My Client’s Wild Daughter – A Bengali Beauty

Hello everyone, I am back again with another one of my experiences about Bengali beauty. You can read my past experiences here and have a good time.

A bit of an introduction about me: I am a good-looking 6 feet tall lean guy with a decent package located in the western part of the country.

Coming to the experience. The experience took place last year around October, a week before Diwali sometime. One of my Bengali clients, a well-settled family in the city, shifted their factory premises to another location. It was on the city’s outskirts, and I visited the site to verify the documents.

The day of the visit arrived, and it was the last visit for the day in the evening. I reached the place around the scheduled time to quickly wrap up the visit. After waiting for half an hour or so, I tried calling him up as he did not reach the site.

The client informed me that he had to rush out of the city due to some personal emergency. I was sad that I would have to revisit the site. But just then, he informed me that his daughter, who would be managing the site, is on her way. She would reach in around 15 minutes.

This brought a smile to my face as I would finish my work and leave in some time. I was lost in my thoughts when a girl entered the gate of the premises riding a Royal Enfield bike. She parked her bike in the parking lot and got down, revealing one of the hottest sights known to any man.

She removed her helmet and swayed her head to let her hair have a nice fall. She was wearing a black shirt tucked inside blue denim and black ankle-high boots. She slowly started to walk towards me while removing her gloves. It was a sight to behold.

She was a girl in her mid 20’s with sheer class and attitude. I was lost in her thoughts and didn’t realize when she reached next to me. I was pulled back from the fantasy world when she snapped her fingers in front of my face. I was taken aback a bit and quickly took control of myself, realizing where I am.

Me: Hi, I am the consultant. You must be the daughter of Mr. Saha.

Her: Hi. Yes. I am Devleena. How are you?

Me: I am good. How about you?

Dev: I am good too. Sorry to keep you waiting.

Me: It’s fine. You showed up. At least I would be able to complete the task.

Dev: Shall we move inside then?

Me: Yeah, sure.

Devleena opened up the main door to the premises and walked up inside, swaying her tight ass. I was lost in the thought of how I would like to eat that meaty ass. I was so lost that I was not listening to a single word about what she was saying.

I was back in the world of reality when she called up my name. She asked me to come on with her with a kinky smile on her face. I believed she understood where I was lost.

Dev: What would you like to see?

I was in a double-mind and was not able to think straight up. I just wanted to reply, ‘the tight ass hidden by the denim,’ but I did control myself.

Me: Everything around. Need to have a good view of the structure and document it.

Dev: Alright. Let’s begin. (with a kinky smile again as if she understood the double meaning between my lines)

Dev gave me a nice tour of the entire premises on the ground floor. She was a step ahead of me while touring the ground floor. I observed her hot structure all the while.

I was lost in the thoughts of tearing up her shirt and eating those nice melons while she moans with pleasure. She did catch me a few times ogling her ass and would pass on with a smile.

Dev: Would you like to move to the upper floor? (while she caught me ogling her (ass) lower base.)

Me: Yeah. The lower floor looks good. Let’s check out the upper floor.

Dev smiled and asked me to follow her through the stairs. While she was ahead of me and swaying her ass from left to right and putting up a show. I was ogling at her while controlling the urge to spank it hard and feel it nicely.

When we reached the first floor, Dev turned around to show me the property. That’s when I realized that while I was lost in her ass on the stairs, she had opened up her top 2 shirt buttons, giving me a nice look at her cleavage and a hint of a red bra.

This was a positive sign that she responded to me. I was eager to take the game to the next level. Dev showed me around the first floor, and we settled ourselves on the sofa in her cabin next to each other.

Dev: I hope you liked the property?

Me: Of course. Only a fool wouldn’t like such a property.

Dev: Of really. I have carefully designed it myself.

Me: That shows the touch of classiness in its finishing.

Dev smiled and excused herself to the executive washroom within the cabin. I was looking around the cabin. After a couple of minutes, when Dev returned, I saw a subtle change in her shirt. Her nipples were poking out nice and hard.

It made me realize that the reason for her to move to the washroom was to remove her bra and put up a hot show for me. While she was crossing me, I held her hand and pulled her to sit onto my lap.

She was a bit surprised with the move and acted shocked. But I made a confident and bold move to nail this wild and insatiable Bengali girl I had just met.

Me: Why would you like to tease me with such a show?

Dev: I never thought you would move on from the double meaning lines. So thought of giving you some encouragement.

Me: Indeed. The poking nipples gave me a push.

While I was groping her boobs over her shirt all the time while talking and pinching her nipples in between. She was enjoying the touch. She was biting her lower lip in anticipation of the hot session about to follow up. I made her sit on my lap with her back facing towards me.

I was being intoxicated with her fragrance and was being driven crazy. Slowly I started feeling her front body with my hands over the shirt. While she was lost in the moment, I grabbed hold of her shirt’s collar. I tore it apart to reveal her milky firm boobs.

As soon as I tore her shirt, I lost control and was wildly mauling her boobs with both my hands. I was kissing or licking her neck from the back of her earlobe. Her shoulder was visible through her shirt after almost 15 minutes of enjoying her perky boobs.

She forced herself out of my arms and freed herself. She was standing and looking at me like a pornstar with her shirt torn away, wearing her denim. It was a sight to behold. She slowly dropped her shirt over her shoulder and bent down to give me a small, quick kiss on my lips. Her lips were simply delicious.

I was about to get up and grab her lips again. But then she had some other plans in mind. She placed her finger on my lips and asked me to sit where I am. She kneeled down in front of me near the sofa. She opened my trouser and pulled them out of my legs along with the socks.

I was left with only my undies. She started to lick me from my toes, making her way through the feet to the calf muscles all the way, making it all wet. She had a feet fetish and was enjoying her time with my feet. Slowly she moved her way from the calf muscles to the knee to the inner thighs.

She was licking it to her heart’s content. She spent a good amount of time licking the inner thighs on both sides and driving me crazy with her tongue. Once she was content with the thighs, she quickly removed my undies to let my cock salute her hotness.

She had glitter in her eyes, holding the cock in her palms, and looked to have a kinky smile on her lips. She slowly removed her tongue outside and licked the cock from the tip till the balls’ base, giving me a moaning next level. She held my cock with her palm and started to give me a blowjob with those rosy lips.

At times in between, she would deep throat it as well, sending shivers down my spine. She was enjoying blowing my cock for a while. All the while, I was shifting in my place, a bit, moaning to my content.

Between those blow job times, she slowly shifted my legs apart and moved forward towards the sofa. Initially, I thought she wanted to be close to my cock, but I was in for a surprise. I was still in a trance situation with the hot blowing. I did not realize that she had stopped using her mouth.

She was rubbing my cock with her hands. In the meantime, she licked me from the balls to the inner thighs. She slowly inserted her tongue in my ass hole, giving me a surprise. I did jerk in my place with the licking of my asshole. But she controlled my movements.

She was continuously rubbing my cock in her palms and licking my asshole. All this rubbing and licking by her made me hot. I could not control myself and quickly exploded my cum onto her hands. She squeezed me till my last drop and then cleaned up, licking off the last drop of my cum and enjoying its taste.

I was relieved and lay on the sofa thinking about what had just happened unexpectedly. We lay on the sofa for a good 10 minutes. She went to the cupboard next to the sofa to remove a shirt for herself. She wore the shirt and came close to me.

She whispered in my ears, “Dress up. You are mine for the night. We will move to the hotel room at a close distance from here. Don’t forget to pick up condoms on the way.” These lines from her made me realize that it’s gonna be one hell of a night with this Bengali beauty.

I hope that you liked the narration about the magical meeting with my client. I would like to hear your feedback on [email protected] Also, let me know what part of the experience you enjoyed reading the most and made you horny for masturbation. Till then, ciao!

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