Sex In Ahmedabad With Hot Classmate

Hello guys and girls, I am Krish from Rajkot, Gujarat, 25 years old, doing UPSC preparations. I have an average body, good height, which is a little less than 6 feet. And yes, for girls, a good and thick penis. This is a fantasy story about passionate sex in Ahmedabad with my classmate. I am still a virgin.

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For preparations, I joined classes in Ahmedabad. Initially, I was reading normally in the library. Around 15 days later, I came to know about Shree.

Yes, the heroine of the story. She also had taken the same options like me. So, purposely, I asked her few study-related questions. Then we became normal friends.

First, let me tell you about her beauty. She is a little short, maybe near 5 feet. That’s why she looks damn cute. Her skin is natural while, and her boobs were perfectly natural and round. Her ass was good enough to have turned me on. Her assets must be 34B-28-34.

After becoming friends, we spent our evenings daily with few other friends. Other than that, we were always together in the library.

It was a Sunday morning. We were returning from the library on our way home. I was on my way to PG. She was on her way to her rented apartment, in which few other girls lived too. Her home was on my way.

She asked me what my lunch plan was. I told her that whatever is in the PG, I will eat that. She said that she is alone in her flat and she will cook for herself. She asked if I could join her. I told her no because I was shy and thought she might be doing just formality.

But, she asked the same 2-3 more times, and she said it was okay. But, I don’t know why I kept refusing. Then we parted, and I went to PG. All my way home, I was thinking about her and the missed chance. But, when I reached my PG, I found no food because the cook was on leave.

So, I wanted to go back to her apartment, but I thought about what to say. Suddenly, her call came, and she said that I might have her charger in my bag. I checked and said yes, it is here. She asked if I can give it to her. I told why not. Then I asked her if she had lunch, and she said no.

I asked her to wait for me. I will join her. I changed my clothes and got fresh quickly. I reached her apartment. On the way, I thought about how I could approach her. This can be my lucky day!

I rang the bell of her apartment. My heartbeat was very high. It was my first time with any girl and even in any girl’s apartment. She opened the door, and she let me in.

She: Finally, you came. I know you are here to check if I can cook or not.

Me: Yes, your day is good that you are getting a chance to have lunch with me.

She: Oh, I see!

Me: Fir me kaha baithu? (Where can I sit then?)

She: Wherever you like, sofa, bed, chair.

Me: Okay, let me sit on the bed then.

I sat on the bed coz I was a little bit tired due to continuous driving. She came and told me to remove my legs from that side.

Me: Why?

She: Arre, mere kapde he udhar… (My clothes are there)

Me: To ye pehne to he. (You are already wearing.)

She just pushed my legs and pulled a bag from which she pulled out something. She was wearing a loose t-shirt. So, when she bent to take that bag, her boobs were clearly visible. I was sitting just in front of her, and I was like, oh my God!

Also, she was not wearing any bra. And her boobs were jumping. White, Soft, and delicious. Then I knew that she took a bra and she went to wear it in another room. She had a habit of removing her bra after reaching home, which she told me later.

I got an instant hard-on as it was my first time seeing such an amazing view, from so close and in such privacy. I now decided to make a move. But, what? She came after changing and just smiled at me. I asked her, “Let’s order something until then, we will play games or watch something.”

She said okay. She was still doing small works here and there in the hall. So, I went out of the bed and sat on the sofa. I said, “Let’s order, then come sit here.” She sat close to me. I could smell her body now. From the smell, it was looking like she bathed just now.

Her smell was beautiful of freshly bathed. I wanted to tease her. So I started a conversation.

Me: Accha, main aane wala tha isiliye naha ke baithi ho. (Oh, I see that you bathed because I was coming.)

She: Aisa kuch nahi he, ye to thodi garmi lag rahi thi. (Nothing like that, it was just hot outside, so.)

Then, we ordered pasta, and small pizza and 2 cold-drinks. Delivery was in 45 minutes. So, that was my time to make a move. I asked her if she wanted to play something or watch. She said she wanted to watch some series. And she started it on the laptop. I made my move.

Me: Yaar, mere ko to dikh nahi raha, ye itna door se. Aur, angle bhi thik nahi hai. (Yaar, I can’t see anything from such distance, and the angle is also not correct.)

She then took the laptop in her lap and sat very near to me. Now, there was no border between our bodies. Out bodies were constantly touching. I got a hard-on again. Then, I put my hand on the sofa so that it also covered her shoulders.

Suddenly, there was a kissing scene in the teen drama Netflix series. I watched her, and she watched me and asked.

She: What?

Me: I was thinking, have you ever had a kiss?

She: No, I am a good behaving daughter.

Me: So, a kiss is for bad persons only?

She: No, but…

Me: No buts, tell me one thing.

She: Yes, ask.

Me: Wanna experience? Maine bhi kabhi nahi ki hai yaar. (I also never had a kiss.)

She: Pagal hai kya, no. (Are you mad? No.)

Me: Why? Maza aayega naa. (It will be fun.)

She: What if it is not enjoyable?

Then, I was so eager that I put her laptop aside, pushed her on the sofa, and kissed her. She responded quickly. Her lips were so juicy. Her lips had a little orange shade, so it was making me more eager. She then adjusted herself under me, and now we kissed more passionately.

Kissing was going hard. She also bit my lips 2-3 times. Then after 10 minutes of continuous kissing, we departed. We looked in each other’s lustful eyes.

Me: Mazza aaya? (enjoyed?)

She: Bohut. (A lot.) And she winked.

Me: Why you winked?

She: Buddhu, maza karne ke liye to tujhe bula rahi thi subah se. (You dumb, for this enjoyment, I was inviting you from the morning.)

I was shocked. Then, I asked her, “So shall we move further?”

She: Ruk zara, food order ka status dekh leti hu. (Wait, let me check food order status.)

It was just a few minutes away. So, she said to wait a little while. I hugged her tightly and again kissed her until the door-bell rang. She adjusted herself and collected food from the delivery man. As soon as she put food in the kitchen, I lifted her and took her to bed.

She: Itni bhi jaldi kya hai, pura din pada hai. (Why so hurry, we have the whole day.)
Me: Then, we will use the day multiple times.

Then I realized about condoms and asked her. She said she has many as her roommate’s bf visits regularly. Then I was unstoppable. I put her on the bed. And started kissing again. Now, I was going a little more wild.

She took off my t-shirt, kissed me in my whole chest, and gave me lovebites in my chest – a wild one. Then I asked her it was my turn. I removed her t-shirt. And the view was so amazing. It was my favorite color. She wore a bright blue bra, which was so matching with her skin color.

I was seeing her boobs continuously. And she said, “You liked it? I knew it was your favorite color.”

I was like in heaven. I said, “I liked it very much.”

Then, we both were in a sitting position. I was going wild on her boobs with the bra. I bit her boobs from above. Then I pressed them so hard and like a kid. She said, wait a minute. “If you open my bra, with your teeth only then we can process further.”

I readily accepted, and she turned. I first kissed her whole back and then came to her hooks. My god! There were 3 hooks and very little space. I tried hard. I was failing and getting curious. She was laughing. Then, I made my move and asked her to turn toward me – she turned.

Then, I lifted her bra-cups with my teeth little by little, one by one. Now boobs were half free. Then I reached towards her shoulder laces and pulled them downwards. She winked at me and said, “You are very smart.”

Then, those 2 white boobs were free, only for me. Now I wanted to tease her. So, I first put my fingers circling her nipples. They were so erect and hard. I felt that she was getting very horny. Now, I put my tongue on her nipple and moved it around for a while.

Then, I started licking whole boobs while my right hand reached on her other boobs. I was pressing it hard. Now, she could not control it and started moaning.  It was making me wild. Now, I put her whole boob in my mouth and sucked it hard for like 5 minutes.

Then, she was getting out of control, and she pulled me and kissed me hard again. Now, we also exchanged our saliva. Then, she pushed me downwards between her legs and said, it let’s see how good your tongue is down there. She quickly removed her track, and I removed her wet juicy panty.

Now, I put a pillow under her ass and took the position. First, I slowly licked the whole part with my tongue and kissed her inner thighs too. I also once bit her thighs. She moaned very loudly. Now, I opened her lips with my fingers and smelled it. It was awesome, and it made me hornier.

I now inserted my tongue. Now, whatever I watched In porn was being tested. I asked her after few seconds if it was the right place. She just pushed me down and asked me to shut up and do whatever I was doing. Now, I increased my tongue moment speeds.

I was moving my tongue faster than a thirsty cat drinking water. I licked continuously for 15 minutes, and then she cummed. She told me it was done. Now, I went to her and asked, “How good was I?”

She: So gentle yet so wild. 10 on 10 for you.

We kissed again for 5 minutes, and she said, “It is mealtime,” and removed my clothes completely. My dick was in front of her. She was shocked, “Such big dick in such a small hole. I will die, dude?”

Me: Let’s shut up and enjoy.

My dick was around 6.5 inches long and more than 3 inches thick. She first played it with little and kissed it hesitatingly a few times. I do not want to waste much time and asked her to lay down and get the pillow again. I put the condoms on and positioned my dick.

My one hand was on her boobs. Her one hand was on my dick, guiding me towards her hole. Now, I found it, and we both got the spark instantly. Now, I kissed her finally and stretched both her hands with my hand, and pushed hard. But, it was continuously getting out of the mark.

I then pulled her towards me by pulling her legs. Then I positioned again and gave the strongest shot. And it was half in. She was in much pain. We both were virgins. So, I kissed her to calm her down. Then I gave 2nd shot while kissing, And my whole dick was inside her.

Now, I moved my dick in rhythm, first regular and medium speed. Kissing in between and pressing those soft boobs. I was making sure that she gets the least pain. Then, after 4-5 minutes of medium movement, I bent for kissing her. She whispered in my ear, “Now, show me your speed. Go on top gear.”

Now, I was waiting for this. I now positioned myself again and pushed inside her in rhythm and increased speed very fast. We were fucking so hard that we were sweaty. I increased the speed now, and I was on my top gear. She now started moaning.

Then after some time, we both cum together. And I was no more virgin. My girlfriend and I lost our virginity together. We both hugged after cumming. And kissed again for 5 minutes. Then, we smiled and slept for a little while, and then we bathed together and had lunch.

I hope you guys liked it, don’t forget to give me feedback. Also, tell me should I continue in English or Hindi. Horny ladies are always welcome by mail, which is given at the start of the story.

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