I had a whiskey peg in my hand, so I said cheers to him from a distance and said, “Thanks for everything”.

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