My First Sex With My Ex Girlfriend

Hello everyone. My name is Ansh, 26 years old living in Gurgaon. I am a working professional in Gurgaon. In this story, I will tell you how I had my first sex with my ex-girlfriend. Her name is Dimple (name changed for obvious reasons). She is 23 years old, and I still die for her figure.

Dimple and I were working in the same company. That is how I got to know about her. In the starting, we didn’t use to talk to each other. She had her own group, and I had my own. But slowly, when both groups started interacting with others, Dimple and I started talking and got to know each other.

We started taking breaks together (with the group also – my bad luck). Then, slowly, we started talking more in the office and exchanged our numbers. We started texting each other on WhatsApp (Normal talks like Good morning, good night, etc.).

Slowly we started taking breaks alone sometimes. Our group could sense that something is cooking between us, but they never talked to us about this.

One day we didn’t have a lot of work to do in the office. So we both finished our work early and went for a long drive in my car. We started knowing each other more. We shared our past with each other and had a very great conversation. Then I dropped her at a metro station.

Then we followed normal routines like going to the office, taking breaks together, texting on WhatsApp. Still, I searched for one right moment to share some quality time with her, and God just helped me.

She came to me on a Thursday and said, “Let’s bunk office on Friday and go to Murthal.” She had never been there. So I said sure (inside I was very happy) and then I realized she started liking me.

So the next day, I picked her up from the office and straight away started for Murthal. As I know she started liking me, I proposed to her on the way. She said she will tell the answer shortly.

Then we reached Murthal, where we went to Sukhdev Dhaba (Famous in Murthal). After finishing our food, we were standing near my car. I was about to light a cigarette, and suddenly she said, “Yes.”

I was not sure, so I told her to repeat. She said, “Yes, I love you, too.” I threw my cigarette then and there out of excitement. I hugged her tightly and just wanted to kiss her on her lips. But I controlled my feeling and kissed her in her head.

I once again proposed to her formally by bending on my knees and taking her hands in mine. She straightway said yes. Then we clicked some pictures together and started heading back home.

While coming back, I stopped my car in a deserted place. I faced her and started talking. While talking, we were looking into each other’s eyes. Suddenly we both lean towards each other and kissed each other lips.

I can’t tell you how I felt by having the first kiss of my life. It was so sensuous and streamy that we forgot where we have stopped the car. We were totally in each other, and our kiss got stronger, and then we hugged each other.

We both had known that we want more. But first-time sex in the car was not a good idea for us. So again we kissed and hugged each other and then started for home. After dropping her at home and when I reached home, I texted her, “How was it, baby?”

She said our first kiss was very awesome and wanted more. I said the same here, but the place wasn’t right. Then I told her we will plan something out.

Then we both moved to our new process, where she and I were sent to different teams. So in the office, we were not getting enough time with each other. I decided once or twice a week I will drop her home. In that way, only we can share some quality time with each other.

While dropping her home, I used to park my car at one of the isolated places where we used to kiss each other. I used to press her boobs from outside her dress. She used to press my dick from outside of my pant, and we both knew from inside we want each other now.

This was our weekly routine, and we were getting frustrated as we were not getting an appropriate place to make out. One day, one of my friends told me about the OYO app and their couple-friendly policy. I straight away called her and told her about it, and she agreed.

So I booked a room for early check-in for Sunday and bought a bottle of vodka. We both said at home that we have overtime in the office, so we have to go. I picked her up from the office and went to the chemist shop to buy condoms. I know I will need it today.

After that, we went to OYO rooms, where we checked in and ordered our breakfast. Then I switched on the TV music channel with loud music and started kissing her and pressing her boobs. This went for about 30 minutes.

When I was about to remove her top, our food came that we ordered. We ate the food along with our drinks and started dancing like a couple. After having a couple of drinks, we both got tipsy. We can see in each other’s eyes that it’s time. She pounced like a tigress on me and started kissing me wildly.

This woke an animal in me, and I also started kissing her wildly. After some time, I started kissing her neck area. This is the soft spot of most girls and bit her. It left a love bite mark. Then I removed her top and pounced at her boobs above her bra.

I was rubbing my hand around her pussy region above her jeans, and she was getting horny. She started rubbing her hand on my dick above my jeans, and I removed her bra along with her bottom wear. She was standing in her panty, and she removed my clothes also. Now we both were in our underwear.

I laid her on the bed and climbed her on top. I started kissing her lips and then slowly move downwards and starting kissing her neck. She started moaning. Afterward, I started licking one of her boobs, pressing the other boob. I did this for quite some time and reversed my hand and mouth position.

After that, I started licking her navel. She was moaning loudly, so to shut her voice, I had to give one of my fingers in her mouth, which she started sucking. Then I slowly started going downwards towards her pussy area. While going down, I started removing her panty and started kissing her pussy lips.

She was moaning by taking my name in pleasure. I then inserted my tongue inside her pussy, and she started swirling. I enjoyed that moment a lot. I realized she started pressing my face by tightening her thighs, and suddenly she came. I licked her cum. It tasted salty though yummy.

After that, she climbed on me. I laid on my back, and we were kissing. She also did the same thing to me, kissed on my lip, love bite on my neck, licking my nipples. Then she removed my underwear, and my dick was just standing straight.

She first kissed the tip of my dick and suddenly pulled my foreskin down, which hurt at that time. She started giving me a handjob. It was a pleasure! Suddenly, I sensed something liquid type around my dick. I was pretty sure that she won’t give me a blowjob. But she surprised me by giving me a blowjob.

I was enjoying myself a lot. After few minutes, I realized I can cum at any second now. So I told her this, and she laid on her back. I was giving myself a handjob, and in few shots, my cum fell on her stomach and boob area. We both were very satisfied.

I laid beside her, facing each. We were seeing each other’s eyes and started kissing again. I started fingering her pussy, and she started giving me a handjob. My dick again started growing. I told her in her ears that it’s time. She said, “Let’s begin.”

I rolled a condom on my dick and put her legs in such a position that her pussy is at the edge of the bed. I was standing between her legs. I just bend my knees a little, so my dick and her pussy were on the same length. After that, I started entering her.

At first, we were having a lot of difficulties as it was the first time for both of us. But I was completely inside her in a few minutes. What a feeling it was. It felt like my dick was inside a coal mine. Her pussy was so hot. Now I started pushing my dick in and out slowly, and we started enjoying.

When we were comfortable, I started pushing my dick harder. She started yelling my name. To stop her yelling, we came into a missionary position. I started banging her along with kissing her. We both were enjoying it. After around 15 to 20 minutes, we changed our position to cowgirl.

Now I was lying on my back, and she was sitting in my dick and moving up and down. I enjoyed it a lot, and after 5 minutes, I made her bend towards me in the same position and started kissing her boobs. After that, I made her stand in the doggy style.

I started fucking her hard by taking support of her shoulder. In few moments, we both came simultaneously and laid in the bed and slept. After having great sex, we freshened up and had a bath. Then we had our remaining drink, and we both slept in each other arms.

When we woke up, it was time to leave. So we kissed each other once again. We started dressing each other, and we left the hotel.

After this incident, we had many encounters. I will tell you about our next encounter if I get a great response to this story about my first sex with my virgin ex-girlfriend.

If any girl or lady is interested in one day stand (as I have night shifts), sex chats, or if any girl is interested in a serious relationship, you can contact me at my email id [email protected]. Please share your feedback. Thanking you all, Saras.

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