Erotica Writer Bangs His Hot Female Reader

Hi guys, Alok here again. Today, I wanna share one of my recent experiences I had with one of my readers, Priya.

From the mail id that I usually put up at end of my posts, Priya messaged me on Hangouts. “Hi!” she said. We went on to talk for whole night. She told me how she loved my posts.

Priya seemed like a really nice person, so we began to talk more often. A few days on, we finally exchanged our social media handles. I saw Priya for the first time. And boy, she was hot! She had a petite figure. Her boobs were a bit small, but she seemed damn beautiful. She had a round ass!

A few days on, we decided to meet for coffee in her city. My hot reader was gonna decide the venue, so when I reached Versova, Mumbai (where Priya lives), I called her up to ask the venue. Priya said that the cafe we were gonna go to was closed that day, so we could rather have coffee at her home instead.

Priya lived with her roommate, but was alone that day. I entered her flat. She greeted me with a smile and a hug, and a kiss on my cheek.

Priya was looking amazing. She was fair-skinned, short, petite with a knack for cleanliness. Her lips were naturally pink. She wore a white tank top and mini skirt. I could see her nipples from the top, she was clearly not wearing a bra. I sensed it was gonna be a great date.

So, we had coffee and decided to watch a movie. We were sitting on her sofa, and her phone was kept on table to my right. Priya was to my left. As her phone pinged, she went on to grab it slowly, while sitting on sofa.

As she went to grab it and as it was kept a bit far from her, for support she put her hand on my thigh. Oops! By then, I was really hard. Priya had put her tiny hand over my hard penis. She retracted and apologized.

After a few minutes though, she looked at me and started giggling. “You understand why I wanted to meet you right?” Priya said.

I had a feeling she wanted to make out with me, but I didn’t want to sound rude. So I said, “What do u mean?” And gave her a lil smile.

She smiled back and said, “Quit acting like a fool.. Let’s get done with this, Mr. writer” and stood up. She sat on my lap.

We began kissing, softly. I held her small waist while kissing her, and pulled her closer, so she could feel my erection. I wanted to suck my hot female reader’s small boobs badly. So I slid up her top and slid her slip a little and directly attacked her nipple. Pink soft nipple with little dots around. She was having goosebumps.

I bit it, pulled it with my teeth when she moaned, then left it. When it got dry, I licked it slightly with my warm saliva, and then sucked it like a baby. Priya loved it. I went to her fridge and grabbed some ice cubes. I put one on her nipple and held both her hands with my other hand. She kept moaning.

After some time, when her nipple became numb, I licked it a little with my warm tongue and began kissing around. She got very aroused and couldn’t take anymore. She forced my lips onto her nipple. I sucked it and licked it, while she moaned and played with my hair.

After 15 mins on left nipple, my hot reader slid her right boob out and placed my lips on it. I sucked her like a baby. She kept watching. After about 25 minutes of sucking, she suddenly remembered her roommate was gonna come home soon, so we got to wind up fast. So, steadily she removed her underwear, pulled out my dick.

Priya was a bit surprised seeing my black dick so hard. She had a condom which she put on my dick after sucking it for sometime. She licked my black dick for some more time, and then sat on it. Slowly, my fat black dick went inside her. This time, she moaned rather loudly.

My hot reader started fucking me. After a few minutes, I wanted to go fast, so I lay her on the ground, held her neck with one hand , and her waist with other. Then I put my dick inside her slowly. It slid in very easily.

I began fucking her. Slowly at first, but with time, I became an animal. It was like a monster fucking a fairy as I was tall and strong (as I workout regularly), and she was petite. I kept fucking her harder.

After about 15 minutes, I came in her mouth. I sat down, semen dripping from my dick. Priya came close to me, she didn’t want her floor to get dirty, so she put my dick in her mouth and began sucking. It was lovely. I swooped her hair while she was sucking me. She sucked really hard and all the cum came out. She drank it all.

I kissed her cheek and wore my clothes. As I was about to leave and had reached the door, she said her roommate will arrive about half an hour later. I smiled at her and closed the door. I picked her up and put her near the sofa. She tried to push me, “Alok, I meant we could cuddle or something!” But I didn’t want to waste time.

I made Priya bend on the sofa and slid her skirt. I removed my already-hard dick and put it inside in one swoop. She resisted at first, but then started moaning! I was fucking her doggy style. Priya took my big hand and put it inside her top and made me hold her boobs while fucking her. I obeyed and held her tits and fucked her hard.

This time, I went on for 15-20 minutes. As I told her, I was about to cum, she moved away and put my dick in her mouth again. She sucked it again and again. I have to admit that my sexy reader girl had great blowjob skills! I could see her cheeks go inside as she sucked me super hard.

I moaned as I came in her, and she drank it again. “Sweet!” She said. (I eat fruits usually to keep my semen in good condition.)

I was tired now, so I got dressed and pulled her close to me, holding her by her waist. I thanked her and kissed her while holding her ass. I then left and went home. Even today, we chat and share nudes, but due to lockdown, we could not have sex. We will probably fuck again after this.

To my readers, do let me know how you liked my post. It is always great to hear from my readers *wink* You could mail or hangout me on [email protected]

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