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As you all know, Corona has hit the whole world, and most of us are working from our homes. So one of my friends has invited me to his village as I couldn’t go back to my hometown. I always had this liking for villages because they are the grassroots of the country.

We left for his village on the weekend to settle down on Saturday and Sunday, and by Monday, we have a timetable to follow. We reached by Saturday early morning. We settled our things on the first floor allotted to us from where you can view the whole village.

It was very scenic, and I was in love with the village atmosphere. Then we got ready and had our delicious home food, and left to see the village. I had taken my DSLR to capture the sceneries. We roamed till afternoon, and people everywhere were treating us with hospitality and kindness.

We were returning home for our lunch. There was this girl at the end of the street who caught my attention. She was in her kurti with a low neck showing her deep cleavage washing her clothes. I couldn’t take my eyes off seeing those huge melons hidden inside the pink bra.

I had an instant erection watching those fair 36B melons. I decided that I need to somehow enter her divine cunt and eat her.

Later, I got to know that she was my friend’s friend where they studied in the same school. This gave me hope and a reason to reach out to her initially. The next day I requested my friend to introduce me to her.

By the way, her name is Yogita, and her stats were 36-30-34. I can understand, guys, all those who love big melons and a big ass. I know you guys are already hard fantasizing about her. Coming back to the story, my friend took me to her home. She welcomed us with a beautiful smile on her face.

We spoke for almost an hour and invited her to join us for the rest of the days whenever we are going out. She thought for a second and said ‘OK.’ I was so happy thinking that I will get an opportunity and was praying for my luck.

The next day, we started exploring the village, going to the fields, and taking many photos. Yogita was impressed with my photos and my photography skills. She wanted to learn at least the basics of how a DSLR works. So, she invited me to her home the next day to understand the ISO, aperture, shutter speed, etc.

My friend was not interested in accompanying me the next day because he has no interest in photography. He just wants me to take good pics for him to upload on his Facebook and Instagram. I had my breakfast at my friend’s home and reached Yogita’s home by 10 AM.

She was already waiting for me and was happy to see me. I greeted her parents, and we both sat down in the hall on a sofa. She was wearing a red kurti with a low neck showing her deep cleavage to me whenever there’s an opportunity. I could see her red bra.

It was giving me a hard-on in my pants, and I was trying to hide it from her. But somehow, I managed to teach her the basics. So, I decided to leave my camera with her so that she can try and learn. She was so happy that I trusted her and was ready to give my DSLR further to explore it.

But my only intention was to impress her and win her trust. Before I left, Yogita asked me for my number. I was happy for the interest she’s showing in me. She messaged me in the night, thanking me for teaching her about photography. And then we discussed our backgrounds and likings, interests in life, etc.

For the next two days, she explored the camera, and at night we used to chat till late at night. It was bringing us closer, and we started liking each other. Yogita’s grandmother was sick, and her parents wanted to go and see her. She told me that she would be alone on the weekend and she’s scared to be alone.

I just tried my luck and replied that I could give her company for the two days if she’s comfortable with me. She instantly replied, “Oh Yes.” I was so happy that now we both are going to have two memorable nights. I explained the situation to my friend and asked him to manage the situation at his home for two days.

He was a little bit scared because it’s a village. If something goes wrong, we both are dead. But then I convinced him, and he got the courage and agreed to it finally.

I had my dinner on Friday night. Around 10 PM, I left my friend’s home after his parents slept. I messaged Yogita that I would reach her home in 5 minutes and to keep the door open. I reached her home in no time, and she locked the door immediately. Both were excited, but we were a bit scared.

There were mixed emotions seen in Yogita’s face. She was wearing a navy blue t-shirt which is very loose on her body. I can see her boobs bouncing when she is walking in the house. Only then I realized that she doesn’t wear a bra at night, and I was enjoying the scene.

I wanted to make her feel relaxed. So, we sat on the sofa and started discussing various things. Yogita started to become normal and was cracking jokes laughing out loud because it’s only we both in the house. We were having a good time.

I spent an hour making an appropriate ambiance before I made my next move. It was past 11 PM. I started to flirt with her, and she was enjoying it. I asked her if she had any boyfriends before. She replied that she had few, but nothing was serious.

Then I asked her if she watched porn or read any sex stories. She replied that she never watched porn nor read any sex stories. Then I asked her if she at least kissed any of her boyfriends before. And then she was shy and nodded, her face blushing. I asked her how she felt or how it was for the first time.

She was so scared for the first time that her boyfriend wanted to kiss her. She only allowed him to touch her lips for only a few seconds, and then she ran away from that place. I laughed so loudly listening to this. I asked her if she wants to try it again this time. She immediately replied, “Yes.”

I took her hand and went inside her bedroom. She sprayed a room freshener in her room, and it was very erotic. We sat on her bed, and I was holding her hands and rubbing them. She liked it and was blushing. I took the courage and pulled her chin close to me. I gave a peck on her lips, looking into her eyes.

She just closed her eyes and surrendered herself to me. Then I kissed her again, and this was a deep kiss where she also started reciprocating. We both were exploring and were kissing for the next 10 minutes. Unknowingly she started brushing my hair.

My hands went inside her t-shirt, exploring her body. It was a passionate kiss filled with lust. Then I broke the kiss and tried to remove her t-shirt. She raised her hands, and I removed Yogita’s t-shirt in one go. And there they were, her 36B melons, for which I had been waiting for a week.

She was feeling shy and covered her nipples with her hands. I also removed my t-shirt and made her sleep on the bed, and started kissing her. I kissed her forehead. Yogita closed her eyes, trying to get aroused and horny completely. Then I kissed her cheeks and started kissing her neck.

That’s it, and then I could hear moans coming out from her. I kissed her earlobes. She was rubbing her hands on my back and in my hair, moaning, “Ah.” All this was making me also get aroused and horny. I slowly took her left nipple in my mouth and started sucking it.

It was the first time for her. When my tongue touched her nipples, she felt a jerk in her body and got high instantly. She started rolling on the bed while I was sucking her nipples. I started pinching her right nipple and was biting her left nipple. I could hear moans more and more.

“Ah, Pranav, I like it. Suck them, Pranav. Bite them. Ah, You are making me go mad. You are very romantic, Pranav. Do it more.”

I took Yogita’s right nipple in my mouth and was sucking it and was pinching the left nipple. Both the nipples were erect like rockets, and she was enjoying it to the core. I went a little down and licked her navel. And then Yogita moaned.

I was playing around her navel and was massaging those huge tits and was playing with her nipples. She was going crazy as it was her first time. I slowly pulled down her pajama. She was not wearing any panties, and she had a clean, shaved pink pussy.

I just couldn’t control myself and pulled my shorts and boxers as well. We both were completely naked. Yogita did not know what’s happening around us because she was just enjoying and getting pleasure with her eyes closed. I started kissing her legs and slowly opened her legs and was kissing her thighs.

She was moaning, “Ah Pranav, what are you doing to me? Please don’t stop it.” I slowly kissed around her pussy and opened her pussy lips. I gave a deep kiss on her pussy, and she moaned loudly. Yogita got her first orgasm already. She was breathing heavily.

I started licking her clit, and she was rolling on the bed, moaning. “Ah, Pranav, eat me. You are doing it awesome. I like it. Don’t stop it, please.” I was going crazy listening to her. My dick was at its full length, waiting to rip Yogita’s pussy.

I inserted my middle finger into her pussy and started fingering her slowly. It was the first time for Yogita that something had gone inside her cunt. It’s completely a new experience which she is enjoying right now. I was fingering her with my finger and also licking her clitoris.

She was making sounds. ” Oh my god, this is a beautiful feeling, Pranav. Can you do it faster, baby?” So I started fingering her faster and faster. She couldn’t take it anymore and burst out with her second orgasm with a loud moan. She opened her eyes.

I could see how much she enjoyed it and how much she eagerly awaited the upcoming action. So I dragged her to the corner of the bed and positioned my dick at the entrance of her pussy. I was pinching her nipples, massaging her boobs, rubbing my hands all over her body, and suddenly gave a push.

Her pussy was so adaptive, or it might be because of already having two orgasms. My dick just tears her pussy and penetrates inside. Yogita looks into my eyes with happiness that now she is a complete woman and that it happened because of me.

I slowly started giving her deep thrusts and slowly pulling it out. Every time I go deep and touch her g-spot, she moans out. “Ah, Pranav, Yes baby! It’s making me feel good.”

So I listen to her, pull out my dick, and give her deep thrusts to make her feel ecstasy. I fucked her in butterfly position for 10 minutes, and now I wanted to awaken the wildness in Yogita. So, I increased my pace but was still going deeper and hitting her g-spot every time.

Now she started moaning loudly. “Pranav, fuck me harder, baby. Fuck me, tear my pussy. Go deeper and harder.” I was following her instructions and was increasing my speed, and was fucking her. I could see her tits bouncing according to my pace, and it made me go crazy.

The room was filled with wildness, ecstasy, pleasure. I could only hear her moaning. I couldn’t take it anymore and released all my sperm deep inside her pussy. She also got her 3rd orgasm just before me.

We both cuddled each other and slept till the next morning. I woke up by 7 AM the next morning, and I could see her lying naked on the bed. She was looking hot, gorgeous and it gave me an instant hard-on. I woke her up, kissing her cheeks.

She was so happy for the last night and told me, “Pranav, you are very romantic, and you are hot and wild in bed. You can satisfy any girl or a woman. I still feel so tired from the three orgasms you gave me last night.” So, I told her to sleep for some more time, and I left for my friend’s place.

Before leaving, she called my name. I went close to her, and she got up from the bed and gave me a tight hug and kissed my lips, and said, “Thanks for everything.” I was so happy that I could satisfy her completely.

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