Virgin Kumari Deflowered In Her Research Cabin

Hello to all the beautiful women and beautiful girls. This is Casanova, back again with one more story of my sex expeditions. I know it has been a long gap. But, I am thankful to all the women and girls for your feedback on my previous stories.

Welcome to my erotic world. I will not straight away get into the story. I will take you into the erotic world with all the details so that you can imagine what and how exactly it happened.

My name is Pranav, and I finished my MBA from a reputed college this year. I was always an extrovert and love to make new friends. Because of this, I had many friends from various other departments on campus. I have this gentleman look when I wear formals and have my fan base on the campus.

I made a few friends who were doing research in their domains. That’s when I came in contact with Kumari. She was doing her research in Chemistry. She was older than me by 4-5 years. I always love older women because they are hot and wild in bed.

She was chubby, and again, I love chubby girls. I go mad for them. Kumari had tempting stats of 38-34-36. Those tits were trying to come out every time I see her was the best part. We used to meet for breakfast, lunch, and dinner almost every day and greet each other.

Soon we became close, and we started to meet for evening tea also. Then we started going for walks in the evenings or post-dinner. Soon, rumors started to spread on the campus that we are the new couple. I was happy to be paired with a bombshell like Kumari.

We didn’t care about such rumors because this is all common during college life. Whenever I get time, I would run to her research cabin and spend time with her. She also liked spending her time with me. She started to move closely with me when no one was around in the cabin.

Or holding my hand and walking during our evening walks on the campus. I successfully finished my 1st semester. All the students were ready to go back home for vacation. But I wanted to stay back and be with Kumari because the campus will be empty during this time. I will get more time to spend with her.

I informed my parents that I would not be coming home for the holidays. I need to go for an internship on the campus itself. Now I have a month completely to spend with Kumari and win her heart.

Most of the students left the campus for holidays, and the whole campus is empty. I started going to Kumari’s research cabin after breakfast in the morning. I was spending all my time being around her. She used to work on her research, and I used to work on my project.

We were becoming closer and closer day by day physically. Touchings became very common. One afternoon on the weekend, Kumari had a headache after we returned from our lunch. Being a weekend, not many staff were also there, and the whole block was empty.

So, I asked Kumari if I could massage her head with an ointment. She agreed immediately. I went to lock the door and came back and applied ointment on Kumari’s head and started massaging.

I know the pressure points on a female body to seduce them. So I started massaging Kumari on her forehead for almost 10 minutes. Then I asked her if I could massage her shoulders. She moaned with a “Yes.” Now I know the ball is in my court.

I started massaging the right points on her shoulder. I could see Kumari getting aroused. I could also hear her soft moans, “Ahhh… Ahhh…” I slowly started to take my hands inside her kurti, little by little. In the process of massaging, I was trying to pull out those huge melons from her bra, and I could finally succeed.

Kumari closed her eyes and was only enjoying the massage. The moment I saw her nipples, I placed my hands on her nipples and started rubbing them. Kumari moaned, “Ahh. Pranav, I like it.” So, I continued massaging her boobs and pinched those nipples in between to make her horny.

I went close to her ears and asked, “Shall I kiss them, Kumari?” She sighed with a yes. I was standing behind her back, massaging till now. I raised her head and kissed her lips. Kumari opened her mouth and reciprocated. We were exchanging our saliva.

She took me deeper and kissed me while my hands were playing with her boobs and nipples. We kissed for almost 10-15 minutes, and her kurti had zip on her back. I pulled it down and removed her Kurti completely. Now Kumari is only in her red lacy bra.

I unhooked her bra, and I could see 38B huge melons right in front of my face. We went to the corner of the cabin where no one could see us. We both lay down on the floor. I started kissing her nipples, and she was moaning in my ears, “Ahh, Pranav, bite them.”

I started pinching her nipple, and I was biting the other nipple. She was scratching my back and was moaning, “You are doing it very nicely. I am horny now. Do something more, Pranav.” I removed her pajamas and removed her red panties as well.

I also removed all my clothes, and we started kissing each other. I was rubbing her pussy with my fingers. She started stroking my 6-inch thick cock. We kissed for 5 minutes, and she was all wet already. We got into 69 position, and she started blowing me like a pro.

I had never seen a girl blowing me like a pro till then. I was parallelly eating her pussy, and she was moaning, “Ah. Deeper Pranav, go deeper with your tongue.” I started to play with her clit while inserting my two fingers in her pussy. She was going mad and was moaning, ” Make me cum, please.”

So, I started to eat her clitoris and was fingering her with full speed. In no time, she moaned loudly. “Ah, you did so easily. I love it.” I tasted all her juice and got ready to drill her pussy with my thick cock.

Kumari widened her legs and welcomed my cock. In one push, I went inside and broke her seal. She moaned with pain-filled with pleasure. I could see happy tears rolling down her eyes, and I kissed her. She hugged me tightly and started kissing me wild.

My cock is completely inside her. I remained like that till her pain subsided. After a minute, Kumari said, “Fuck me slowly, Pranav. Satisfy me with your thick cock today.”

I started to fuck Kumari deeper with my slow thrusts. Kumari enjoyed and took me deeper for every thrust by widening her legs and locking them around my waist. I fucked Kumari for 5-10 minutes, slowly expanding her pussy for a better action coming up in the next few minutes.

She was kissing my ear lobes and was scratching my back in wild ecstasy. Now I increased my pace and was fucking Kumari a little harder. She was moaning. Then we changed to butterfly posture, and I was fucking her wild, deeper and harder.

The cabin is filled with her moans and the sound when I hit her pussy. I could see her big melons bouncing at my pace. It was just awesome fucking Kumari. She moaned, “Faster, Pranav, Faster.”  I started fucking her faster and deeper and was hitting her g-spot for every thrust.

I know she is going to get her 2nd orgasm soon, and I was getting close. We fucked for another 5 minutes, and Kumari moaned loudly. In the next couple of minutes, I also filled her pussy with all my load. We slept on the floor itself, cuddling and kissing for another 15 minutes.

Then both of us regained energy. We got up and washed and dressed up. She was happy and told me that I know how to take care of a woman and it’s good. I was happy with that compliment.  Until I left the campus, I fucked Kumari every day in different campus spots. We both enjoyed it to the maximum.

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