From Tinder Match To A Hot Erotic Wet Date

Hello, my favorite people! This is a very real incidence. Let me tell you a bit about myself. My name is Superappy (my pen name), and I am a businessman. I reside in the pink city of India, i.e., Jaipur, Rajasthan.

I am an avid Tinder user. Flirting, and sexting with a Tinder match is my favorite pastime. Physically, I am 29 years of age, fair, lean yet athletic.

Coming to the incidence now. This happened a few days back while I was swiping Tinder out of boredom. After swiping right a few profiles, I came across this profile of a beautiful lady called Suman (name changed) aged 32. My jaw dropped immediately, looking at her profile picture.

Speaking of her beauty, she was a perfect chubby, which means she had all the right amount of fat at the right places of her body. You all can imagine that she looked like Vidya Balan. She was wearing a peacock blue saree, and her perfectly busty body was giving her an hourglass figure.

Looking at her profile picture, I already knew who I am going out to imagine about tonight before I go to sleep. My stars were shining at that time because as I right-swiped her, I got a match with her. I thanked God. In no time, I decided to break the ice on chat. I sent my greetings, and immediately I got her reply.

Our conversation started. Now, I have this habit of not beating around the bush. I straight away clarified that I am looking out for sexting and casual dates on Tinder and nothing else. This saves a lot of time for both the people and makes our intention clear.

As soon as I clarified that to her, she sent me a wink emoji and appreciated me for being straight forward. Good for me that she had similar intentions in her mind. We started flirting, which later converted into sexting. We shared our sexual experiences and our fantasies with each other.

We were surprised that we have a lot more in common. She said she likes things to be started a bit slow in bed. She said she likes wet and sweaty foreplays before jumping to the main actions. I told her how I imagined her with me in bed. How I would like to lick around every inch of her body to make her wet.

I am a big-time entertainer during such foreplays. I told her about my specialty that I call ‘Wet Massage.’ She became such curious about it and wanted me to do it to her while sexting. I told her this specialty has to be felt in person, and we’ll have to meet for it. To my surprise, she straight away asked me to meet.

We were both horny, and I wasted no time to agree on meeting her. I got ready in no time and drove to her home. I rang the bell with my heart pounding, and there she opened it. I was awestruck to see her beautiful face. She was wearing the same peacock blue saree and was smiling wickedly to see me ogling at her.

I wasted no time and hugged her. Our lips locked into a tight kiss as I pushed her on the couch on the living area while closing the door behind. And man did we love our kisses wet. Our tongues were fighting against each other hard. We were drooling over each other’s faces.

In no time, it got so much hotter as we were rubbing our bodies hard against each other. While our kiss broke to catch a breathe or two, we moved ourselves to the bedroom and jumped into the bed to resume our deep wet kisses. Meanwhile, she whispered into my ear, “How wet can you get me tonight?”

I pulled on a blanket on to us and said, “Tonight is going to one hot, sweaty, and your wettest night.” While we were continuously rubbing our bodies to sweat while kissing hard, we knew we don’t need any bit of cloth on us now. I undressed her as she did the same to me.

For a moment, we could see the wildness in each other’s eyes, and we jumped onto each other again. Without clothes now, we could feel each other’s sweaty and hot bodies. My dick was already erect to serve its purpose. But I tend to take my own time.

I started to lick off the rest of her face to her neck while my hands started to explore the sweaty mountains of her breasts. She had closed her eyes tight and was moaning lightly every time I sucked off here neck or pressed her boobs. After a few minutes, she pushed my face down on her boobs.

She moaned, “Suck them off hard, pinch them, please.” I know she was getting all wild. I whispered to her, “Don’t you want my Wet Massage?” Her eyes opened for a bit, and she moaned, “Do it, please… I want to now… Do whatever that you wanna do… I am all yours tonight.”

Listening to this, I pushed both her hands above her head and dived into her armpits. They were clean and sweaty, and the aroma was intoxicating. I start licking and sucking them hard while making them wetter than they already were. She was bending herself out of sheer ecstasy and tickling.

I was drooling all over her and licking it all again. We would kiss in between to share that wetness. I now moved down to her boobs, gently kissing one while holding the other one in my palm. They were all wet with sweat. I started sucking them out now.

Those dark nipples were immediately erect. I took my fair share of time to suck off them, play my tongue around them and drool over them again and again. In these few minutes, she could not take it anymore and started pushing my head more down.

With my hands, I could already feel her pulsating love-pot, her dripping pussy lips. While I went down between her thighs, we positioned ourselves in the glorious 69 position. She jumped onto my manhood while taking it all in, I buried my face into her dripping honeypot out of sheer ecstasy.

We were now trying to eat other. Proving ourselves as hardcore hot and wet sex fans, we were spitting onto each other’s glory areas and sucking them off each other. Her pussy felt such wet and lubricated combined with the sweet yet intoxicating aroma.

My tongue starting licking off every bit of its wall that it could find. Her fluids were filling up on my face and mouth. I was drooling them again as I licked and dug her up wildly. She was getting so restless that her hand pushed my face deeper and deeper.

She was bending her body up to push it more into my face. 20 minutes of oral and feasting onto each other. She suddenly pulled my face up and started licking up all the pussy soaked wetness off it. Meanwhile, She moaned into my ears, “Fuck me as hard as you can, and don’t you dare show any mercy.”

And that was it. I pushed apart her thighs and placed my dick at her pussy hole and pushed it in hard. She gave a loud moan while pulling me into her and wrapped her legs around me. I now knew she is now a wild sex goddess, and this is now going to be a ride to remember for a lifetime.

I started drilling myself in and out. In no time, the room was filled with a wild aroma of our fluids and humping sound. She was now moaning out loud. I would, in the meantime, kiss her hard while I humped her like a wild turkey on easter.

In a few minutes, I could start feeling the pressure building up in me and her simultaneously. She started pulling me in her more and more, and her body stiffening. She started moaning harder and whispering, “Fill my hole up. I want it all in.”

Listening to these words, I could not control myself any longer. We burst into our orgasms simultaneously. We moaned together so hard, and it was a huge load. Yet the humping still continued for a minute or two. After a few minutes, we lay together in bed, catching our breath, dripping in sweat and body fluids.

She later complimented me for my licking and oral skills. Needless to say, that night was well spent with 2 more sessions on her couch and bathroom as well. So that was an incident that I wanted to share with this community.

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