Lusty Stranger Sravya Gives Virgin Guy First Sex Experience

Hey everyone, let me keep it short and sweet without making you feel bored and I hope that you like my first real sex confession. Let my pen name be ‘Great Companion’.

I am Great companion, a 25-year-old straight, fair, and good looking mature guy with a height of 5’10” and a fit body (not a gym body but fit) living in Hyderabad right now.

This incident took place 4 years ago when I was in my final year of college. I became very lusty day by day and used to stare at females with a sexy figure in college, including faculty.

I used to be full of lust and imagination wishing that someone comes into my life, who will get fucked by me in real. Being a decent guy in real can only make you either be a friend or classmate but nothing more than that.

So, I used to fulfill my lusty desires by chatting with strangers online on sex chat sites and masturbating by imagining fucking females that I know. This used to be my daily routine and I used to masturbate 3-5 times daily.

For such a lusty guy like me, one fine day, I got to meet the first sex partner of my life, Sravya. She was going to make all my dreams come true.

I met Sravya online like any other stranger on a chatting site and had a doubt if she was fake or real but continued our regular discussion by introducing ourselves to each other.

Sravya was a 19 year old young, virgin girl who was completely horny. I asked her directly if she was looking to getting fucked for real and get satisfied completely? She without any hesitation and not wasting time said, “Well, who doesn’t want to?” This was enough for my cock to hear and get rock hard!

Our chats continued for a while where my online friend found me interesting and exchanged hangouts ID in a while and then continued our chat for 2-3 days.

During those 2-3 days, I found out that Sravya was a real female, a bit short 5 feet chubby girl but with huge assets of 36″ boobs and a sexy 36″ ass to die for.

As I was looking for a first-time experience, I could not be happier by knowing what I was about to have soon if everything works out well. Sravya was amused knowing how lusty I am which impressed her.

Sravya used to watch porn and was very well aware of everything we spoke about. She told that she had oral sex earlier with 2 guys but not more than that.

I was more excited and asked casually in a flirting way if I could be that lucky guy? She smiled feeling shy, but later to my surprise, she said she wants to have sex with me for real.

Sravya told me that she wanted me to come to her house when her parents leave for work as they both were working people. I just could not believe my ears as we had spoken only for 2-3 days.

My online friend readily agreed to have sex for real with a stranger like me. I asked her again if she was serious about it? As a reply to my query, she sent an address and asked me to check in maps and show her the pic of what I was getting.

After I sent a pic to her I asked, “Is it your home address?” Sravya said, “Yes baby, it’s the sweet spot where a horny pussy wants to get drilled with your lusty cock.” She really had my respect for the trust she showed in me and made me like her more for her cravings.

As planned, I went to her house at 11 in the morning after which she sent me a message confirming that it is now safe for me to come up. I went and parked my vehicle in front of her apartment.

Sravya lived in a secured apartment so I had to go through security call-confirmation for which we had planned. I was to tell them that I was a sales guy called for repairing her laptop.

When the security would ask her for confirmation, she would say, “Yes,” and the security would let me in after I entered all the wrong details in the register. I was so nervous that I felt like I was about to faint as it was my first time.

I went near her flat and texted her to open the door for which she told me to ring the bell as neighbors could be watching.

To be frank, I was still in doubt if she turns out to be anything other than female I would get the hell out of there, but I was hoping that all would go well. I rang the bell and then the door opened in 10 seconds.

As the door opened, I saw a cute, sexy, and busty hot girl in a t-shirt and leggings with hair up to her shoulders. This made my heart give a sigh of relief first, that everything is happening for real.

Sravya welcomed me from inside with her beautiful smile without coming out so that no one sees her. I went and sat on the sofa in the hall. I was continuously looking at her with a smile on my face.

We planned for a 2-3 hours thing as her mom would be back home, in the afternoon. We started speaking to each other about different things until the awkwardness of silence went.

We got comfortable with each other for about 45 minutes. I asked Sravya for a glass of water which she brought me. I complimented her and said, “Your boobs look so juicy. I want to eat them and drink those juices instead of water.”

Sravya smiled naughtily, gave me water, and said, “Are we only gonna talk?” I wanted to tease her so I said, “It’s up to you.”

Sravya laughed and said, “Don’t be smart now. Quickly select in which room you want to fuck me?”

I stood up and walked to her room and then to her parent’s room and selected her parent’s room. It was dark, with a king-size bed and perfect atmosphere for sex. Her room had full ventilation but was towards the roadside.

Sravya said, “Okay, let’s go but don’t spoil the room much with all your lust as it is my parent’s room.” I smiled and said, “I can’t guarantee you that.

We got into the room, sat in the center of the bed facing each other. We were looking at each other into the eyes. There was an awkwardness of who would start. She took the initiative and told me to close my eyes.

As soon as I did, Sravya got up and came closer to me and kissed me with her moist soft lips which I have never experienced. I kissed her back with all the lust that was stored in me for the past 7-8 years.

We kissed very seductively for half an hour. We had started with our saliva exchanging in our mouths dropping into each other. Then biting lips to licking and sucking tongues.

Then we were caressing and pressing our lips with our tongues to make them wet again as we ended up sucking each other’s lips badly. While we were kissing, I pulled her closer and made her sit on my lap facing me.

Her legs were locked around my back. Sravya was holding my hair with her left hand and placed the other hand on my neck. I let my hands go into her t-shirt and explore the shape and sense of bare navel.

I caressed her navel area from her hip to the outline of her boobs (beneath her boobs) with my thumb and forefinger. I was making an arc around the shape of her body.

My other fingertips caressed her back and gave her an adrenaline rush. Sravya was getting more aroused by it. She started to moan while kissing me which was making me bite her lips and chew them.

After 30 minutes, we stopped for a second and looked at each other by catching our breaths. I removed her top and bottom and my clothes too. Then I made her lie on the bed and then blindfolded her with my kerchief.

I tied Sravya’s legs and hands to the four corners of the bed by making her spread her legs and hands wide open. I started to kiss right from the tip of her toe and was biting gently at every inch.

I kissed and moved upwards from her toes to her thighs. I let my fingertips caress her inner thighs making her hornier and she started to move on the bed.

My mouth reached her thighs. I first started rubbing her inner thighs by poking my nose and rubbing all over, followed by my lips closed and pressing them hard against her inner thighs.

Then I followed with my tongue tip gently licking every inch of her inner thighs. I pulled her panty aside a bit and kept my tongue entirely at the curve joining her thigh and pussy. I licked that spot by pressing hard against her body so that saliva dripped through the curve. My hands were caressing her navel and belly up to her boobs area.

This made her shiver a bit. She caught my hair tightly and got fully horny. She moaned loudly with warm and fast breaths, as cum started oozing out.

I saw this and pulled her panty out and applied her pre-cum over my fingers and moved upwards. Now as soon as I removed her panty, I saw the first naked pussy for real. But I deliberately did not jump directly into it.

I licked and gave lust bites all over and around my busty online friend’s pussy but did not touch her pussy yet. My hands started to feel her huge juicy boobs over her bra.

Her nipples had become more erect as if they are going to tear and pop out of her bra. After doing this for five minutes, I then moved upwards by licking and giving hickeys right from the top tip of her pussy to her belly button.

And then her entire belly to her cleavage, while I let my fingertips caress the outer layer of her pussy. I was making circles all over it and then followed up by gently poking circles and rough rubbing on the layer with complete fingers.

She started moaning very loudly, “Aaaaahhhhhhh huuuuummmm.. aaaaahhhhhhh uuuuuuuuu aaahhhhhhhhh, baby, what are you doing to me? I have never experienced this level of intimacy ever before. You have magic in the way you seduce.”

I got up and saw her sweaty face and winked at her and suddenly sucked her rib area for 2 minutes by lifting her boobs over her bra. I then cupped them in my hands feeling the weight and size of her boobs.

I then removed Sravya’s bra and saw her naked heavenly juicy tits for real, for the first time ever. As soon as I saw them naked, I could not control myself.

Then I took her boobs completely in my hands and started squeezing them with all my lust. I was taking them as much as I can into my hands and literally crushed her boobs and fondled them very roughly.

I was rubbing my penis gently all through its length in between the pussy lips without inserting it in. Our bodies were rubbing roughly against each other.

I was going back and forth by sliding my cock in between her pussy lips which made my pre-cum drop from my penis and get mixed with hers. It then began to ooze out of her pussy dripping thickly.

I could only sense the thick cum splashing and being wiped in between my cock and her pussy. I did this for 10 minutes. While doing that I started to kiss all over her boobs.

I followed by poking and licking with my tongue and then by licking her areola in circles. I was chewing them gently and leaving teeth marks all over her areola.

Suddenly, I bit her nipples very hard with my teeth and pulled them out by holding them in between my teeth. She moaned and shouted at the top of her voice, “Aaaaaaaaaaaah hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.”

Sravya was in pain and pleasure and tears dropped from her eyes. I wiped them with my cheeks and then gently kissed and licked them very softly on her nipples.

Sravya felt better. Then I was poking her clit with my cock-tip and making circles in it with my penis head. She was caressing and pinching my back as she had 2-3 orgasms.

I was doing all this for about an hour. It was even hard for me to control without cumming for such a long time, but somehow I controlled it. Now I stopped doing everything and looked at her.

I told her to open her eyes and asked her, “Are you ready for the next level?” She said, “I have never wanted sex more badly than now.” As soon as she said this, I got it into 69 position.

Then I started rubbing her pussy with my lips. I was pressing her pussy, followed by sucking and licking with my tongue. I was exploring the inner walls of pussy and her warm thick cum while I was caressing her inner thighs.

I was so aroused that I was lost in her pussy like a fish in the water. Then, to bring me back to my senses despite being tied, she lifted her head up and somehow caught my 6″ cock in her mouth.

Sravya then started sucking it very hard like she has been sucking dicks for a long time. This thing that she did make me shiver all through my spine.

We did this for 15 minutes. I could not hold it any longer as I have been feeling horny for almost an hour and a half. Finally, I splashed a damn heavy thick load of cum in her mouth.

Sravya could not take all of it as she was deep throating me. She gasped and took my cock out of her mouth which made my cum fall all over her face, neck, and shoulders.

Similarly, Sravya squirted all her juices and it was all in my mouth and on my face. I stayed like that leaving my tongue inside her pussy without moving it for about 2 minutes.

It was an altogether another experience for me, very different from regular masturbation. I got up and lay on her naked without moving for five minutes.

Then we went to the bathroom, had a bath, and got ourselves completely cleaned. We then lay on the bed hugging each other for 10 more minutes. We could not continue our lustful sex any longer as it was time for her mom to return.

So we got dressed and kissed again. We started squeezing and grabbing each other’s parts all over our bodies for another 5 minutes. Then I left her place. I can still recollect every bit of my first sex experience whenever I close my eyes.

Thanks a lot for having so much patience and for reading the entire story completely. Please feel free to tell me how my first real sex encounter made you feel.

All females can ping me at [email protected] in hangouts to share their views and desires or fantasies if there are any that are yet to be fulfilled.

Let me tell you that privacy and secrecy are my first priority. You can be totally free to get back to me without hesitation. Based on your responses I would tell you what happened next.

Next time it would be more fun as the bed starts to move back and forth. Hope to see a lot of incoming messages from you guys. Till then, stay safe and have sex.

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