First Orgasm Of My Bestie – Pt 2

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Hello everyone, this dr bang back with the continuation of my first part where my bestie loses virginity to me. If you haven’t read my first part, then please go through it. Special thanks to all the readers who liked my first part and mailed me.

For a quick introduction, the heroine of this story is Swati, my childhood best friend.

So continuing from where I left. We left the theatre and were reluctant to talk to each other as something very unexpected had occurred in the past few hours. Though it was my plan still there was something like I got a big jackpot.

So we continued some market exploration to chill ourselves and make her comfortable. I can feel it she was having a feeling of guilt inside her as to what she had done with a friend. I tried to console her to my fullest.

Now one more thing was rung in my mind. How do I make a plan for the night? It would not be easy to convince her after a feeling of guilt inside her.

Me – Hey, listen! Would you like to explore Sarafa (an overnight market in Indore) tonight?

Swati – No, it’s not possible. The warden doesn’t allow us for a night out without parents’ permission.

She replied in a calm tone. I got the signal that she is ready to come, but only the matter is her warden. So I had a word with her warden by bluffing to her by being her father on a call. Yeah, we got the entire night.

I had a chat with one of my old friends living in Indore and arranged for a room in his flat. So now my whole path was clear. Just the task was to ignite her again and make her pants full of floods.

She then visited her hostel to change and was done with her preparations. She was back wearing a black one-piece dress, which didn’t show much of her skin from the top. But her curves were clear. It was hung till her knees in which her bare milky legs were grabbing my eyes.

She had her hairs open and black sandals below, which looked like she was going to a night club party. I held her hand, and I took her like she is my only girl with a proud feeling.

We went there, we enjoyed it. It was a nice feeling that many guys were eyeing her, checking her out, trying to touch her in a crowded place.

Swati – I think we should move now. It’s getting uncomfortable for me.

Me – Yeah, but your hostel might have been closed till now. It’s 11:30.

Swati – Don’t tell me that we will spend the entire night roaming in this market!

Me – Don’t worry, I have already made arrangements for both of us.

So from there, I took her to my friend’s flat as per the plan. It’s the place where our action was going to begin. We moved into the room. The plan was started to generate inside my head. She started to become uncomfortable again. It was time to become a boyfriend from just a best friend.

I don’t understand these girls if they are willing to have fun, but still, they will be reluctant a bit. Whatever it also increases the level of intimacy. So I took the first step ahead and grabbed her from her arms. Her one piece was sleeveless, so my hands were touching her bare arms.

I slowly proceeded and hugged her. Her aroma was making me crazier. Her hairs were smelling like flowers. She was also supporting me in the process, and we were enjoying the moments of intimacy. My hands were rubbing her back, and she was holding me tightly.

She was breathing heavily. I directed my lips towards her neck started kissing and making it wet. She started getting high, and by proceeding, we smooched. Our lips were busy playing with each other. We parted.

I looked at her and then started unzipping her dress from behind while giving pecks on her lower neck. I removed her dress from her shoulder. As I was removing the cloth, I was kissing the exposed part. Like this, I came kissing her chest. She was wearing a black bra inside, and the dress dropped.

Fuck! My Emma Watson was standing in front of me in a black bra and panty. Her milky white body with loose hair and a smile full of blush on her face. A shiny wet patch on her black panty was looking like a diamond on a ring.

Now I became a hungry lion feasting for the flesh. Without wasting any single second, I removed my jeans t-shirt and hugged her again, started biting her nipples over her bra. By the time, my hands controlled her restless motions by holding her hands.

I had placed her on a wall, so she could not move either. Like a hungry lion, I kept kissing, sucking, and giving love bites all over her body. By the time, she was also unable to control her moans. Her bra was wet with my saliva.

She was also getting tickled by my action whenever I moved my tongue on her abdomen and navel. It was hard to proceed further as I was getting much pleasure in this act. But many more were about to come. I became gentle. Slowly I took my hands behind her and unhooked her bra.

Slowly I started to remove it. When I was lifting it, I was sucking and biting every part of her melons, getting uncovered. I was gently sucking her 32 size breast. She had gone into some different world. My lips were on her right nipple, my both hands were pressing her both boobs.

Her hands were rubbing my hair. She started a motion of her legs, which was showing she was close to her orgasm. With a deep breath, she collapsed. It became difficult to keep her standing, so I made her lie on the bed. I again started sucking both her boobs.

I slowly started to move down by sucking every part of her skin till her navel. Her waist was like 28 sizes. She was so sensitive that my actions were tickling her. After doing this for some good 15 minutes, Swati again started to get turned on.

My hands were on both her boobs, and her hands were moving on my head. I reached her panty line. The sweet smell of her juices was making me more excited. She was getting high on getting the touch of my lips below her navel. As I kissed her pussy over her panty, she jumped, squirting some juices.

I moved down began kissing her milky white fleshy thighs. I came upon her and removed the only cloth covering her, treasure her panty. I looked carefully at her vagina. Some small fur-like hair was there around it. It was slightly dark than her skin color.

I slightly kept a hand on it, caressed it slightly. I went close to it, opened both her lips, and blew some air from my mouth. She scratched her nails on my arms and shoulder by tightly closing her eyes. Once again, she was flooding below, which I started to taste.

Friends, in the entire sex, I love to lick and suck a pussy with my mouth and make a woman restless for an orgasm. I just love to have my mouth on a pussy. So I continued my favorite licking and sucking her pussy.

It was her first time. So you can just imagine what her condition would have been at that time. I started fingering her. Her pussy was very tight, which was also visible from her face. The slight feeling of pain she was facing. But I was sucking her cherry-like clitoris.

In the meantime, I was rubbing both my hands all over her body to ignite her more. She was building another orgasm inside. So I made my mouth and finger go at full intensity.

This time, her moans were the loudest, and the amount of juice she squirted made my mouth completely wet. But I continued sucking her vagina and made her cum 2 more times. Now it was getting difficult for her to handle, and she said.

Swati – (In broken words) Do something. Otherwise, I am gonna die any moment.

I got it that now it’s the time. So I placed a condom on my 7” rod, placed a pillow below her hips. I came upon her, placed my penis over her clitoris, and began to rub. I grabbed both her hands. In the meantime, my mouth was traveling from her boobs to face, lips, ears, and neck.

She gave a slight push by lifting her hips. But my penis was above her hole, so it didn’t go in.

I placed my dick over her hole and gave a slight push. It started to pain her a lot. She was about to shout. But I lip locked her, finding it a better opportunity. I gave a second strong push by which my whole 7 inch was inside her.

Tears started sliding from her sweet eyes. I shifted to her boobs to calm her and again kissed her. We remained in that position until her pain got vanished. She gave a slight lift from her hips.

I got the signal and started to pump her, starting from a slow pace, and went on to my best speed. She had one orgasm in the meantime, but I was yet to come. After some strong shots, we both witnessed the orgasm at the same time.

I fell on her and started sucking her nipples again. Even my weight was unable to control her heavy breathing. I got up and saw the bloodstains. She was frightened, but I consoled her and stabilized everything.

It was 4 in the morning. We had 2 more rounds and slept after that. My friend knocked on the door at 11. We woke up, got dressed, and arranged the mess which we had made in the room.

So this was the finale, which we enjoyed. Now it’s your responsibility to at least mail me at [email protected] and give me a response to the story of losing virginity to a best friend.

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